Closed alternative to Grado?(Closed headphones good for metal/rock)
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Jul 20, 2014
So I very recently got some 225is (having no experience in open phones)  and i really like the sound but there are a few factors that are extremely annoying. No isolation at all, making it hard to listen without interruption , Everyone complains about leakage and honestly the comfort lacks( before you recommend G cushs i already own them) so I've been thinking on returning these and getting something else. 
and i mainly listen to  punk(suicidal tendencies),indie(fun.,death cab for cutie etc) , metalcore (asking alexandria, of mice and men, etc),grindcore(cattle decapitation,pig destroyer, etc) , deathcore(suicide silence, whitechapel,attila, etc), death(the black dahlia murder,cannibal corpse, etc), black(gra,gorgoroth,mayhem, etc,)  and other sorts of metal, hard rock, and rock. 
anyone have any suggestions?

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