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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. twiceboss
    So i have a question here. How far different is DM7 and Fearless S8?
  2. tichyztech
    I paid $299 from Linsoul including delivery to UK bought 13 June, hoping delivery is next week. Also anyone here had issues with the left connector?
  3. tichyztech
    Thanks for the post. If you don't mind I'm just wondering if you can tell us what songs you were listening and where/how to identify the sparkle you mentioned. As it's quite useful for anyone with a potentially defective iem.
    For example on this track at 29 sec it should sound like or that.....
  4. Animagus
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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  5. zazaboy
    @Hawaiibadboy @Hawaiibadboy do you recommend the tin audio ( tinhifi ) p1 for treble sensitive people...? I find the treble a bit too much on the bgvp dmg.. is it driveable on low end sources smartphone in this case?
  6. alexlevn0791
    I am planning to get a pair of DM7 so just curious did anybody have a chance to try it out on 4.4 balance? how does it compare to Fearless S8F? Thanks for the inputs.
  7. Aeskualpio
    I’ll be pairing the DM7 with a custom 8 core Cooper cable terminated in 4.4 when mine come in.
    I’ll share thoughts after giving them a good listen.

    While you wait I’d say this
    @Hawaiibadboy mostly listens via 4.4 to his IEMs.
    In one of his latest vids he ranked the S8F in first place, with intense detail reproduction and excellent SQ.
    The MoonDrop A8 came in second, with less intensity, but excellent detail reproduction and SQ.
    The DM7 would have been in third place, but his developed the same left MMCX issue a few folks have complained about.
    So, if not for QC issues, based on the SQ that HBB likes the S8F is a “better” IEM than the DM7.
    Hope that helps
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  8. alexlevn0791
    Very informative! Much appreciated. And wow I am not aware of the left mmcx issue. I could probably get the DM6 for a very good price here in Singapore. Given the QC, do you still rec the DM6 over the DM7?

    And I will be looking forward to your review!
  9. Aeskualpio
    My DM6 was from the first batch sent out and never had any treble sibilance or harshness that some complained of. It remains one of my most used IEMs.
    I can’t recommend the DM7 until I’ve listened to it.
    But I trust @Hawaiibadboy and his opinion and he recs it, tho he has put the DM7 in “time out” do to the QC issue some have raised with eegards to the left MMCX being loose.
    When I’ve listened to it I’ll share thoughts.
    If mine has QC issues I’ll return it and stick with the DM6, Kanas Pro and the RHA CLs
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  10. twiceboss
    Received DM7 today and having channel inbalance....
    Left appears to be less sound than right.

    Also, the overall sound is so mehhh... No details, sounds really messy
  11. JRichardson1228
    Feels like BGVP seems to be shooting themselves in the foot with their QC issues. It's just going to make people wary of trying their stuff from here on out. Too many reports of bad sets at this point to not be concerning.
  12. snip3r77
    Is kanas pro better?
  13. twiceboss
    Really really disappointed.

    This lets me lose hope to chifi anymore.
  14. JRichardson1228
    FWIW I haven't seen nearly the same level of reports for companies like Moondrop, Fearless Audio, or Tin Audio/HiFi (with the exception of the occasional faulty cable on the T2). BGVP just can't seem to nail their mid-range products (DM6/DM7) for whatever reason.
  15. twiceboss
    I cant comment much if actually my DM7 is just broke. The SQ is so weird. Muddy bloated and boomy. I dont like kpe either or perhaps i got a defect unit. My kpe mids/vocals mix up with upper bass.

    Argh, losing hope from chifi now. I'll receive my ex800st tomorrow. Perhaps, ill be returning all of them and maybe ex800st can satisfy me. I hope so... I do really wish!
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