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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Nekrosov
    Wow! The new ones are even darker than the older version! I thought they made the treble a little bit more extended and so it's brighter, but it seems I was wrong!
    Thanks, Ampeezy for your reply!
  2. Ampeezy
    it is brighter than the pre fazor models, but less so when compared to my older fazors. The older fazors had a bit too much treble for my liking. Mind you, the treble is still nicely extended, just not in your face
  3. PinkyPowers

    That is an inappropriate word to use in reference to the LCD-2. They are the least sibilant headphones you can possibly buy. Even the slightly brighter versions, like early model 2.2F. None of them accentuate sibilance.
  4. Devarika Woulf
    Natural is a wonderful word to describe the Rev 2. Why I love them so. [​IMG]
    Question: How good does my gear go with the LCD-2.2? It's a Violectric V200 and a REGA Dac. I quite like the analog-like sound but wonder how I could do better. Thoughts of getting a different headphone sometimes turn into thoughts of getting new equipment but I don't know what could improve.
  5. marcan
    I had the occasion to hear the LCD2.2 with the violetric. For me it was a tad darky for the LCD2.2, but I don't know how is the sound signature of the REGA, so it might complement. Moreover, if like you an analogue sound signature, it might be for your taste.
    But power wise it was fine.
    Personally I have a Bryston BHA-1 as an amp (with Weiss DAC 202), and it's a wonderful. The bryston really makes my LCD2.2 shines. Deep bass, detailed mids/treble.
  6. Bogatyr
    I was doing research prior to purchasing LCD2, shot Audeze an email asking about fazor and how they affect the sound (particularly the bass) this is the response I received. 
  7. cocolinho
    Is the alu version of LCD2 lighter than woody one?
    Can't find the weight difference on the web.
  8. marcan
    Even if according to Audeze I shouldn't be able to perceive it, my LCD2.2 goes lower than every fazor I tried.
    Not all tracks have low subs but I do like few of them.
    While subs are difficult to perceive, any roll off will make them below the perceiving threshold.
    Actually sub are partially transmit by bones and the big over the ear driver of the LCD creates this kind of effect on the pinna and the head.
    Also subs play a role in the compression of the ear.
  9. mysticstryk
    The changes in frequency response from pre fazor up until now is well documented throughout this thread, from subjective listening to actual measurements. 
  10. sludgeogre
    I understand that the sound has changed, but the degree to which people say it has is a little silly to me. People act like the Pre November 2015 Fazor models are garbage and sound terrible and only the new ones are good, when it's really just a minor, subtle difference. There is so much hyperbole here over little, tiny, minor differences, I just don't get it. It's quite an audiophile tendency. Just look at cable debates. It's total madness.
    Odin412 and DavidA like this.
  11. mysticstryk

    Fair enough. I agree that hyperbole is strong in this hobby.
  12. thefitz
    Look up Tyll's cable measurements on inner fidelity, if you want to talk about hyperbole in this hobby.
  13. Ampeezy
    I gave thought, several times, to selling my pre november fazors. I'm going to use these newer fazors till they fall apart on my head. That's all that matters to me.
  14. kurumaebi
    This is my first time to try my 2.2 directly on iphone, and they are still sound amazing. I am using Marantz HD-DAC1 right now, and actually I prefer the sound comes directly from iphone... Is there any recommended amp for LCD2?
  15. Ampeezy
    I find that hard to believe haha, but i use the Burson Soloist and it sounds plenty fine. People have also praised the ifi micro idsd if you're looking for an amp/dac combo.
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