1. Dr_Gus

    So my ATH-ESW10jpn broke... Replacement/Upgrade ideas ? (transportable HP up to 1000€)

    (sorry if my english is not perfect, French here) Hello, So I was a happy owner of an Audio-Technica ESW10jpn that I bought something like 10 years ago. At the time i was very into the world of headphones. I even owned a Sennheiser HE60 I bought here, sold for lack of use and lack of financial...
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  4. mstark

    £300 full-size cans similar to on-ear ESW10?

    Looking for a pair of full-size cans for home listening, will be driven off of a TEAC A-H01.   Budget is around £300, and I'm ideally looking for something sounding similar to ESW10. ESW10 is great for portable listening, but gets uncomfortable quickly while sitting at the computer working &...
  5. aamefford

    AT ESW10jpn and Ultrasone HFI 780 Briefly Compared, modding notes on the HFI 780's

    *** Edit - I added further notes after modifications to the 780's, see Post #10. *** Edit - Months later, I finally finished the recable on the 780's! See post # 31 for brief notes. *** Edit - Final impressions in post #41 - I dig 'em! I'll continue to update as I progress with this...
  6. Fungus

    sennheiser hd25-II custom earpads for more comfort.

    I've tried the pleather and velour pads and both aren't very comfortable for long listening periods.    Hence I was curious to find out if there are any companies or diyers who makes custom earpads for better comfort. I don't care if it looks big and wacky, just want better comfort!  hd25 with...
  7. davidhunternyc


    After considerable thought and thanks to the input of everyone at Head-Fi, I have made a list of the "most beautiful looking headphones ever made." You may vote for more than one. I have not included "mods" or custom made headphones. I also know there are several headphones that are not on this...
  8. Rednamalas1

    I have WOOD!! Review of ESW10JPN vs. AD2000

    AD2000 Vs. ESW10JPN review Equipments used: ATH-AD2000 with ~500hrs of use ATH-ESW10JPN with ~200hrs of use Gilmore Lite w/DPS Keces DA-151 Dell XPS M1210 (FLAC, foobar2000, Asio4All) iAudio X5L (FLAC) Build Quality, Fit and Design: ESW10, as we know, have wooden-lacquered...
  9. Vargulf

    Anyone wanting to sell/trade their ATH ESW10JPN?

    Hope this thread is in the right place :s   I just wondered if anyone wants to sell their Audio Technica ESW10JPN's. I am after a quality pair of all-round phones that look good and sound great. The ES10's would suit my needs but I like the wooden finish better than the metal of the ES10's...
  10. dsclaw88

    T5P v. ESW10JPN

    I have received the opportunity to purchase one of the two headphones. I was wondering if anyone has listened to both of these headphones and could tell me which one is the king of the portable headphone market. I can buy the ESW10JPN for approximately $500 dollars and the T5P for about $750, so...
  11. dsclaw88

    Anyone try the ESW10JPN and the Ultrasone Signature Pro?

    Can someone compare the sound signatures of the two headphones two each other. Which one has a more accurate sound depiction and bigger sound stage? Also how portable is the Ultrasone Signature Pro? I know many regard the ESW10JPN as the top portable around.
  12. dsclaw88

    Question regarding Repairs on ESW10JPN

    I am about to buy a used pair of ESW10JPNs. The driver in one of the cups is damaged. I know from another persons thread that this can be fixed if I send it to Audio Technica. However, I was wondering if they could also fix the cup if asked, one of the cups has a scratch which removed the...
  13. Currawong

    A re-acquaintance with the Audio Technica ATH-ESW10JPN

      In 2008, Audio Technica release a beautiful limited edition headphone. While this is not new for them, what was unusual is that the headphones were supra-aural. They didn't spare the exotic wood, however, resulting in a portable version of their best efforts at design.   A friend of mine...
  14. dlami130

    Where to buy Audio technica ESW10?

    Does anyone know where I can purchase a pair of AT ESW10?   I am thinking I might just buy them from amazon but im not sure how reputable it is to purchase headphones imported from Japan   Any help...
  15. 43st

    ESW10JPN broken gimbal

    A very sad day for me   I broke my ESW10JPN while putting them away. The pivoting gimbal, just above the loudspeaker yoke, just shattered. It looks like the part can be unscrewed and maybe a new part can be added.   Question: Where does one find replacement parts for these? I can't find...
  16. latenlazy

    Help...ESW-10 headband broke...

    So a funny thing just happened...I was taking off my ESW-10s when the section above the swivel broke off, clean, with no snapping sound. Now I'm trying to superglue it back together, but it doesn't seem to be working too well. Here's a pic....     So does anyone know what I can do...
  17. MarioCaires

    Portable Headphones for £300!

    Hi ppl, I'm looking for a Portable Headphones to listen House music mostly, what do you recommend this days? Thanks in advance Mario
  18. issuzark

    ESW-9 vs ESW-9JPN?

    So I have come to hear about the two different versions of the ESW-9's. Can anyone confirm about the existence of the ESW-9JPNs?  Also, the difference between the two? 
  19. lovelysound

    recommendations for rock n classical music

    Hi all, I m a newbie here but i am a real siund addict. I have a huge flac archive that is ripped from original cds and i have also ipod (imod) and meier corda 2stepdance amp. I usually listen rock (from queen to acdc) and classical music. I want wide scene, clear sound and good instrument...
  20. munchzilla

    In search of the perfect headphone (for me, that is)

    hi!   I am as the title says, looking for the "perfect" headphone for me. been reading a lot but I think the opinions are too different to make any sense of it right now. making this thread in hope of it being a bit easier to understand. I've been listening to (and owning) a lot of...
  21. mstark

    ATH-ESW10Jpn, Audio-Technica's Portable Future & Something Like It

    Hi all,   Firsly, a bit of background story, as I'm pretty much just a lurker around here: I've owned a pair of ESW10's pretty much since they were released, imported from Japan via a friend. They've been trough their paces, and I must say that rather than treating them as a collectible...
  22. mstark

    ATH ESW10 cable broken, help?

      Suddenly sound stopped coming from the left cup, after a while I figured it was because the wiring inside the rubber broke by the male connector. I opened the cable and found out that was the case. Unfortunately it happened so close to the connector that I had to buy a new one to attempt to...
  23. yayitsdan

    Audio Technica -ESW10 or something else

    Hey everyone. I'm a bit of a lurker, but decided to finally sign up because I need some advice on buying a portable headphone. My Sennheiser px-100 broke the other day so I'd like to step up and replace them with something better. I've been thinking about getting an Audio Technica -ESW10, but...
  24. GhosT98

    Portable closed-back headphones?

    Hi, I'm looking for a set of portable closed-back headphones, as I travel long distances on public transport relatively frequently and I want to be able to listen to my music without disturbing anyone or being disturbed. Any recommendations? Goes without saying that sound quality comes first and...
  25. filuS

    Need headphones for ~600$

    First of all, I am new here and I dont know right ways here, so I am sorry if I miss smth.   Since I got some money to spare I got an idea to get some good sounding headphones. Firstly I would say I want some upgrade from Senns HD595 I used to have (sold them few months ago). My primary...