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Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 and ATH-ESW9A Thread

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  1. ExpatinJapan
    Mine is getting repaired now :)
  2. lesiashelby
    The thread seems to be dying. Will try to liven it up: I know there are differences in sound compared to ath es10. Would you recommend buying an es10, if I own an esw9? I love the sound of esw9 for acoustic music and jazz, but need something for aggressive styles of rock.
    By the way, mine are still going strong :o2smile:. Second owner, got recabled by the first one. Don't think I'll ever sell them, as it seems to be a museum piece pretty soon.
    Last edited: Oct 29, 2017
  3. ExpatinJapan
    AA90A67C-D01C-46C6-8F09-41BCD1BFC97F.jpeg I covered it early on.

    I have had my ATH-ESW9 for Aeons.

    I tried the ES10 - but bought the ESW9.

    A couple of years later I bought the ES10. Bought leather ATH-ESW11 pads for em. Nope, didnt get better.

    Later bought the ATH-ESW11. Much better choice If you love the ESW9 and want something more.

    I think I did a big comparison over a few posts in the ATH-ESW11 thread between the three

    I recently had the ESW9 repaired and refurbished after one of the swivels broke. New everything.

    Get the ESW11
  4. lesiashelby
    Yeah, I read that esw11 ist the best of the three, but the price difference is really big. Will look into your comparison in the esw11 thread, thanks.
  5. ExpatinJapan
    lesiashelby likes this.
  6. lesiashelby
    Thanks again for clearing up a bit.
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  7. wolfen68 Contributor
    Still using my ESW-9 (and ESW9LTD) on a regular basis. Recabling the ESW-9 really brought it up a notch...not technically the best headphone I own, but I really enjoy the non-fatiguing sound and I'm always coming back to it.
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  8. docentore
    Mine just gathers dust. Reason for this is the swivel broke on both sides and it was to expensive to buy parts from AT. Can't find any with shooted drivers etc for parts.
    No options for me I think, unless I will luckily find one of these knock-offs that were floating few years back
  9. CJG888
    Find someone with a 3D printer, and scan in the original swivel joints?
  10. Feilong4
    Anyone tried Vesper Audio pads on the ESW9? They seem to make over-ear pads for them. No idea if that would increase isolation.
  11. countolaf
    The swivel joint broke for me too :frowning2: It's the headphone's 6th year with me so while I've had tens of thousands of hours spent with it, I'm still sad to see it finally broke. I wonder if there's anything that can still be done though? Don't really want to purchase a new one so I'd rather find a way to fix it and still use it.
  12. docentore
    Let me know if you find way of fixing it. I was thinking of replacing whole headband with swivels etc taken from some cheap phones but it's not easy to find correct size (and look)
  13. wolfen68 Contributor
    I'm not sure where you are, but in the US I have been able to get some parts from AudioTechnica USA. I haven't ordered anything from them in the last 3 years, but I assume this opportunity still exists. Otherwise watch eBay for a broken set (but not broken in the part you need).
  14. countolaf
    Yeah I live in Philippines so that might be a stretch. Maybe I can just do a DIY headband to house the cups. Oh well, let's see
  15. docentore
    I'm based in Europe. When got quoted for few plastic parts that I'd need to fix the set it came all close to 100$
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