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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Bern2
    I tried last night also....must have ended on the 14th?
  2. Jazz1
    I've been able to spend a little more time with these beauties, and finally got them on my "big rig" (Musical Fidelity DAC, and GCHA PS Audio instead of the Mojo). All I can say is WOW!  My Hifiman HE-400i is sold, and I've put the HE-560 up on Amazon. So, I'm only keeping my portables (B&O H6, B&W P7, B&W P5 Wireless, and the QC20i Bose). Of course I can't let go of my Senn. 650's!
    Listening to AIFF files of Catfish and the Bottlemen "The Balcony" and their music and their lyrical profanities are coming in loud and clear :wink: Widespread Panic's "Street Dogs" piano and vocals are coming in just right. I can hear the background singers in perfect balance with the rest of the music. Organ and guitar sound great!
    Now for a little observation on comfort. I know these are heavier than any headphones I've I'ver owned, but I find them very comfortable. The only surprise is the if I turn my head suddenly the inertia of the weight of the headphone is a little surprising. But it fits just right out of the box for me. The ear pads and headband feel like they have been custom made for me.
    I'd like to say this is the "end game" for me, but I know I'd be lying :wink: I can help but wonder the what the higher end Audeze headphones sound like! If you own them all I can say is "lucky dog"!
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  3. PinkyPowers
    After a number of months with my LCD-2, I believe they are indeed my end-game. Though there are probably better out there, these are perfect for me. I don't see myself looking for "upgrades" any time in the near future.
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  4. DavidA

    Congrats, your wallet can now come out of hiding [​IMG].
    PS: what do you consider the "near future"
  5. PinkyPowers

    Read "the foreseeable future". :)
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  6. jwssum
    i heard my cousins ones... gosh do they sound so amazing :D 
  7. dubharmonic
    I've had a new set of LCD-2s for about a week, and I’m not as wowed by them as I expected to be. I'm trying to figure out if they're just not my taste, there's a weakness somewhere in my stack, or I haven't been able to spend enough time with them yet. 
    I'm hearing deep bass, strong mids bordering on harsh and fatiguing, and blanketed highs that aren't letting as much detail through as I've been used to from a HE-400i or DT-880. The LCD-2 seems strong and confident, yet not very lush or fun. 
    I've used them with a Modi 2 DAC, both Vali 2 and Magni 2 amps listening to jazz, reggae, deep house, drum n bass and bossa nova. 
    Unfortunately they've also started shorting out on the right channel, which tends to go away for a while if the cable gets reseated. Should I return them, or get a replacement and try to get to know them better? What do you guys think?
  8. DavidA
    I would return them for a replacement if getting shorting out problems as this could also be affecting the sound.
    As for the Vali2, Magni2 and Modi2 DAC, while they are great in their price range I think the LCD-2 will sound better with gear that is more in line with its upper mid-fi range position.  Your description of the LCD-2 having strong mids bordering on harsh and fatiguing sounds like what I get when using my Modi2uber and Asgard2, not a good pairing.  I like the LCD-2 with Teac UD-301 and Ember pairing, lush, deep bass and much more fun sounding.
  9. marcan
    LCD2's need a good amp and are very revealing of the dac and the source.
  10. PinkyPowers
    I've been working on my review, and I praise them for their detail. The LCD-2 is remarkably resolving, it's just not in your face like some phones.
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  11. exsomnis

    Your amp does not provide the LCD 2 with the right amount of power at 70ohms. It needs 1 to 4 watts of power at that impedance.
  12. axtran

    I second this. My Lyr 2 drives mine beautifully. The sound is so unique!
  13. Ampeezy
    yup moving from ~450mW to 1.5W made the sound even more effortless and just more open. Cant wait for my balanced cables, then i'll see how that goes
  14. Alchemist007

    I can't speak for those specific amps, but you don't really need 1W minimum to get good sound. My O2 (which I believe delivers 500mW) sounds just as good as my 2W+ Ember.
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  15. HPiper
    I second that. When I got them I thought they shouldn't need that much power and they shouldn't, but you only have to listen to the same track over a small amp like a Vali and then again over the Lyr to make it perfectly clear, they do like that much power. It is like listening to two different headphones.
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