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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Palash
    Yes ISN Audio S8 is perfect for DM6, even now when buying new DM6 you can choose ISN Audio S8 instead of stock BGVP cable from Penon Audio. I am waiting for a Red & Blue edition of DM6.
  2. jon parker

    can anyone tell if this cable good for DM6?
    That’s a good cable and I’m sure you can find impressions of it with DM6 on this thread. It’s physically thicker than an 8 core so keep that in mind. If I recall the impressions correctly it made the sound smoother overall. There is a nice 8 core version of this cable too by NICEHCK.

    > I would recommend the cable/s from NICEHCK above others. received what looked like the same cable form another company and it doesn't seem as high quality or sound as good
    The 8 core NICEHCK cable in particular was measured & rated as very high quality by someone here on H-fi
    EDIT: Ive owned that particular 16 core cable from NICEHCK - Its very good.

    @archy121 "Always been the case. At night or early hours of morning the hearing sense is heightenied naturally to account for lack of light sensed."
    Hadn't occurred to me before but now you mention it that would make sense . . .* reaches for tea towel to wrap around head* :D
    Last edited: Apr 4, 2019
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  3. Chziime
    I am about to buy the ISN Audio S8 to replace a $30 Kinboofi brand 8 Core Silver Plated Copper & High Purity Copper Hybrid from Amazon. Should I bother getting it balanced or just get unbalanced? I will be plugging directly into the FiiO M9, which has both 3.5 and 2.5 balanced.

  4. redrol
    Get balanced. Definitely.
  5. battosai
    Balanced +1
    I bought this exact same cable yesterday ...
  6. Steve Guppy
    I'll second the balanced option. Had this exact same cable (before my LZ A4 OCC one), and it's great bang for buck 20190317_143905-01.jpeg
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  7. archy121
    LZ A4 vs ISN8 impressions ?
  8. Steve Guppy
    I don't want to get involved in a "he said, she said" debate as to whether cables make any real difference, and i want to put it out there that I'm firmly in the @Hawaiibadboy camp of they don't. I bought it out of curiosity (on the basis of a percentage of head-fi'ers recommending a copper cable), and to make up my own mind on whether there would be a difference. It was negligible at best.

    So moving on, I'm using the LZ cable purely coz i love the look of it, and it's softer and more flexible than the ISN one. And it's cheaper than the Nicehck one that was rec'd here (At least in the UK). But the ISN cable is excellent for the cost.
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  9. archy121
    That’s all that was asked for to help others.
  10. Steve Guppy
  11. Music junky
    The stem a lil short ?
    Fits a lil different than Rui .
    Or is it me?
  12. Music junky
    Why so many BuTt hu R t people in this hobby?
    So Quick to SnAp!
  13. Music junky
  14. redrol
    Thats a very nice case for a BGVP DM6. Very very nice. Maybe a little large.
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  15. Music junky
    Cables are just another shiny thing too buy!
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