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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. dubharmonic
    Thanks for the info, everyone. With the Magni 2 on high gain there's very little play in volume before getting to ear-splitting levels, but you're right about the LCD-2 specs.
    Has anyone compared the LCD-2 with the EL-8? How similar are they? I already need to return this set of LCD-2s because of the right channel short, maybe the EL-8 would be a better fit for my DAC and amps? I'm looking for an improvement over the HE-400i without replacing anything else in the stack.
  2. RollinHard843
    I wanted to echo that i thought the vali and vali 2 sounded good with the lcd2 until i demoed a Deckard. I had to buy one. Going back and forth between the vali 2 and deckard showed me that the more powerful deckard greatly improved soundstage, depth, treble clarity and overall sense of realism and space.

    The vali 2 is lovely for other stuff, but the audeze greatly benefited from the upgrade.
  3. exsomnis

    I have an O2 as well and as much as I love that little amp, I had already listened to LCD 2s on powerful amps and knew that it could be better at appropriately loud levels.

    When I did get a powerful amp of my own - the Audio-gd Precision 1 - the A-B difference was significant. There was more dynamism, immediacy and gravitas to the sound. Full bodied and much improved transients, not to mention the fantastic bass, the LCDs finally shined and produced the sound that only LCDs have been able to give me so far.

    If you're not noticing the difference between the two, you likely prefer listening to music that is sedate or only at lower sound levels. Give it a go at club, concert or live event level loudness and you will hear the difference between night and day.
  4. Alchemist007
    Probably far less often an occurance. I can't listen to things near concert level for more than 5min. Usually end up listening for 30min+ at a time so it has to be 'not deafening.'

    Not surprising in the least. Whenever I'm with other people they always listen to things at these insane levels. Or if I go to some kind of live auditorium event I always remember to bring earplugs.
  5. Malfunkt

    I would return your LCD2s if they are shorting.

    I found the EL8 was very good and more comfortable but overall preferred the LCD2. Try the LCD2 out for a while. Really get to know them.

    Otherwise, stick with 400i if you are happy? Or go the HD650 route if you haven't already :)

    While you may get some improvement with a different setup, I don't feel the LCD2 is going to dramatically change is tonal signature. One note about the treble, while it is toned down the detail is very much there.
  6. marcan
    Some say that the LCD2 are forgiving but for me it's not the case.
    With a good neutral amp the LCD2 will directly reveal the weakness of the dac or the source.
    So a bad recording or mastering will sound bad. That's the price to get the full experience on good recordings.
    And as said several times, details aren't upfront (which is not their place), but refined. Something that traditional hp's can't easily reach because of the moving parts weight. And I don't talk about bass :)
  7. k4rstar
    I am very interested in making the LCD2 my next purchase and an upgrade to the HD600/650. I am only hesitant regarding the long-term comfort. I sometimes use headphones at my desk for multiple hour sessions and I don't know if the weight is something I can handle. 
    MrSpeakers Alpha Dogs were already on the higher-end of weight and supposedly these are even heavier. I have read that the leather-free pads are a little bit better in the comfort department though. 
    Did anyone have similar reservations as me before purchasing and would like to share their experience?
  8. marcan
    For me as soon I listen to them I forget them. I did add a leather strap tho.
    I can wear them 20 hours straight without any discomfort except when the weather gets hot.
  9. DavidA
    The EL8 might be a better fit if running with DAP or headphone output of computer.  I really like my EL8 from the headphone output of my X3ii and UD-301.
  10. DavidA
    I wouldn't consider the LCD-2 an "upgrade" to the HD-600/650, more like a side grade but it depends on the amp for me.  HD-650 and BH Crack with good tubes is my choice over Lyr2 and LCD-2 for me, both for sound and comfort.
  11. cocolinho
    off topic but yes EL8 is good, I wish I have LCD2 to compare but like I said before I feel they share a lot in common.
  12. quan61092
    I've purchased lcd2 rev.1 for a couple of days ago, recently noticed that the left connector on the headphone popped out abit. I've tried to push it back (with my thumbs) but no works, though the sound still normal, what should i do? :frowning2:
  13. marcan
    Maybe a question of taste or revision but I sold my HD650 as soon I heard the LCD2.
    There is something visceral and refined with planars that I never felt with dynamics.
    I friend of mine bought the EL8 and it is a nice headphone but not at all on pare with the LCD2.
    I ended up with my modded t50rp as portable setup. It was the closest from my LCD2 if you have a generous amp.
  14. DavidA

    One thing to consider between the LCD2 and EL8 is the setup being used, if you are using your smart phone then the EL8 will usually better the LCD-2 IMO,  if you have a decent desktop system then the LCD-2 will usually better the EL8 most of the time.  I got my EL9 for when I travel when I don't want to bring external amps, sounds great with my X3 or X3ii, my LCD-2 while better sounding just doesn't sound good from portable gear that I've tried.
  15. marcan
    Sure LCD2 without a good amp is worthless.
    EL8 is better out of a smartphone but with with a good portable amp my modded t50rp was better for a fraction of the price aside the fun to mod them.
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