1. leungie

    Iphone 6 / Spotify / Audio Technica ES10 / Shure SE535

    Hi everyone!   I have been using my ES10 / ES535 for commute with my Iphone 6 for a while now and have always wanted to experiment adding an external amp to see if there would be a significant improvement in sound quality. Having said that, I must confess that I use Spotify (rnb / pop etc) for...
  2. O

    Advice for portable headphone---vmoda m80, hd25 or audio technica es10?

    m80 or hd25 or es10 is better? Or any other better headphones? I usually listen to electronic music, soundtrack and pop. I love clear, punchy bass, and warm sound.
  3. Luv My BASS 1

    Upgrade to vmoda m80.

    It's time to upgrade from the pair of M80s I've had since they first came out. Budget is $300, but can be stretched a bit. I'm totally okay with getting used headphones. I generally liked the sound of the M80, but I felt they needed a touch more bass to truly shine. So far, I've been...
  4. KT66

    How to change ear pads on Audio Technica ES range of headphones - help needed

    Sorry for my newbie style question but I really don't want to ruin my new and shiny ATH-ES10s.   I have received some ESW9 pads (as recommend on the main ES10 thread)- how do I change them over.?   I know with DT1350s I can just gently pull them off   help please??!!!!!
  5. posteriorpounde

    Bassy, yet not overwhelmingly so

    Any recommendation for other headphones are also appreciated.   Looking for a bassy sound that doesn't overshadow mids and highs, especially the vocal range. It will not be used for genres like classical and jazz, so a very large soundstage is unnecessary; however, I would still like them to...
  6. Wars

    Are Studio Beats by Dr Dre really that bad?

    Hi   Im new to the forum, and I listen to music everyday; on the way to school.   Ive only had the Apple "stock" headphones that came with my iPhone, a pair of inkd skullcandy in ears (which broke in a week, I should've known better from them...) and a pair of Samsung headphone, which...
  7. Senor Smithers

    Great all all around portable headphone under $400

    Alright head-fiers, you know what to do. Budget is strictly $400 I have a pretty diverse library, with Hip Hop, EDM, Rock, Jazz and Folk. I'm coming from the V-Moda M80, which I thought needed a little more bass and a lot more comfort. Mainly considering the Audio Technica ES10 with...
  8. ZBoneCapone

    I'm confused about DACs and amps...

    When do I need one and why? I've read that a DAC really won't alter sound and that amps are only needed if you want more volume. Could someone explain these things to me?  
  9. redxix

    Sennheiser Amperior vs Audio Technica ATH-ES10

    So I was fortunate enough to visit Tokyo's Akihabara recently and try out both of these awesome portable headphones.  I am not an audiophile or have golden ears so I had to listen to these for maybe 4 hours across 3 days and using about 5 songs~   (while describing my experience with these...
  10. derpydum

    Closed alternative to Grado?(Closed headphones good for metal/rock)

    So I very recently got some 225is (having no experience in open phones)  and i really like the sound but there are a few factors that are extremely annoying. No isolation at all, making it hard to listen without interruption , Everyone complains about leakage and honestly the comfort lacks(...
  11. jeffmangum

    Soudmagic ES10 or ES18?

    My sennheiser broke after just 5 months. And i heard soundmagic are cheap and durable.  The Es10 looks good cause it has black color but i hate the colors of es18. But es18 i heard is better than es10.. Also, they both have angular jacks right?
  12. kamcok

    [NEW] Audio Technica CKR series (CKR10, CKR9, CKR7)

    [note: I'm not sure if anyone has posted about this before me]   Hey guys, Audio Technica just announced a new IEM line today and they claim that they're using a "world's first" technology known as the "Dual-Phase Push Pull Drivers". Since I can't find a thread about them here on head-fi I...
  13. AgentCw

    I have FLAC files, Good DAP, and an AMP. I just need Headphones.

    Well I have started my way to the audiophile world a month ago.   I orderd the following from ebay:   - Colorfly C3 - Check! - Fiio E07K - Check! - Audio Technica M50 - Not-Check. They probably got lost on the mail and i'm waiting for a refund.     So I need a NEW suggestion for Over\...
  14. baronkatz

    The Battle of the Portables - A review of my headphones: Audio Technica ATH-ES10 vs. ESW9A vs. Denon AH-D950 vs. Ultrasone Edition 8 vs. Beyerdynamic DT770Pro 32Ohm Limited Edition

    Dear Fellow Head-Fiers,   I wanted to create a list of the various headphones I have to give you an idea of how they differ and chime in on my opinion of them. You may agree or disagree but this is my general view for anyone searching for headphones. This is kind of my way of giving back to...
  15. ceverson70

    Audio Technica ES10 or B&W P7

    So I have a par of the ES 10s and I love the depth and sound stage, my only complaint is their comfort after about an hour or two of wear. I've been reading mixed reviews about the P7s in comparison in that he ES10s have a much better range especially when paired with an amp. My question...
  16. fluffyberry

    new CIEM line from westone

    Westone has recently announced a new line of custom IEMs that include the ES10,20,30 and 50. no news yet as to what they sound like compared to the previous ES line...but as far as i can tell, they replaced the standard 2-pin connectors with the MMCX connectors of their latest offerings they...
  17. sofastreamer

    upgrade from ath-es700? es10 or esw11?

    i am fallin in love with my es700. i like it better than my momentum and similar priced closed back portableS. but i still want more. id like a bit more detail and separation with similat soundsignature. which of the higher tier ath will fit the bill?
  18. FatmanSize48

    Audio-Technica ES10

    Hi. I am about to pull the trigger on a pair of ES10 headphones, but just wanted to know what you guys (and MAYBE girls) thought the main difference between amping these phones and not amping them. I have a portable amp (Fiio E11, which I use w/ my K702s) but would like to play them straight out...
  19. menamesjames

    Audio-Technica ATH-ESW9 or Audio-Technica ATH-ES10 (Titanium)

    I've found the ESW9 for £185 at Accessory Jack and i'm wondering whether the ES10 Titanium is worth the £60 extra.
  20. menamesjames

    Any Reviews On The Audio Technica ATH-ES10 (Titanium)?

    I wrote about the wrong headphone, i've now found impressions. Still you can post links with reviews about the headphone if you want :)
  21. menamesjames

    Audio Technica ATH-ES10 or ATH-A900?

    Should i get the Audio Technica A900 for £150 or spend £100 more on the ES10?
  22. Noykrub

    Shure SRH940 vs ATH-ES10

    I have 940 on hand. I like mid and high but I think it not enough bass for me. So I need more big bass than this .. (mid and high it's ok for me)   I consider ATH-ES10. Can any compare this 2 model (940 vs ES10) in bass part for meplease ? or if you have another brand or model Please let me...
  23. ExpatinJapan

    Have ATH-ESW9, thinking of ATH-ES10 and DT-1350

    I have ATH-ESW9 but am considering acquiring a second set of portable phones, the DT-1350 seems to be the top of the line, but I could never wear them so am considering the ATH-ES10.   I want something fuller and less mid based, also fairly flat would be good.   Anyone have experience...
  24. GCastro

    Any good headphones for Rap/Hip Hop/Other Genres?

    Hey guys!  Glad I joined the community...I recently picked up a pair of AKG F550's. I've watched a few reviews on youtube, read posts on this forum and I was sold on them. I got my package today, gave them a listen and they sounded incredible...I just want a little more bass. I returned them...
  25. dcuellar

    Advice on Two Headsets

    Hey guys. Decided I would join and ask for your opinions after browsing and doing some research for some time now. I wanted to get your opinions on a couple of headphones I'm looking to purchase really soon. Any help would be greatly appreciated.   So, here is my story. A few years back...