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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. VancityDreaming
    The shuoer ej07 has your name written all over it.
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  2. Hisma
    Yes. My bgvp v12 order fell through, so I did more research and settled on the shuoer EJ07. Placed the order last night and it's currently getting built. From the reviews so far it has everything I'm looking for.
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  3. OldDude04
    I bought some Fearless Rolands that are supposed to be here this coming week, if I don't love them, the EJ07 do sound like something I'd be interested in next. Thanks for the heads up.
  4. archy121
    Okay so i hear quite a few people saying they have moved on to X or Y is so much better than DM6.

    I bought my DM6 for around $150 on 11/11 AliExpress sale.

    So what beats it today with a noticeable margin in quality and similar price range ?

  5. facethemusic88
    archy, DM6 is still my baby. Its a rabbit hole this hobby. The relentless pursuit to find THE iem is what I avoided. There is always gonna be another piece out in the market too good to pass up. Added a Blon 03(DD) to my DM6(all BAs) and I am done with iems.
  6. battosai
    ISN H40 might be the new $200 king fellas... Just received it and I am pretty certain it will dethrone my beloved DM6... 20191210_231352.jpg
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  7. archy121
    Great you have found something that is worthy the crown. Did you you swap the standard cables on the H40 ? Tried DM6 in Balance ?

    My FIIO BTR5 arrived yesterday which was purchased for a few reasons including 2.5mm balance out. I was at last able to use the also newly purchased custom UPOCC Litz cable with the DM6 in a Balanced setup.

    Immediately I felt the sound was more intimate and holographic in soundstage presentation. Bass was more full and punchy, mids more forward and full sounding and the highs remained sparkly and detailed.

    This is my first experience of using a balanced earphone cable setup and it turned out to be a very positive one. I feel the DM6 have just been given a big boost by the balance setup and they have become more musical overall.
    I ended up listening to lots of tracks for a few hours until the BTR5 battery finally ran out.

    I’m sure that the Balance out is the biggest contributor to the musical improvement as when I used regular jack on the BTR5 the music lost its extra new life. The cable is highly recommended by Hakuzen for producing textured low bass and a dark background with improved soundstage. Im sure that it’s also contributing to the sound signature.

    Seems I had correctly suspected that areas other than the DM6 were the weaker link in my portable audio setup. Buying upgrades rather than yet another new earphone has been the right move.

    Listening was done using the LG v30 as source connected to BTR5 over BT in highest quality LDAC mode. I didn’t have the correct cable to connect the BTR5 in usb mode directly to the LG and I wonder if the sound will improve even more.

    Last edited: Dec 11, 2019
  8. facethemusic88
    Aaaaww shitt. Here we go. No mate. I don't want to do this now. Just not another iem to end the year. Give it a proper listen and come back.
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  9. battosai
    My DM6 has been cable/tip rolled to the full extent of my collection. As a matter of fact my DM6 has settled on the isn S8 cable in 2.5mm balanced for a while and it is the exact same cable that comes with the ISN H40. So perfect setup for a comparison. I use my hiby R6 with Tidal hi-fi as source. DM6 and H40 both have an impedance above 20 ohms so the R6 "high impedance" issue doesn't play a role here. 20191211_103243.jpg 20191211_103300.jpg
  10. NiTROAUDiO
    So I just got my BGVP DM6 today and I found it to be as good as everyone madr it out to be. But I heard the treble and it had a peak and was a little sharp for my liking as some had already discussed previously in the forums. As a audiophile and a modder I decided to fix this treble related issue. If you have the same issue, here is the solution.

    1) Go to Wal-Mart or any craft store and buy a sheet of craft felt it was $.59 c at Wal-Mart.

    2) take a pair of scissors or x-acto blade a cut a 1cm x 1cm square of the felt.

    3) cut that square in half equally.

    4) roll the pieces up like a rug and insert each delicately into the nozzles of each iem leaving out just enough to be able to remove the felt if need be.

    5) Boom! Reduced treble enough to were its still very prominent in the mix, but not as sharp to cause fatigue.

    Any more tips and tricks please let me know ! Enjoy !!!
  11. NiTROAUDiO
    You added a blon 03 DD? How does it sound... I though of doing the same
  12. Cevisi
    Get some spiral dots and a copper cable

    Some how the spike get smoother after using it a while don't know if the driver looses on efficiency or your brain just adapts
  13. Animagus
    Hey guys! Here is my review of BGVP ArtMagic V12, which is their 12 BA driver flagship, on Twister6. Check it out if you like and let me know if you have any questions for me.

    Also, if you're looking to order one, I've mentioned a special deal BGVP is offering in the review. :wink:
    Cheers! :D

    Here are some pictures as eye candy.

    1 V12 Main Picture.jpeg 2 V12 Left IEM.jpeg 3 V12 Right IEM.jpeg 4 V12 Top.jpeg
    Last edited: Dec 13, 2019
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  14. VancityDreaming
    Ldac 990 works on btr5? The es100 only does ldac 660
  15. facethemusic88
    I have been listening to the DM6 all year. Its an all BA. Wanted to try something with a DD. These Blons were highly regarded and were fairly cheap. Sonic-wise, I would say the blons are for longer listenings with added low end rumbles(typical DD) and a little less treble sparkle(clarity/pronounced highs?). The DM6 is a detail beast imo but its fatiguing after an hour or so. More importantly, the fit and isolation should be on point to get the best out of the blons.
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