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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. facethemusic88
    The word around is that the T800s are not for bass heads or for anyone looking for a tighter, punchy low end. DM6 slams as and when depending on the type of song and the quality of recording. DM6 shines when the recording is top quality. I just got the Blons and I find them to be a level behind the DM6 when it comes to overall clarity. If only they had a DD in the DM6. It would be end-game for me.
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  2. Hisma
    so has anyone here demoed the older artmagic v12? There is next to no info on the internet on it in terms of reviews... but when you do happen to find a review, they're extremely positive and glowing (bggar the most prominent). So my guess is that because of the price point it just never gained traction. But my question is how much would you pay for one? I have an opportunity to grab one for $750 almost new. I already own a T800, which I really enjoy, but I still wouldn't consider strong enough to be a end-game (bass slightly bloated & has a fatiguing 4Khz peak).

    Let me know
  3. Animagus
    Hey! I'm almost done testing it and will be publishing a review on Twister6 in the next coming days. If you have the opportunity to pick up a mint condition for $750, I suggest you go for it! That is a very good deal! Though, it'll be quite different from your current T800 sound wise. It is has a more natural and comfortable signature with good resolution achieved through 12BA tuning technical ability rather than overly boosted treble. Even though the stock silicone ear tips help V12 sound very good, if you switch to the provided T400 foam ear tips, they light up the signature making it even more exciting IMO. Build quality is very good too and it comes with ample accessories.

    PM me if you have any specific questions. Cheers! :)
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  4. Hisma
    nice. that's encouraging. Well I'll see within the next few days if I can get it. I think I'm benefitting from the relative obscurity of this set. It's being offered on a chinese ebay-like site... the seller has been trying to offload it for about a month now and has dropped the price several times. I put in an offer but I need to pass an identity check first which takes a couple days. Hopefully it all goes through in time. If it does I'll definitely post up!
  5. Animagus
    Good luck! By the time that happens, maybe I'll be done with my review and you can read more about it in detail. :D
  6. CoFire
    T800 compared to the DM6 is more punchy and tighter in the low end. I'll give them another listen but across the board, I prefer the T800. I like the DM6 too but it's just out matched.
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  7. archy121
    Still in Love with my DM6 :heart_eyes:

    So instead of perpetuating the cycle of buying the next best IEM I have decide to remain content and blissfully ignorant of what is better today.

    Being a HeadFi junky I obviously couldn’t completely stop myself from throwing money at the hobby. So I bought some upgrades for the DM6.

    Firstly ordered a custom made UP-OCC COPPER Litz structure 4Core Copper Cable (Hakuzen cable#170)
    This is an amazingly soft cable that feels more like a woven silk thread than copper. I keep on touching it in amazement as you just don’t expect a cable to feel like this.

    With the cable being 2.5mm balanced i also ordered what I feel is one of the most beautiful looking must have accessories for all headfi nuts - ddHiFi 2.5mm to 3.5mm adapter. Other versions are available too. I will let the photos do the talking.

    My DAP is a dedicated LG V30 which is of course without balance out and hence the need for adapter. About an hours of listening I can hear improvements in better textured sub bass, better imaging and darker background. Highs are just the right silky sparkly detailed level without being spiky. Very happy already and still to hear it on a balance setup.

    I have ordered the newly released FIIO BTR5. With its balanced out it should satisfy both of my wireless and USB-DAC needs for a long while hopefully. With Twin Sabre DACs, DSD256 and LDAC support it is above the ES100.

    E84D5B30-39D9-4B00-84F8-ABD91C1B943E.jpeg F9543422-CF74-4714-8241-9AAE96E8D9DE.jpeg 86929532-25B2-4392-99A2-F1B9B65007AC.jpeg
  8. VancityDreaming
    I am in the same boat as you. Unless I get something in the TOTL range...anything else is just marginally better. It's a chase that'll never end. Thankfully I got the dm6 before the whole 11/11 debacle which led to QC/tuning issues.
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  9. Mouseman
    I've had that ddHiFi adapter on my wishlist for a while -- it's so beautiful, but I keep telling myself I have enough damn adapters already (and some very nice ones). I'm sure that one will end up in my kit soon enough.

    I'm interested in your take on the BTR5. I'm skeptical that anything can be superior to the wonderful ES100, but I'm open to impressions. I've had some misses with Fiio gear in the past, but hopefully they get this right.
  10. chinmie
    to be honest i purchased the DM6 on a whim, just want to know what people are raving about.. and when i initially got it, i think it's good and like it, but didn't necessarily love it.

    after spending time and tip rolling with it, now i can't seem to picture myself getting rid of it soon..it's just got that "special sauce" kind of thing about it
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  11. VancityDreaming
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2019
  12. OldDude04
    I sold my DM6 and DM7 recently. Not because I had any issues with them, I was quite fond of them both, but I found their successor in the Hyla TE5B triple hybrid IEMs. The Hylas have that crisp high end that I appreciated from the BGVP's, but with better mid range. With it's dynamic driver it just punches harder than either of the DM6/7 could making for an extremely detailed and still very fun IEM. Granted they TE5B's cost more than the 2 BGVP's I had combined so I understand if it's not for everyone. I am still watching BGVP though to see if they do a triple hybrid BA + Electrostatic + Dynamic. That's something I'd love to see.
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  13. jsmiller58
    “TE5B's cost more than the 2 BGVP's I had combined” - yeah, by, like, a lot! :). They do look great!!
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  14. TeSamwiseG
    One of the things I really like about the DMs is how clean they keep things. No actual writing or fancy glitter faceplates, Just good 'old clear resin
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  15. OldDude04
    Lol, true, they are a bit more costly than the DM6/7 combo. Also I agree, they look fantastic.

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