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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. g4747

    Quoting myself...
    I received today the suspension strap from our fellow Head-Fier.
    First impressions are excellent.
    The bottom part that touches the head has a suede feel, different from the leather on top.
    The rings are plain elastic hair bands.
    It looks solidly built.
    Putting it on, it's certainly more comfortable than my headband and it looks like my headaches will be now avoided.
    Bear in mind that I just avoided purchasing the extended yokes as before putting the strap on, I was using the headphones just one click before being fully extended.
    Now they have to be fully extended.
    They fit in the box just fine.
    If you are thinking about purchasing the carbon fiber headband and you don't care about the looks, look no further.

  2. DavidA
    @g4747, nice looking headband
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  3. grrorr76
    Hi Guys I want to change my LCD-2 headband for a new one but I can't find instructions on how to do it anywhere. Can someone post a short guide on how you do it what screws need loosening etc ? It would be most helpful.
  4. exsomnis
    All you need to do is to unscrew the screws that hold the two yokes on each side to the metal frame...
  5. betula
     Hi, I need advice from LCD 2 thread members. For a long time I had a very good relationship with my Fidelio X2s. Later on I realized, Nighthawks are better headphones, but they were too dark and too warm for me, even though I prefer dark and warm sound over any brightness.
     I love my TH-X00s. They finally have good bass, details come through even better than in the Nighthawks. I just enjoy the resolution, refinement and detail over the X2s. My only problem with X00s is the treble harshness, which is probably not a general problem, but it is because of my treble sensitive ears and minor tinnitus.
     After X00s I am simply just unable to listen to X2s again. I am thinking of giving a second chance to Nighthawks, as they were extremely smooth and easy to listen. But could I get used to that one of a kind sound signature, if I didn't really like it at first try?
     And here comes to the picture the LCD 2s. To be exact, a pair of used LCD 2.2s. I paid £160 for my X2s, £340 for Nighthawks, £360 for X00s. This used pair of LCD 2.2s. (One year old.) Would be around £500, maybe a bit more. This is around the maximum I can stretch my wallet at this point.
     The question is, in my shoes would you go for the Audeze, or gave a second try to NH?
    I expect some bias to the LCD 2s, but still interested in the answers. (I am after good music experience, not a neutral and flat pair of headphones. Detailed and clear, but not boomy bass is essential. As well as smooth treble. I like space and good instrument separation. Mostly I listen to different kind of electronic music. But I like music from many other genres too. I use Chord Mojo.)
  6. greenkiwi
    I'd certainly give them a listen.  I don't know what the UK prices are like for LCD-2s, but £500 is awfully close to sale prices on the LCD-2s, so I might be looking for sale prices.  Can you go listen?
    for example $699:
    Also, comfort could be an issue, so it's good to actually try them on.
  7. betula

    In the UK retail price is £729-799. So £500 is not a bad price for a pair in good condition. I also paid £360 for X00s with taxes, customs and delivery, while people in the U.S. could have it for £272. Maybe I should move to the states. :)
  8. DeadEars
    I own both the LCD-2's and TH-X00s, have heard the Nighthawk under meet conditions.  I'd be a bit cautious about going to LCD-2's unless your headphone amp is fairly robust.  Both the Nighthawks and X00s are a doddle to drive, whereas the LCD-2's can be pretty picky and definitely reward good amplification.  They'll play with less, but won't sound their best.  If your amp can deliver, the LCD-2's can really deliver the goods.
    The LCD-2.2 are on the romantic side (i.e. not flat/neutral) but they will really deliver that musical experience you crave.  Whereas the TH-X00 deliver great bass volume, the quality of the bass (texture, harmonics, musical tone) is much better with the LCD-2.2's.  The LCD-2 also has a much richer and fuller midrange.  Vocals are to-die-for.  The treble profile of the LCD-2 is not that different than the Nighthawks, but cleaner and more detailed.  They are darker than the X00s, but deliver a lot more of the musical detail, with everything in proper proportion.  That said, I think the Fostex TH-X00 is a great, fun headphone for rock, dubstep, EDM, etc. -- that thumpin' bass line really gets your mojo going.  I like having both.
  9. obsidyen
    People say LCD-X is better for electronic music... Obviously it's a lot more expensive. Then there's the upcoming Fostex TH610 which is said to be warmer than TH900 but biocellulose drivers always seem to have some harshness in treble. I wonder if it'll be different this time.
  10. marcan
    Personally, I prefer the LCD2.2 to the LCD-X including for EDM.
    Now I can't say for the the last LCD2 but according to people here they are on par with the LCD2.2.
  11. obsidyen
    Could you please explain why?.. Better bass, mids, tuning?..
  12. marcan
    The overall sound is more natural to my ears on the LCD2.2.
    Objectively the bass goes lower. Sub bass on LCD2.2 just go straight down. Some might say the LCDX is tighter but for me it's the psycho acoustic effect of the rolled off sub.
    Now in the mids/higs the presentation of the LCD2.2 is darker than the LCDX, so it's question of taste. Personally, I prefer the slightly forward presentation because with the LCD's you have all the details anyway and you can push the LCD2.2 without being fatiguing. Actually, LCD2.2 liked to be gently slapped creating a very engaging experience.
    But you need a amp/dac section that is able to deliver all the richness they can give you. They are very power hungry and not all dac or amp are capable to accurately reproduce the lower and higher frequencies (particularly the dac for the later).
    The LCDX is easier to drive but will still benefit from a good dac/amp. 
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  13. marcan
    The last LCD2 is probably best of both LCDX and LCD2.2.
    According to graphs, LCD2.2 has still a slightly better low end but the last version has improved compare to the first fazor versions in this department
  14. Nekrosov
    Can someone compare the 2016 LCD-2 (newest version) with the fazor one (older version), please? 
  15. Ampeezy
    Latest version is way less sibilant, and much more of an enjoyable listen. The bass is much better now, and growls almost like the 2.2 I had a year ago. The bass on the older fazor was okay but this newer version is obviosuly better. The highs are tamer compared to the old fazor but still very nicely extended. The newer version isn't dark, but the treble wont be in your face at all. I personally enjoy the treble on these, even sibilant tracks still sound smooth in my experience.
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