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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. fiascogarcia
    No effect on SQ.
  2. torpedorag
    +1 on this. Though I can't justify the price of the carbon fiber headband.
  3. g4747
    The cost of the new headband is just a joke.
    I just bought a suspension strap for 30 pounds, as the original one (with the bumps) was giving me severe headaches.
    I will have a review in a few days.
  4. jdhore
    IMO, the new headband is overpriced for the LCD-2, but it gets a bit more reasonable as you get up the LCD series and i'd personally say it's reasonable for LCD-3, and acceptably priced for LCD-X...
  5. mkarikom
    Does the headband get better when you install it on an LCD-3?
  6. jdhore

    I mean no, but it's more justified when you're spending $200 to improve your $2000 headphones vs spending $200 to improve $1000 headphones.
  7. PinkyPowers

    10% the cost of the your headphones vs 20%. It goes down better. Even though you're spending the same exorbitant amount.
  8. x RELIC x Contributor

    Well, just like cables. The difference is that the headband gives an undisputed benefit, at least with regard to its intended purpose of comfort.
  9. bassboysam
    that's a ridiculous price for a headband...for any headphone
  10. White Lotus

    I think that kind of money is better spent on amplification?
  11. mwhals

    I agree.
  12. fiascogarcia
    A fellow headfier told me that the headband is not significantly more comfortable due to the fact that the strap is not really suspended and your head still feels the pressure of the carbon band.  I suppose it could be modified by shortening the leather band, but that would make it not worth the investment to me.
  13. White Lotus
    2.2 Non fazor: 
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  14. Lohb
    Generally, you cannot use an IEM cable with mmcx to XLR adapter for these big planars...... ?
  15. exsomnis

    As long as you have the relevant connectors I don't see why not. I have some custom silver cables from China that are so thin, they might as well be IEM cables but they work fine.

    Whether or not the SQ is good or bad is a different story and also dependent on the amp design.
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