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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. jon parker
    I cant say as I haven't tried those cables But people on this thread have in general recommended a pure copper cable for the DM6
    Have a good listen to the DM6 first though [if you don't have it yet]. you might find you are perfectly happy with the sound as is
    IF you find the highs or the over all signature a bit too bright - some people have reported that a good copper cable tames that to a lesser or greater degree...(although normally, changes are subtle!)
    Just try a few things and make up your own mind from your ownside. If you hear no difference with a different cable then stick with the stock. if You do hear an improvement then good for you :)
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  2. jon parker
    To 'know' something is synonymous with 'expereinceing' something you lunatic :D
    Do you love your [significant other] ?
    Prove it
  3. Cevisi
  4. jon parker
    @redrol I like you redrol. Look, can't we just meet up somewhere and . . .you know. . . just have a fight or something ? :)
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  5. Chziime
    Balanced, though? My stock is unbalanced.

    To be fair, I know I will never notice a difference with cables :)
  6. redrol
    Who cares what I think. I have no idea whats going on in that video. At all.
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  7. redrol
    hah, I think people that tend to have opinions like myself are more scientifically inclined. Human hearing is far FAR too malleable to be able to fully trust it if you can't ABX compare.
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  8. jon parker
    Ahh, I only ever use the normal cables. Perhaps someone else can jump in and advice.
    Could save yourself a bit of money though!

    End of the day, cables, tips, these sort of things very rarely make a 'huge' difference. They can [for those that hear it] tweak certain aspects of the sound signature - which might be worthwhile, or not depending on the individuals needs and wishes - To be fair, I work with audio so what for me might be a big change might for others be a small change?
  9. Music junky
    Cables are passive and do nothing for sound ,But your dap dose.
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  10. Music junky
    Nothing compares to Campefire .
    It's the full meal deal!
  11. jon parker
    Yeah, I can certainly appreciate were you are coming from and certainly in terms of the whole 'snake oil' thing & companies trying to rip people off by exploiting certain views I would agree with you 100%
    its important to much more scientifically minded in terms of ones buying choices
    I don't DIS-agree with you exactly, maybe its more to do with the context...Anyway, its all good - we all are lucky to be able to enjoy music with some nice gear!

    I have found that my hearing has different qualities throughout a 24 hour cycle that's for sure. If I try to relax and listen to music in the afternoon I'm usually just mehhh, but for some reason, after midnight and in the early hours Ive had some amazing eargasmic experiences !
    Im not sure if its just because Im more relaxed or what, but yes, there is so much that effects ones hearing - mood, hunger, tiredness etc etc and I have no change of enjoying music
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  12. Music junky
    Dm6 is nice and well rounded . Nothing standing out.
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  13. Cevisi
    So if you need a refeere i can come i bring also sum boxing gear but you got to buy youtself theetprotector so we can go classic boxing rule mma or muay thai
    Last edited: Apr 3, 2019
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  14. blacksesame
    i feel the same way . late night or early morning sessions seems to be when i have the best listening experience .id be lost in the music for a few hours and not realize it
  15. jon parker
    Woh woh wohhhhh . . .
    Queensbury Rules Sir, none of this kicking like a spoilt child martial arts stuff - Good old fashioned fistycuffs
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