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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Alchemist007
    Dial a dac's volume back, you mean from your computer volume?
  2. peterinvan

    For best sound quality:
    Look up how to set up Foobar2000 and Windows for bit perfect.  I use the Meridian ASIO E2 driver. 
    I set Windows Sound to 16/44 so that I can play MQA files.  If you are playing other hi res files, set the output to match the source file.
    Foobar volume should be at max.  Windows volume should be disconnected (if you are using the line out from the E2 to your amplifier).
    Control the volume at the amplifier.
    For remote volume control:
    On my iMac (running Windows), I can use the headphone out on the E2 to my amp, and use an Apple remote to change the volume going through the amplifier if I am too lazy to get out of my chair.
  3. peterinvan

    IF you only hear artifacts when you are adjusting the volume, this is most likely a dirty volume control pot.  Try moving it around (with the music off) and if it is scratchy this is the problem. 
  4. kurumaebi
    Hi, do anyone compared original LCD2 and LCD2F? Or LCD3F how is the difference?
  5. Synthax
    My plot is like this. I wonder why the bass is that weak in region below 50hz... It is Lcd2 razor 2015.
  6. Ampeezy
    This is apparently due to a change in the driver material...the new Fazors since November of last year have corrected this for the most part.
  7. Synthax
    Is it that mayor change make me to sell these and buy new ones?
  8. Ampeezy
    For me the change was great enough...if you can sell at a good price i would. Just make sure you get one of the recently manufactured ones. I happened to have my drivers replaced when they were malfunctioning [​IMG]
    Synthax likes this.
  9. fiascogarcia
    This is mine:  mfg. date 11/15
  10. chesebert
    This is their standard graph for all fazors. They no longer measure driver individually. In reality you have no idea of your actual FR.
  11. Koolpep

    Or just contact their support. For $250 you can get the new drivers installed.
  12. jodgey4
    What makes you say that? I still see a serial number, and Audeze hasn't said anything to the contrary AFAIK. Could you clarify your source?
  13. chesebert

    Audeze customer support. The reason was that certain folks insisted opening every single box at dealer in order to find "the one" correct FR curve...you can imagine the trouble that caused Audeze. I agree with their practice, by the way.
  14. DavidA
    Can't imagine the dealer letting customers opening up every single box to look at the FR graph, it would mean that the dealer would have to sell as open-box item, and the next person would like a discount if its open box.
  15. sludgeogre
    Ascend Acoustics sends an FR graph with every speaker, not just the pair, but each individual speaker, that they sell. They don't even use nearly as much smoothing as Audeze either. It was nice knowing that the QC on my towers was so thorough.
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