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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. DavidA
    My GF said they are way to heavy, so how good it sounds doesn't matter if she can't listen for more than a few minutes before she has to take them off, her favorites are HD-700 and HE-560
  2. Lohb

    High back seat helps.
  3. Devarika Woulf
    Wow, what a deal. I almost want to order them just to try out the new treble, since apparently the bass is pretty similar to my pre-fazor. Still though, it'd be stupid considering my 2.2 (December 2011) is working just fine. Also it seems the old LCDs are becoming valued collectables with some people not into the fazors. I guess I'll just wait until these break down and then send them in to hear the new drivers.
  4. Liu Junyuan
    Also, I don't know if these count for the 2016 updated version. They are selling the Bamboos still. 
  5. Rob Allan
    Had the call shop has my LCD 2's ready to pick up already!!! :) this work day cannot end soon enough, cat is out the bag meeting the missus in town and so far my nuts are still intact hehe phew..
    I personally found the LCD 2's more comfy than the EL8's by a large margin granted for the short time I got to demo them.  My better half has been getting right into head-fi too of late if anything I hope I do not ruin her thoughts/love for her AKG 550 when she gets a go of the LCD's or this could work out double expensive!
    I have been trying to get some numbers on the Dragonfly Red over the weekend and failing in terms of Mw to ohm all I now is its 2.1volts and do not have the knowledge to convert that to Mw into 70ohms I'ts not going to be anywhere near Audeze 1000mw recommendation I wouldn't of thought but it sounded good at 80% on my iphone at the time of the demo last Friday.
    Hopefully after a longer sitting this evening getting to know em better I dont feel its all under powered. 
    Will no doubt look at a better amp option down the line.
    1 and a half hours to go, tick tock :)
  6. mwhals

    30 mw.
  7. x RELIC x Contributor

    Count on the double expense! :veryevil:

    And let me just say that with better amplification you will definitely hear an improvement in sound. The Dragonfly really isn't the best to power the LCD-2. Something to look forward to. :D
  8. Rob Allan
    Operation share at the moment pair of us have been in a happy place grinning for the last four hours, cannot comprehend how good they are if I am honest.

    Look forward to looking at amps down the line but been listening between 30 and 50% on the fly smiling.

    Holding a bit of heaven :) image.jpg

    Think a Aluminium pair will be on the cards for my better half down the line share for now :)
  9. Jazz1

    How can you tell the build date and if it is a 2f?
  10. Rob Allan
    Must be getting late Mr Bill Withers is telling me in a soulful way get to bed up early in the morning or grandmas hands will give you a hard crack....

    Best purchase ever
  11. Jazz1

    Wonder if is the newest drivers? I bought it this afternoon before finding this thread:basshead:
  12. Rob Allan

    Can feel angled metal parts in the cup for fazor build date should be on cert image.jpg
    Jazz1 likes this.
  13. Jazz1

    Many thanks. I guess I'll see if I purchase an older or newer model Wednesday. Doubt I can return it, if it is older driver) :xf_eek:as it was open box.
  14. fiascogarcia
    Chances are pretty good anything on the dealer market is the current build.
  15. Jazz1

    These were in the headphone.com's physical store. They claimed they had 10 minutes of demo to a customer.
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