1. BlastAway

    Well isolated (non vented) sub bass oriented sub $100 IEM

    As topic title states. Looking for a well isolated IEM which delivers a deep, tight and noticeable sub bass. JVC FX500, Hippo VB, and Storm Cyclone pr2 are all examples of bass heavy headphones, but they're all vented, which let's a lot of environmental noise get through. Can someone advise...
  2. big-country

    IEMs best suited for wide musical and occasional movie taste, with a hiphop/rap musical preference

    After reading up on a lot of the reviews and several of the guides for first time posters and those aspiring to maximize their listening potential, I've decided to join the community and seek out the help of those more knowledgable than I. As my title states I am looking for a set of IEMs, I...
  3. Shark

    Wood IEMs: What do you suggest?

    I'm looking in to picking up some wood earphones.    So far, I'm looking into The House of Marley (People Get Ready), ThinkSound (ts02), or something by Woodies...   Does anyone have experience with one, or all, of these? What's my best bet for sound? I've heard some people say that wood...
  4. Mach Supremacy

    What would be considered a good "hard work" iem?

    For working in difficult places, on a job where they could get snipped accidentally and/or go through heavy work, movement... This means a good sound quality to price ratio. Any suggestions? No specific genre as I couldn't say a genre I'd listen to any more than the other. I don't really see...
  5. average_joe

    Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper vs. the IE8, CK10, CK90Pro (modded), RE252, triple.fi 10, FX500, WM2 silver, and Some e-Q7

    I am sure you already know all about the Monster Cable Turbine Pro Copper IEM and what it comes with (if you don't, it is easy to find) so this comparison review is only a sound quality/presentation comparisons of the Copper vs. many other high-end IEMs. I tried to use a wide selection of genres...
  6. MrSheep

    JVC Victor FX500

    Hi everybody! I want to buy a new IEMs and interested me JVC "Victor" FX500. Are there a lot worse than the FX700? Is it worth it to spend $ 100 on it? I own Yuin OK1 and Sennheiser IE8 but I'd like to try something new. My portable source is Sansa Clip+ (with Rockbox).
  7. SikkNazty

    JVC FX500 Isolation?

    Sorry for making a whole new thread but it looks like my old thread died...   So I've decided I'm going to buy these suckers from Jzool for about $150. I've heard these things have amazing bass (I am a bass head, I have a 12" Alpine Type-R in my bedroom if that says anything). The only...
  8. Techno Kid

    Can these JVC FX500's on ebay be legit at under $40?

    I was looking on ebay at different IEM's and typed in the JVC's in a search and this is what pops up, heres the link,   http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_from=R40&_trksid=m570.l2736&_nkw=New+Victor+JVC+HP-FX500   I mean theres not one pair over $50 and I just find it hard to believe that...
  9. Dj HyPe

    new iems - cheap or expensive?

    Hulk crush puny heaadphones, no seriously!   I literally use my iems ALL DAY, or at least most of it. I find oems make my neck hurt after 2 hours.    Headphone history (not including $4!7 ones)  Xears had good sound and ok for comfort but broke really quickly - 2 months.  Sony...
  10. Swimsonny

    [REVIEW] JVC HA-FX1000: The Big V

    JVC HA-FX1000 Review   Intro JVC do not really need any explaining on who they are as I have hazarded a guess that you are all aware of whom they are. If you really do not know then they are simply a household electronics manufacturer not to dissimilar to Sony and Phillips. So obviously...
  11. kiteki

    JVC FX500 | yellow filter, black filter, and cotton removal - review!

    Hi,   I decided to review the FX500 filter removal in realtime.     The JVC FX500 is a pretty decent IEM.   There is an important variable involved in reviewing IEM's which I call... acclimatization.     It's pretty simple, you're used to a certain kind of weather, you move...
  12. NewCents05

    Another Bass Headphone thread...

    So let me start off by saying, please excuse my lack of searching for the correct thread/headphone. I tried that in the past and im back to square one... I came here ages ago to find my first purchase of a set of bass headphones which led me to the HD212 Pros. I loved them, they had plenty of...
  13. mugen3

    Atrio MG7 the best IEM for a basshead audiophile?

    Hey guys, I've had a couple of really nice IEMs like the FX500 and e-Q5. I really liked them a lot but the bass didn't satisfy me. So now I'm looking for a new IEM, with the absolute craziest earthquake-like bass possible but also very good quality mids and highs like my FX500/e-Q5. Are the...
  14. akpl16

    Deciding on a DAP: Fiio or Sony?

    Hi Everyone,   I'm looking to grab my first high resolution media player; though I don't have the best budget to work with, I'm looking right now at either a Fiio model or a Sony F887.   After reading a lot of reviews, I'm convinced that Fiio is doing an incredible job with their DAPs, and...
  15. Pin

    IEMs with wood housing- where to start?

    Recently I tried a pair of my friend's open over-ear headphones that were custom modified with wood housing. As soon as I put them on I was absolutely blown away by the sound: ultra clear while being very warm at the same time. It just made for a very relaxing listening experience.   I knew...
  16. nile

    IEM buying advice please

    First off, I was looking at the buying guide by price range ( http://www.head-fi.org/wiki/buying-guide-headphones-by-price-range )   I am looking for a cheap-ish IEM for general use, gym and so on. Currently using PL-30 with my Clip+, occassionally with a cMoy (I am going to get a E7 soon...
  17. MyNamesGrant

    Should I get UE 500's or CX500's?

    I'm new here and this seems like a dope forum but Im selling my iBeats today for 80 to a friend so I'll have around $120 so i was wondering which earphones are better, the UE 500 or CX 500. I know the UEs are about 40-50 dollars more so I'm guessing those will be the better ones? If so are they...
  18. LifeOrMp3

    iem for small ears

    I am looking for some inears for under $100 with some good bass and clear sound. I want the monster turbines but it looks big are these good for small ears.If not can you help me find something else. Thanks p.s i listen to hip-hop/rap on my zune hd if this helps.
  19. james444

    Impressions of the Ortofon e-Q7 versus the IE8, CK100, SE530, FX500 and X10 (plus CK10 discussion from post #120)

    Tagline: The Ortofon e-Q7 are expensive and only available from Japan. Are they worth the effort? A few weeks ago I stumbled upon this thread and was instantly hooked by the elegant and straightforward design of these IEMs. I kept waiting for a full review to appear until I realized at last...
  20. talkinmusic

    Warm Sounding IEM £100 or approx $150

    Hi All,   I'm looking for a new pair of IEM's to tie me over for the next few months until I upgrade to Customs.   Ideally I'm looking for a pair that will give me a warm sound and that offer decent isolation/comfortable-ish fit.   Can anybody offer up any suggestions pls?  ...
  21. Pattonromell

    Classical EARPHONES

    I need some classical music earphones under $100. I have the Bose IE2. But, I need somethings with 3/4 ammount of bass, 4/4 treble, and I don't really know mids. That's the best I can describe it.
  22. average_joe

    IE8 Veiled?

    My main IEM was the Sennheiser IE8, which I loved for the most part, but wanted to try something with deeper bass and less warmth. So I bought the Denon C710's and Mingo WM2's. What I noticed A/Bing them was the IE8 seemed like it was veiled, whereas before the comparison, I did not think the...
  23. Inks

    JVC HA-FXT90 Thread

                    Post#1: Background & Practical user information // Post#2: Buying Guide // Post#3: Impressions & Reviews                                                   Background                                                                                                     click on...
  24. noobass456


    Hi, which tips are the best for FX500? Which offers good isolation without compromising the SQ. The stock tips are just horrible. Thanks.
  25. The_Blood_Raven

    Why I can't have nice things - Need a replacement for FX500s.

    Hello. I recently lent out my FX500s for ONE hour to a friend. They returned them, and now one side doesn't produce sound. :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o :o So... Whats a good alternative to the JVC FX500s for around $150 ($200 maybe)? Short and sweet, need some suggestions. If there are some...