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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. jon parker
    Like @Music junky said above - I just upgraded to a much better DAP and decided..foolishly...last night to have a 'quick' listen to some Abbey Road :/
    All well and good until you hear things in the background and some more obvious stuff in the mix you have never heard before
    This is what I love about this hobby...you get something - love it -then buy something 'better' and a whole 'nother level / world is revealed
    and then buying different IEM's for example and appreciating different presentations of the music. I Love it
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  2. Cevisi
    Well :blush::blush::blush::blush:
  3. MD80
    Hola! ¿Cómo están?

    I have the DM6 since mid february, I'm very pleased with them. For reference, I also own, Audiofly AF180, Shure SE 535 red, SE425, Sennheiser IE80, and several 50ish chi fi.
    About cables with the DM6: together with this IEMs (wich were used) I bought the 8 cores pure copper cable, based on the comments here. I tested (with my ears) both cables the best i could, just for find a little difference in volume. I know, that for me, the lower volumes means less perceived treble, so I assumed, that that was all. Then I kept thinking, why there is volume difference, so went ahead, and took meassures. In my surprise, the stock cable messures 0,6 Ω, while the 8 cores just 0.1Ω
    This is a big difference to me, an translates to a tiny little change in sound, mostly in volume.

    On the other hand, changing a little the subject, I wish the people that keep saying they not need ABX testing, because they hear the differences perfectly, be aware that that is what everybody thinks, until are faced with it. There is plenty of proof out there, even with stradivarius violins, that when the eyes closes, things aren't the same, and some experts can't tell apart one from the other.

    Excuse my spelling, hope is understandable

    Que tengan un buen día!
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  4. Steve Guppy
    I am using balanced cables with my Q1ii purely because the power is higher to that particular jack, so therefore I'm taking advantage of it. I can't say if they sound dramatically different as haven't done any A-B'ing with them.

    I have to disagree slightly to your statement about the tips not making a huge difference. In my experience, limited as it is, the tips make far more difference than cables. Not a "huge difference" , granted, but often a very different sound depending on material and size. I've found that if a tip isn't large enough with a snug fit, you can lose a lot of bass impact. The bore size will change the signature, and I'm sure it's been well documented on here that foam tips will often attenuate the treble noticeably. You'll not get the sound vary as much as this with all the cable swapping in the world.

    I also think the inherent problem with IEM's is that you'll never put them in exactly the same every time Some times deeper, some times slightly angled. Mine seem to sound ever so slightly different in every listen, so I'd be more inclined to put it down to this, rather than trust it was merely a cable change. But I'm NOT saying others won't notice a difference We're all different individuals after all.

    P.S: Can i wait and see how the upcoming rumble between you and @redrol turns out before accepting any offers to "step outside"?.... :p
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  5. battosai
    Well that's your opinion, some of us don't agree with it so maybe you should not be as definitive?
  6. WhatToChoose
    Not everyone has golden ears unfortunately :)

    Etymotic + silver cable = epic, as an example. Stock is a tad bright
  7. battosai
    I went from stock to 8 core copper cable to tame the highs... Much better to my ears, less piercing. After 200h the DM6 settled in (yes I also now do believe in burn in) so I went from the 8 core copper to a 6 core spc that I couldn't bear at first... Now it brings the treble a little more and the bass slam is slightly reduced... My experience. And I am buying a pure silver 8 core cable to test in the future... Is it necessary?? Probably not but I am happy to experiment... To each their own
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  8. redrol
    Note exactly what I said. I said it will not change the sound signature. Meaning, the overall freq curve will be the same. I am willing to entertain there will be small differences depending on resistance and capacitance.. though there should not be for a properly designed cable.
  9. Cevisi
    Why you g
    Why you go to 6 core spc and not the stock cable
  10. battosai
    Balance + much more flexible cable. I don't like stiff cables. I own a isn H16 and it's way too big ans stiff for my custom iems. Will sell it
  11. redrol
  12. Cevisi
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
  13. Cevisi
  14. redrol
    Depends on which DAP you use.
  15. Cevisi
    S8+ whit sxfi amp/dac

    Im such a genius
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