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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. LinkPro
    So I just pulled the trigger on a LCD-2 Aluminum... It was $250 off and I've never had or listened to an ortho before (except for a beat up T50RP at a studio) so I thought why the heck not. My only concern is the weight because my crown is a really weak point and I've had to return headphones that sound amazing but lack the proper padding on the headband which will start hurting my head 1-2 hrs in. 
    I'm going to drive it straight out of my laptop's headphone jack for now - the audio solution is from Creative and has a lot of gain so I won't have an issue volume wise. I do plan to buy an amp later - would something like a Magni 2 be a good match for the LCD-2? 
  2. jodgey4
    Sad to say, you might have to spend that $250 saved on the carbon headband, it's a pretty heavy can. Magni 2 would be great, plenty of power :).
  3. TexasBuck
    The weight/padding on the headband is cause for concern.  I could only listen for 40-50 mins without the top of my head hurting.  There are  solutions though.  There are a couple straps you can get that distribute the weight over a larger area.  Fellow Head-Fi member "Lohb" sells one of them.  I just got mine tonight.  I listened for a couple hours without pain.  Here is the link:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/805211/head-cushion-strap-for-audeze-hifiman-fostex-th-x00-denon-dxk
  4. Ampeezy
    Yeah you might wanna get one of these...not too pricey [​IMG]
  5. LinkPro
    Thanks guys, I will look into those if necessary. Looking forward to getting back to high end audio with these. Curious to see what orthodynamic tech has to offer.
  6. Headmate
    You will find the LCD's amazing, just the comfort is a huge letdown [​IMG]
    make sure u get a clean sounding amp like O2 or magni2, because LCD's appreciate transparency in sound chain.
  7. DavidA
    My GF was listening to the LCD-2 and asked for a drink so this is what I made for her:
    Its a champagne sunrise vs tequila sunrise, goes great with the lcd-2
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  8. obsidyen
    Only to 2016 LCD 2 owners: How is it with EDM? Bass impact, punch, slam?..
  9. Lohb
    Sounds like LCD-X characteristics...
  10. g4747
    I downloaded the ASIO driver, I was using Wasapi for MQA files. Is there much of a difference?
    I used the right input of Meridian (I was using the headphone one).
    I changed the sound outpout of the Meridian through Windows to 16/44.1, as I thought that higher is better.

    NO artifacts.

    Also, I contacted customer support of Audeze, asking about the driver update of the newer models and their support was excellent.

  11. Headmate

    Lol I thought it was orange juice [​IMG]
  12. mkarikom
    My EDM litmus test is Alarm by Boys Noize.  This is a really thick and heavy track and the LCD-2 simply nails it with detail and slam.  Ditto with stuff like deadmau5' 4x4=12.  On those tracks my Fidelio X2's, which are great for cases where I need something that works without a desktop stack, and have more bass emphasis than the LCD-2, sound muddy in comparison to the LCD-2.  Hope that helps!
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  13. EinZweiDrei
    Whats the difference between fazor and pre fazor versions in sound. And possibly build?
  14. DivergeUnify
    Bass on new one has phenomenal body, slam, and texture.
  15. marcan
    Like the old one (rev2)
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