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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. loungecat
    Hi All.
    For some strange reason this morning Aussie time I have received my tracking number, and item has been shipped.
    Very weird I must say
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  2. Cevisi
    How much was the dm7 on drop
  3. loungecat
    My Email says $284 from 14 /5 :smile_phones::smile_phones:
  4. Fawzay
    oopsy! oh well, i kinda did but i still keep the sponge though.....
  5. JRichardson1228
    Had a bit of a scare this afternoon with my DM6s. I have a 3.5 mm extension cable hooked up to my PC and when I plugged them in, there was no sound coming out of the right channel. I unplugged and re-attached the MMCX cable to the IEM, as well as the IEM cable to the extension, no dice. Start to panic and quickly plug the pair into my phone (my dap was across the room). It works fine, weird... So I look at my PC and the dumb extension cable wasn't plugged in all the way. I almost s*** myself. :sweat_smile:
    Last edited: Jun 13, 2019
  6. Hi-Fi'er
    You likely have just turned your DM7 into a treble splashy DM6.
  7. Assimilator702
    Had a similar thing happen to me last week. All treble was non exsistent. Only the low levels that are still coming out of the midrange drivers. Not sure the type of crossover filters used but I doubt it’s a steep 24 dB/ octave. The sound was horrendous. I switch cables with the DMG and the treble was back but it sounded very uneven with no sparkle where there should be. So I decided to send them back to Linsoul since I had the 12 month warranty.

    At this point I’m not even sure if I ever had a good pair. Some people say the stock cable changes the sound signature in a bad way. Not sure if that’s true or not but I’m done with BGVP for a while. I was really looking forward to the DM7. It those sets have their own issues I won’t deal with for $300. I’ll have to slum it with my KZ and CCA collection for a while I guess.
  8. MariusAB
    Too much problems with quality i hear around bgvp. They have problems here. Newer had with my dm6 only harsh treble tuning but hearing so many prblems sadly but dm7 will not be my next iem. Will try better luck with other iems and brands.
  9. OldDude04
    Linsoul has earned a long term customer with the way they've handled themselves in regards to my DM7 problems. DHL brought them a bit ago and I'm jamming to them right now, so damn good. Linsoul stood behind the sale 100% and gave me great customer service with no problems whatsoever. I got a perfectly working set, no channel imbalance and no weak left MMCX socket.
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  10. Cevisi
    I got mine back from bgvp directly too had the same problems like you they say the iem is fine it must be my fault and send me my bad set back
  11. OldDude04
    I didn't have to deal with BGVP at all, just contacted Linsoul and they took care of it and sent me a brand new set. Sorry to hear you didn't get treated well by BGVP though.
  12. nishan99
    I could not get any kind of plastic adhesives on my area nor shipped from Amazon to my area.
    What could go wrong if I use a super glue ?
  13. nishan99
    Did they improve the plastic quality of the DM7 ?
    on the Linsoul product page it says
    "PMMA acrylic fiber is made of medical-grade material, which improves the high temperature resistance and impact resistance."
    it's not on the DM6 page but they are built with the same machine the Germany Envision TEC 3D printing equipment.

    My DM6 broken a while ago and I don't want to face the same problem if i am going to buy the DM7.
    I love my DM6 so much that I am thinking of purchasing another set :D.

    Also is the DM7 too dark compared to the DM6 ? I EQed mine for -2dB above 7k, so if the DM7 is around 2dB darker it would be perfect for me!
  14. darkwing
    me too, i think i have to spend a LOT to upgrade from this setup
  15. nishan99
    Audio gear in a nutshell, you need to triple the price if you want to upgrade anything.
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