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BGVP discussion thread DM7/ DM6/DMG and NEW BA series

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  1. Tony51
    I just looked and it seems that musicteck on Amazon has some Hiby R6 pro available as we speak. FYI.
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  2. bartolomeu
    I look forward to your impressions of the GBVP DM6 with the Hiby R6 Pro, especially the balanced output! :L3000:
  3. archy121
    So many faces depending on your setup - It’s why I described it as

    Dr. Jekyll & Mr.Hyde of IEM’s

    I’m a testament to the fact that with patience this IEM can be tamed and once that’s done you will realise what a truly remarkable beast it is.
    It’s a bargain and I’m won’t be buying another IEM for a long while.

    So once again to those new or still struggling to tame the DM6 try the following:

    1. Burnin to 50hrs minimum for starters.

    Forget the old debate and just do it. 50 hrs is the first point at which you will see some changes in sound from IEM. It will not remove all sibilance or graininess if you are detecting that around the 7k frequency range but will sound smoother.

    *UPDATE* Once I had 200hrs usage/burn in I personally detected a huge change. The overall signature became lot smoother, more coherent and without any sibilance or graininess even with the supplied SPC cable. It became The DM6 many expected on day one. Other owners have confirmed this change also so it is really worth getting 200hrs before deciding on the DM6.
    I used Cascade Burn In MP3 to rapidly increase usage time by leaving it running over night 24 hrs at a time. I belive the burn in audio had great affect in taming the high frequency range .You can download it here:


    2. Change tips - I have had best results with Philips ones that did lot to reduce sibilance further and improve lows. Better for me than Symbio and many others I rolled inc foam & JVC range. For
    me Wide bore are better than narrow for sibliance control. I purchased mine years back. Following is link to what look to be exactly same.


    Wide bore tips seem to help many and some report success with narrow. All to do with your inner ear canals I guess.

    *UPDATE* I was able to swap to Spinfit tips after 200hrs use on my DM6 when it no longer had sibilant or grainy sound issue. These tips have a more narrow bore than the Philips and Symbios and I found this helped to tighten the bass and reveal more detail in the highs. They also fit very firmly on the DM6 nozzle and don’t pop off by themselves.

    *UPDATE* I also found out that depending of how far you slide the tips down the nozzle of the DM6 it changes the amount of bass. Eg pushing down the tip so that it is almost flush with nozzle end reduces bass and the opposite occurs the more the tip protrudes above the nozzle.

    3. Make sure to get ‘Correct Angle’ fit in ear. This does not simply mean insert for good seal alone. You should be able to hear some of the best deepest bass when it’s correct. See earlier post for details.

    4. Feed it quality encoded tracks. Higher the quality the more it shines. Sounds sublime with 24/192 & DSD. Why else did you buy such quality IEM’s ?

    5. Change cable to pure copper/OCC to further smooth the signature if needed. I’m very comfortable now using supplied SPC after taking above steps. I can’t tolerate sibilance ie ex1000 big no no. Smooth and silky over detailed sharp highs.

    6. Use a good source as these IEM’s are very sensitive. I’m mainly using v30 in High Impedance Mode and it sounds great with DM6

    7. If you are using an Android phone as your DAP use a decent audiophile Media player like UAPP or Neutron for locally stored 44khz lossless files. Android natively upsamples 44khz to 48khz and this will create background hiss with the DM6 because it has high sensitivity and low impedance.

    8. To overcome any background hiss on other sources such PC, you can buy the IFI EarBuddy.
    Alternatively you can use impedance adapters that come in various OHM sizes.

    TIP For those not getting a good seal & experiencing Lack of Bass


    EDIT - UPDATE - More tips and longer term impressions after using new copper cable and more usage time.


    P0rn time :p


    @Hawaiibadboy maybe you can put tips like these on your first thread post to help people out.

    @nishan99 take note buddy and persevere.
    Last edited: Apr 1, 2019
  4. viper2377
    Do you have a link o those tips?

  5. archy121
  6. MariusAB
    These tips i see in the photo are wider with wider bore than symbio w ?. I also have tried such form tips and liked them even more than symbio w peeled. More clear highs and at the same time sibilance is reduced more, also soundstage is wider
  7. archy121
    About same size bore. I think the key difference is more supple silicone and this affects the sound it transfers.
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
  8. Foosdan
    If anyone is interested, I just posted a set of clear dm6s for sale.
  9. Tony51
    Beautiful tips, live the red...link please?
  10. Tony51
    Crap, they just arrived...but I'm not home. I have to wait till Monday to pick up the bad boy.
  11. archy121
    Updated earlier post with link. Please see additional cover note.
  12. perfecious
    - post removed for convenience -
    Last edited: Feb 9, 2019
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  13. Tony51
    Ok noted, I will check both out. The seller was sending me the 4.4mm adapter with it so I won't need to purchase one. Seller is also sending me a case.
    P.s I have had the Fiio X7mk2 for a year now and I try the balance n unbalanced periodically to see if it's my ears or if it needs to burn in some more and no matter what headphones or iem I use, it never sounds better than unbalanced. It's mind boggling to me. I have two different balanced adapters and both sound exactly the same. At first you think it sounds better, then as you listen further you realize it's not.
    I have about 30 very good headphones and several IEMs. Hmmm weird.
    The dm6 sounds terrific on the Fiio X7mk2 unbalanced.
    Keep you posted.
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  14. archy121
    Please let me know if the 20ohm adapter can help to tame the background hiss by android upsampling to 48k. I really wanted to be free from the curse of the Dongles..

    Spotify, Deezer and Tidal apps are not sounding very nice with DM6 because of its sensitivity and low ohm. UAPP is helping with Tidal as it doesn’t upsample 44k and I’m better off using iPhone for Spotify/Deezer as things stand. I would prefer to only use the LG V30 as the DAP so I need a fix.
  15. hakuzen
    i don't own an axon 7, but these are my guesses. i might be wrong, if someone knows more info, please correct me.

    none of the DACs of the axon 7 (AK4961 -standard mode- and AK4490 -hifi mode-) are colored. they provide flat frequency response, as you showed in your graph (white line):

    it might use different amplification (as well as different DAC) for each mode, to adapt amplification gain to the ear/headphones. decreasing gain by using resistors would be absurd.
    but the amplification should be flat as well, except if they implemented a weird amplification, which i doubt, and if no DSP, EQ, boosts, or other alterations are applied.

    let me insist on it: the coloration you get is not due to DAC nor amplification, but due to high output impedance probably.
    you can check it by measuring with rmaa, like you did, ensuring DSPs are disabled, using flat impedance headphones or iems (only dynamic drivers) of around 20ohms, and then using your multi-BA DM6 (no flat impedance).
    you'll probably get much more alteration with the latter.

    and then, you'd earn nothing by using a regular impedance adapter (tonal alteration would be even worse).
    Last edited: Feb 2, 2019
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