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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. jon parker
    My order was with A/V Professional Store
    Sent out order which was delivered / signed for by someone in another town...which is not possible due to needing ID to sign + of course the shipping label
    is automatic so its not possible to 'accidentally' send an order to someone else!?!
    There have been a few of us now who have been sent fake /wrong tracking numbers that end up being delivered but to someone else ???
    I pre 11//11 sale ordered mine on October 27th. On December 11th after contacting seller about mis delivered parcel I was told it would be 10-14 days for them to get their next batch in...never mind the extra 3 weeks after that for delivery ):
    I initially thought this was very suspect in that in UK you cant pick up a parcel from a post office without correct ID. I come back here and find many others have had the same experience.
    Disgraceful. So now myself and others have no choice but to wait another month..to see if they even turn up
  2. Hawaiibadboy Contributor
    I think if everyone demanded their money back and waited on other sellers who have not shown such ridiculous behavior it would hurt their wallet(sellers) ...and they only get the feels when it comes to the wallet. This entire delay was provoked by actions by the shop you mentioned. I have a set, got em for free, love them to death. I am kinda paranoid though. I'd worry about fakes popping up because this is why it happens. A big demand meets a production output unable to meet it.

    Go with legit sellers with good track histories and put up with the delay cuz it's worth it. And piece of mind is priceless
  3. jon parker
    This is the first time I have had any issues from Ali like this :/
    Ive contacted BGVP directly :)
  4. mr.karmalicious
    Hm, I haven't been here for a while. Mine just shipped from LSR Direct on Amazon; hopefully it's a real shipment and they get here pretty soon!
  5. OldDude04
    Somebody has a set of the DM6's up for sale on site HERE in case anyone was looking to buy and not wait.
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  6. liquidrats
    I have the k6 and the bass seems the best I've heard for ba at this price point . IMG_20181206_225135.jpg
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  7. Redcarmoose
    I bet, I can only imagine being the K5 hits on so many levels. Listening to The Beatles today and most of the day yesterday with the K5. They are on to something with the design, no resonance only clarity. Looks like another one..............to get.
    Last edited: Dec 7, 2018
  8. docentore
    Unfortunately I have to sell mine to cover some unexpected bills. Thread is in sales sub forum. Located in eu
  9. Dizzle77
    Glad I cancelled my 11.11 pre order from AV Professional Audio in the end. At the time there were a few posts about their underhand practices. I also sent them a few messages before the full amount was due to paid and I wasn’t satisfied with their responses. It sounded like I’d be lucky to receive them before xmas, so I went elsewhere.

    On the 12th Nov I ordered a set from DD Audio and paid extra for DHL. They were delivered 10days later. Really enjoying them using balanced output from wm1a.

    Hope those of you waiting manage to receive your orders soon. Unfortunately there seem to be some sellers who are solely driven by greed.
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  10. zepmaj
    Another victim here. Just waiting patiently because deal was really good.

    Fake tracking number move is unprofessional but fake products are another thing. Do you guys think A/V Professional Store would send fake products because of demand?

    They were look like legit seller until this.
  11. blacksesame
    I asked bgvp on facebook and they did say av store is a legit seller so I'd hope they dont do anything funny.

    I purchased from h duby and bgvp also confirmed they are authorized sellers
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
    zepmaj likes this.
  12. PapaHet
    Ah, so this is the store of your choice. I ordered from them as well and liliang was always very helpful and transparent on the delivery situation. Can so far only recommend that store and nothing to complain about. I ordered on black Friday and really hope for my Dm6 to be shipped out soon.
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  13. battosai
    I also ordered from H-Duby team on 11.11 and my DM6 still haven't shipped...I told them that I am patient and willing to wait for as long as needed but I have to say I am getting annoyed now. I would love to get the dm6 by Christmas but I am starting to doubt that very much

    Did yours get shipped?
  14. Aevum
    Nope, im starting to get a Trinity Audio Vibe here, waited for almost 6 months for those.

    The result was a mediocre IEM with piss poor QC.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
  15. jason96
    My black friday order got shipped yesterday by Banggood store. Hope they didn't give me a fake tracking number.
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