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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. trivium911
    Hmm yeah leaning towards the dm6, mostly because they are cheaper. I’ve had 5ba custom iems before....left them on the plane. Aside from lacking sub bass I really enjoyed them. The sound was hard to describe but sounded more natural, one has to condition their ears to it though as are so many iems that add artificial bass and bright treble.
  2. cr3ativ3
    Bass on dm6 is good :) great price ratio
  3. trivium911
    And cheap enough to buy a balanced cable to pair with my DX120...would these benefit from a 400mw per channel balanced output?
  4. Isloo
    I have both as well and would choose the DM6 without thinking about it. There is something about the FH5 that makes them difficult to get to sound right. The short nozzle is a real problem for my ear shape. Having said that, others love the FH5 and on occasions I have thought that they sound really good. They just lack consistency for me. Great build quality though.
  5. cr3ativ3
    Yes , I have the Ibasso dx120 too as my vacation dap :D and the bal out from that player sounds much better to me as the SE :) You can look at some Fiio cables I used the fiio lc2.5c with dm6 and dx120 :) or Alternative Ibasso cb12 , enjoy them :)
  6. antdroid
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  7. Animagus
    Hey guys! Here is my review of BGVP's EST-hybrid siblings EST12 & EST8 on Twister6.com.

    BGVP hit it out of the park with the EST12, it becoming one of my favourite IEMs that I've tested recently. It is very versatile because of its switches, very clean, detailed, resolving, natural and extremely enjoyable. This one hits very hard and competes toe to toe with the best in its segment. EST8 on the other hand has a nice warm and smooth signature with some sparkle up top and will serve people well who prefer smooth and easy signatures yet want good resolution, details and clarity.

    Let me know how you like it and if you have any questions for me. Also below are some pictures for your eye's pleasure.
    Cheers! :D

    1 Solo.jpeg 2 IEM+Cable.jpeg 3 Solo Right.jpeg 1 Intro.jpeg
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2019
  8. jsmiller58
    Have seen mention of BGVP ES12 and EST12... are they the same?
  9. Carlsan
    Yes, I think they are, both should have 4EST + 8BA Electrostatic Balanced Armatures Hybrid drivers.
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  10. Animagus
    Yes. I reviewed it here on Twister6. EST12 is what is written on the shells and ES12 on the packaging. I chose to go with what is mentioned on the shells. :)
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  11. Hans-NL
    Anybody knows what happened with the BGVP Official Store on Aliexpress? It seems it is renamed to VAudio Store and they added cheap TRN IEM next to the BGVP ones?
  12. redrol
    BGVP doesnt know if they are coming or going.
  13. Asymptote123
    IMO Dm6 is in a different league when compared to BLON. BLON is no match to Dm6 clarity and instrument separation.

    The BLONs sound delicious on some songs and the bass is really prominent and fun.
    But i mostly listen to vocals and instrumental music and i would place BLON BL-03 behind dm6 and also behind Tin T2 with vent mod.

    Blons are better in every aspect than my kz zs4, ed16 and uiisii cm5.. Trn V80 might resolve better but the treble is too harsh and overall not as fun as BLON bl-03.

    I have a dm6, BLON bl03, TRN v80, Tin audio T2 (with vent mod) all based on BGGAR'S recomendations.
    Last edited: Nov 24, 2019
  14. VancityDreaming
    I wish the dm6 had a DD for bass. Currently I up the bass setting on poweramp to 30% for dm6, but turn bass setting to 0% when I listen to my VE Bonus IE. Something lovely about the rumbly bass of a DD that a BA only set can not emulate.
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  15. CoFire
    BGVP does this on their DMG. I need to listen to these more carefully to see how they implemented a DD. I like the DMG, just haven't listened in that context.

    I also recently received the T800 and for an all BA IEM this slays the DM6 bass and has good timbre and DD-like bass. I'm really enjoying these!
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