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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. PinkyPowers

    Bamboo might be fairly close.

    The major weight of the LCD-2 probably has little to do with the rim of the cups. The magnets and steel frame is where most of it's at.
  2. sludgeogre
    It's a bamboo composite, so it's going to be a lot heavier than bamboo itself. Also, it has to be a lot thicker than aluminum, which is usually used in incredibly thin sheets.
    For reference, the LCD-2 Bamboo is 490 grams, and the Rosewood is 522 grams, so just moving up from a composite to solid wood is over an ounce in weight, or a 6.5% increase in overall weight. I can imagine the reduction in weight from using a thin, light metal would be substantial.
  3. LinkPro
    With the aluminum LCD-2 I last about 30 mins with them on, then my head starts slightly hurting everywhere. I can go on for an hour but then taking them off would be VERY painful and sore. I haven't heard non-fazor LCD-2 but bass is hitting hard on this fazor one. Soundstage is also okay and 3D-like, though decidedly small compared to the cans I owned before (K702, TH600 etc.). About treble, if the song has sibilance I can easily hear it - no sugar coating bad singing/recording here, but overall treble is still quite calm and not over the top. I think I now understand what people mean when they describe the LCD cans as "juicy" sounding. 
    I'm just using my laptop's onboard audio by Creative, but the built-in amp has easily enough gain to drive the LCD-2 to good sound levels so I don't think I'm missing out too much. The LCD-2 has been going for ~10 hours of music on time.
  4. Ampeezy
    Wow that's really unfortunate, I can wear mine forever. Sure i can feel the weight a bit but it doesnt bother me that much. If its the headband that's really getting you sore you should look into the comfort straps mate.
  5. sludgeogre
    Agreed, either that or just keep playing with how far forward or back the headband sits, I have to wear mine in a very particular spot on my head or else it starts hurting, but I can easily find the sweet spot now and I can wear the headphones all day.
  6. fiascogarcia
    I tend to wear mine in the reclining position.  Works like a charm! [​IMG]
  7. LinkPro
    Thanks for the suggestion guys, I have been playing with the headband. I do find that I have to extend it nearly all the way down to even get the pads to line up to my ears. 
    I really love the sound however, always thought I wouldn't like this kind of sound signature. 
  8. Koolpep

    You can buy extended rods from audeze.


  9. exsomnis

    You will change your mind after listening to them on a good amp that can output 1W+ into 70ohms. Better transients, more presence and more gravitas to the sound. Like listening to full bodied speakers.
  10. marcan
    And when you will get a good amp, you will look for a better dac.
  11. Ampeezy
    When you find that dac, you will look for better interconnects [​IMG]
  12. Lohb
    And when you get the interconnects, some new market disruptor piece of hardware will just be released to improve your cans SQ just that bit out of reach.
  13. marcan
    I think I have a pretty decent setup (Weiss Dac 202 / Bryston Bha-1 / LCD2rev2) .
    I might change the amp or more probably the dac but in the end I will keep the LCD2recv2.
  14. Ampeezy
    My beautiful copper cable is getting coated with verdigris, but apparently it is fine and doesn't affect SQ. Not that i have noticed anything to the contrary but any thoughts?
  15. White Lotus
    Guys, what's more comfortable - Carbon fiber headband or a comfort strap?
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