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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DavidA

    Glad my GF loves listening to music also, she actually had 3 headphones when we met a few years ago, HD-700, HD-650 and Bose QC-15.

    As much as I like the LCD-2, they are just too heavy and bulky to take out, you must be in great shape to lug these around [​IMG]
  2. Jazz1
    My LCD-2 arrived at work today. I could have hooked it up to the Mojo, but didn't want work to distract me:D. So once at home I finally hooked it up to the Mojo and my iPad Pro. Friday I'm off so I'll be using my desktop rig, Heck the hard case box was impressive by it self. I told co-workers that it was Prez. Trump's Nuclear "football":wink:


    I've to to say that right out of the box I'm impressed! I'm listening to Paul Simon's "Wristband" and finally clapping sounds like real clapping. The back echo of his voice on "Street Angel's" chimes and drums are fantastic. Guitar on "The Riverbank" is very rich in sound.

    I'm wondering how long I'll be able to wear these at my home office desk while using the iMac?They are heavier than any other headphone I've owned. Though the Blue Mofi headphone were heavy. I sold those. Maybe I'm a wimp:wink:

    Well no TV tonight I will be rotating through my music. Can't wait to try AIFF files via my iMac, DAC and amplifier!

    I've got a custom cable coming from plusSound.

    Thanks to all who have contributed to this thread. And yes, this appears to be Ver. 2 as they were made in April 2016.

    See you at the SFO meet in July! I'll be the guy with the Mojo and Audeze Sine! Can't travel with the LCD-2.
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  3. RollinHard843
    One thing ive noticed as far as comfort goes is that these headphones are a bit easier to wear when im standing than when im sitting at a desk. Maybe my neck is less stressed overall and the rest of my body can distribute the weight?

    I guess if you can sit in a way so that the head and neck and arent bearing TOO much of the weight, then comfort should be alright.

    For the record, i usually wear headphones while painting or drawing so im not very still. The lcd2s stay in place nicely!
  4. Alchemist007
    Might be posture.
  5. RollinHard843

    Its quite possible. Whatever the level of comfort may be, the sound is worth it! (Even moreso since getting a Deckard)
  6. DavidA
    I agree they sound great but for my GF (160cm and 42.1kg) the weight is just too much, she is also used to headphones like HD-700/650 and Grados which are so much lighter.  For me the LCD series is just a bit too heavy also, 1 hour is about it for me, and this is sitting on my reclining sofa so some of the weight is supported by the sofa.
  7. Rob Allan
    I am finding I am wearing these a couple of clicks tighter than any of my previous phones, maybe imagining it but feel with less drop on the cups and a touch more clamp has the weight of the phones better distributed on my odd head.

    Coming from AKG Anniveraries which after a couple of minutes they melt away to nothing it's a bit of a change to get used to but the added oooomph is worth it for me.

    Glad your nuclear football turned up all good Jazz they are awesome eh :)
  8. cocolinho
    Like many I had issue with LCD's weight so I sold them , a pitty since I liked what I heard so 1 advice: if you can have a listen to the new EL8 open (revised in 2016)
    My bad memory tells me they share quite a lot similarities when it comes to the sound but are much more comfortable.
    A nice contrast to my HD800s
  9. DavidA
    Agree, they do share similarities but the EL8 is also on the heavy side and the thin padding strip does not help much.
  10. cocolinho
    No issue with comfort from my side and I'm very picky with comfort since I wear my headphones 6h/ day. They fit my head well :)
  11. meringo
    I use mine primarily at a standing desk! I find them to be plenty comfy, even with the heft. The clamp force can be bothersome after an hour or so, but not nearly as bad as other cans I've tried/owned.
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  12. Rob Allan
    Off work tomorrow chilling a little JD chilling in audio bliss, honeymoon period still in full effect may it never end, I soooo love these headphones.  I so do not care they way two stone no pain no gain.  It's love this one.
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  13. DavidA
    I bent the headband out a little since the clamping force was just a touch too much.  Headphones with high clamping force are HD-650/600, about the 2 worst IMO.
  14. PinkyPowers

    I've had mine for months now, and I have yet to feel anything less than awe at their sound.

    NFB-28>Balanced Out>LCD-2.2Fazor

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  15. Duy Le
    Is the promo code still available? I tried but it failed :frowning2:
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