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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. archy121
    That would be good.

    It will be few weeks before my BLON arrives.
  2. battosai
    These 2 sets are my daily drivers, I tend to use the DM6 more often than the IT01s mostly due to comfort... The DM6 with my S8 cable is supremely comfy and sounds great with most music. The IT01s has an awesome cable but it is a little less supple than my s8 cable and the IT01s has a longer stem that I find less comfortable for my ears. I use foam for the IT01s to improve on the comfort. Sound wise it's a tough one both are really good but for flamenco music maybe I would pick the IT01s to get this tactile sensation coming from the dynamic driver... And maybe Soundstage is a tad wider on the IT01s?
    If you have a favorite song that is available on Tidal I could give you more insights...
  3. cr3ativ3
    cant say for the it01s but i had the it01 and didnt like them , they sound thin . the dm6 are better sounding by far
  4. trivium911
    hmm yeah i put some thoughts into it. Ill likely just go for the IT01s since i already have the DX120 aswell. in the long run its a bit cheaper since they already come with a balanced cable. Its surprisingly to know that one dynamic driver can more or less keep up with 5 balanced armature drivers. Obviously its not your grandpas dynamic driver though.
  5. CoFire
    Do people here generally consider the T800 a big upgrade to the DM6? Worth the upgrade? Are these both worth owning or too redundant?
  6. loungecat
    This my opinion only Cofire, I had the DM6 and Dm7, sold the 7 and got the T800, I think they piss all over both of them (Dm6 +Dm7)
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  7. chinmie
    Sorry for the delay, just got the time to actually compare them.
    The blon vs dm6 sound is like comparing analog to digital, if that even makes sense to you.
    The blon is more lively, more natural sounding (like listening to speakers), while the dm6 is more controlled, more focused, and while not as natural sounding as the blon, it's much easier to pin-point sound in the mix.

    It's like mixing monitors...some of the most well known studio standard small monitors are not really "natural sounding", but easier to work/mix with. That's the dm6 sounds like
    The blon is more like home speaker/car stereo to check the mix or just to enjoy the music

    I personally like the dm6 better, because i have that "mixing" mentality when i listen to music, but the blon is definitely faultless for just enjoying music, and I'm not even factoring in the price.

    Note: i use JVC spiral dot++ on the blon, and KZ starlines on the dm6
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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  8. CoFire
    Thanks. Can you elaborate? Do you find the treble of the T800 harsh or sibilant to the DM6? It seems to be such a polarizing topic. I suspect that tips, filters and source are at play. I had to make many tip adjustments with the DM6 so they weren't too bright.
  9. loungecat
    Umm it's been a while since I have given the Dm6 a whirl, as I'm loving the T800, saying that I've changed cables and tips as the 800 are, I would say a tad brighter in the treble, but have managed to tame down. Don't get me wrong the Dm6 are still a fantastic IEM.
    I wrestled with what to do, when the T800 came out, as it was hard to decipher reading from comments so I thought F@@$ it, I will buy them and see what happens ending up selling the Dm7's.
    I'm no audiophile long way to go, but can definitely tell when something sounds good Hope that helps mate
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  10. archy121
    Thanks for that. Seems both earphones will have their own place of use which is good.

    BTW what cable have you settled with on your DM6 ?

    I bought the BGVP OCC upgrade cable but don’t feel it did much to improve the sound and looking to pick up something this 11/11. Thinking of copper plus silver as I no longer find the DM6 sibilant at all. A bit more airiness & sparkle would be nice along with tightening of bass.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2019
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  11. Cevisi
    Actually i find the t800 smooth not harsh not sibilant i use dense foams whit spiral dots its smoother and you can get it much more smoother whit filters its an upgrade compared to the dm6
  12. archy121
    Sorry for doing a kind of repeat post but it makes sense if I put the question to all DM6 owners.

    In light of AE 11/11 and Black Friday sales coming -

    So what cable upgrade cable did you buy that made a definite difference to the DM6 sound signature ?
  13. chinmie
    I use Oyaide HPC-MX cable on my DM6 (and a few other IEMs).
  14. trivium911
    Looks like the Fiio FH5 is on sale aswell, the DM6 is still cheaper though on 11.11. Were there not alot of people who were comparing the FH5 and the DM6?
  15. cr3ativ3
    I had both .. preferred the DM6 :) would choose them if you want to buy one of both .. fh5 sounds kinda boring to me .. and the nozzle is short .. dm6 fit is better sound too
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