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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. amanojakumo
    Thanks for putting up the coupon code guys. I just ordered black aluminum lcd 2s from adorama. They're offering free 1-3 day expedited shipping as well.
  2. AdolfTrump
    I'm tempted to pick one up. It seems like a steal for that price. It sucks that open-backs aren't an option for my current use. 
  3. Rob Allan
    That is an awesome deal £799.95 everywhere in the UK, there is a chance of £300 saving for those this side of the pond or £200 if hit by customs.

    If I had the funds would instant buy for the Mrs.
  4. Jazz1
    Well as I've reported earlier I have one on the way. I am wondering if this comes with a presentation box, as well as the travel hard case. I saw an older video review that indicated that it came with two boxes. But I'm wondering if that was only included in version #1?

    Also does the travel case have any extra room for a Mojo and cable?
  5. DavidA
    Mine only came with the hard case and there is some space for the Mojo and cable.  Is there a reason you want a presentation box?
  6. Jazz1

    Ha, Ha, no, not really. Just saw this nice wooden box in an older video review. I'm sure the travel box is much more practical. Besides a fancy box will just draw my spouse's attention :wink:
  7. Rob Allan
    Plenty room for a mojo brought mine to work today :wink: think my colleagues are more impressed with the case hehe image.jpg
  8. obzilla
    I had a pair of LCD2s when they first came out (well, long before the change to the travel box) and it was nice and all, but now I have the LCD3s from last year and the travel case is WAY more useful and practical.
  9. Jazz1
    I wonder if I could get TSA and the airlines to consider this a "medical device" so I can still have my regular carry-on :wink: Thanks for the picture!
  10. sludgeogre
    You can carry your LCD-2 on as a "personal item" as I have, and still carry your normal carry on. I put it in the overhead, though, and some idiot opened the bin and let it fall out on the floor. I really wanted to drop the guy right there. I picked them up and held them like a baby for the rest of the flight, and I haven't traveled with them since then.
  11. PinkyPowers

    Audeze used to ship with the wood box in the old days. For the last few years it's only been the nice, pressurized travel case.

    I like wood things, but there's no denying, these new cases are superior protection.
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  12. Rob Allan
    24 hours in just noticed this made me giggle model/serial tag on one side nothing out of the ordinary there then this on the other......

    I do not believe I need to be told not to put these in the bin/trash :) image.jpg

  13. Rob Allan
    A little off topic stumbled upon a few teaser tracks on tidal of a new red hot chillis album today all sound phenomenal on the LCD, those and radio head burn the witch have to be the most eye opening new tunes for me of late. Very cool album cover.

    I adore these headphones image.png
  14. Rob Allan
    ps Jazz1 you are in for such a treat, hope they land soon.  "medical device" just tell them you are carrying anti venom :)
    Percussion on these is insane might as well be right next to a huge full kit, #intheroom 
    There bloody brilliant.  
  15. Rob Allan
    Cringe, should of pulled his apple buds out plonked the Audeze on his head, given him the stare when hitting play.   "You know now what you have done" handed him a bad mutha ****a wallet and walked off all cool like.
    I am tempted to rock these on the bus and drop them on heads at random good things need shared.
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