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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. roru100
    Thanks. Do you hear a great difference between that combo and something better? What is your usual combo? I have read a couple of times that volume is ok but I am interested in control, dynamics etc. I only care about what is audible for a „normal“ audiophile though. I do not need 100%, but if ist only let’s say 50% of the experience I would not buy the LCD.
  2. gregr507
    Oh man I've been looking into replacement cables for my lcd2f since my left ear is going in and out. I was originally gonna order some random one off amazon for 70 bucks, but I found these cables from impact audio that are just beautiful, and I really want them. As spec'd currently they would be $158, but the ones I just found that I like even better would be $208. I don't think they'd likely sound any different, I just think they're beautiful, and they've been well reviewed on here. Someone convince me not to do it lol
  3. DavidA
    :mute::mute::mute::mute::mute::mute:, just kidding. If you really like how the cable looks I'd say go for it, who knows, you will probably think they sound better than your old one. I have to admit that the Forza and Double-Helix cables that I had were works of art but not worth the $$$ since there was no improvement in sound to me and even my friend who I got them from.
  4. jmills8
    What if you were able to demo 20 different high end cables without knowing the price. You think there will be no sound difference ?
  5. DavidA
    Simple answer: yes

    FWIW I spent a few days with a good friend (he gave me the Forza and Double-Helix cables) in Japan a year ago and got to try 8 different balanced and SE cables for his HD800 and 5 different balanced and SE cables for his T1gen1 (rewired - mini-XLR) and LCD-4. This was in his newly renovated sound room where he has a dedicated area for headphones and some testing equipment and while I could tell the difference between balanced and SE with some of the amps and not others that he had I could hear no difference between cables on his HD800, T1gen1 or LCD-4 if comparing balanced to balanced or SE to SE. On the testing equipment some of the cables did show slight differences in impedance but neither I, my friend or his 2 daughters could hear any differences caused by the various impedance differences of the cables.

    So for me based on my experiences cables for headphones make no difference. My take is that as long as the cable does not get too long (+5m) impedance should not be an issue in altering the sound for headphones.
  6. jmills8
    On my Final Audio D8000 Pro I can easily hear a difference between its all Copper cable and its Copper/Silver cable. Ilive in HK and have the chance to test many different cables and usually one or two cables do stand out soundwise.
  7. DavidA
    Many times when I heard differences in cables it was due to poor contact somewhere that cleaning (and application of Deoxit) always seem to fix.
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  8. jmills8
    Not in this case.
  9. bogginhead
    I've been thinking about trying to refinish the bamboo cups on my LCD2.2s, as there are a few scratches in the wood and I honestly just kinda want to personalize them. Has anyone here tried anything like this? I was thinking of sanding the cups down just enough to get the scratches out and enough so that a new stain would hold well. Then a new coat of semi-gloss lacquer on top of the stain. Would this work out ok? Or would you guys advise me not to even attempt such a mod?
  10. bogginhead
    Any one at all had to refinish their LCD-2s?
  11. TheIncredibleHoke
    Signed up just to thank everyone for all of their knowledge and impressions on these headphones. I've been using Massdrop HD6XX for my primary work headphones for the last year and Grado RS2e for home for a few years. I've always loved the HD6XX, they just tick off all the right boxes for me. I liked the Grados at first, but the foam-on-ear pads just weren't comfortable for longer sessions and the upper tones just seemed too shouty for me even playing LPs through my Woo Audio headphone amp.

    After tons of research, I settled on the Audeze LCD-2 as a possible match for me. I'm lucky enough to a short subway ride from Audio 46, so I visited there and Tony let me try a pair. I plugged them into my A&K SR15 and the sound was fantastic, very rich and warm. However, I noticed that I had to turn the A&K volume up to about 110 or so, instead of the usual 70-80 that I use with my Final Audio B3 IEMs. Forgot that the impedence was different. They still sounded great though and I was pretty much already sold on the LCD-2s.

    Then Tony plugged them into an iFi audio portable amp just to show me how they sound when properly amplified. Holy hell, what a difference. Night and day difference. After listening to a few of my go-to sample tracks, I realized there was no way I was leaving that store w/o the LCD-2s. Between the luxurious and huge pads and the rich sound, I was in audio heaven.

    So, thank you for sharing your own experiences and leading me to my own audio nirvana. My wife is out of town this weekend, and I'm not sure I'll even leave the house now that I have these.
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  12. blackdragon87
    Enjoy ! I have my LCD2 classics for a year now and still love mine
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  13. TheIncredibleHoke
    I had hoped to try out the Classics to save a bit, but they didn't have any in stock. These are heavenly though, so am good to go!
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