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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. thefitz

    In one week, I've heard someone claim a USB cable improved their sound, and that DAP firmware ruined their sound. People going through boxes to look at a FR graph doesn't shock me one but.
    Or, Audeze can post the ******** graphs online, so you could look it up with a QR code.
  2. DavidA
    Lots of snake oil for sale out there [​IMG], there was a poster in another thread that talked to a DAC designer and was told that a USB cable is like a HDMI cable, either it works or not, and if you hear sonic differences then he has a stock that has a 50% ROI that he wants to sell.
    DAP firmware changing the sound is possible if the design uses digital filters that can be adjusted by updating the firmware.
  3. thefitz
    It was one of these "the soundstage is smaller, the mids are cloudy" jobs. Ever notice people claim new software only ruins things?
    Back on topic, I'm having a blast jumping between my LCD-2.2 and HE-500. I have an HE-560 on the way, and one must fall. Or mustn't it?
  4. PinkyPowers

    I never heard a difference between firmware on my FiiO X5 or Astell&Kern AK120ii.

    But firmware did change the sonics on the Cayin N5 and FiiO X7. What I would call serious changes. I went through four updates while I tested the X7. Only one of them made an audible difference, lowering the dynamics and making it sound rather dull. Then the next update made it sound great again. The N5 grew warmer with the one update I saw during my time with it.
  5. DavidA
    Only heard a HE-500 once and it was really brief and it was when I first started listening to headphones, don't remember much about their sound signature.  I love my LCD-2 and HE-560 so curious to see which falls? if any?
  6. sludgeogre
    What's really funny is that people in iBasso threads regularly debate about what FW sounds the best and what changes they hear, and sometimes they say the most insane changes are taking place. Well, I never hear a single change, my DX80 just sounds great as a portable player. iBasso has said, in the thread, a bunch of times, that they do not change the sound with FW updates and never have and don't aim to. They do not adjust any digital filters, but people are still going crazy over these supposed changes.
  7. thefitz
    It just drives me crazy that there's no quantifying these digital changes. How hard would it be for someone to have a high-quality pink noise sweep and chart the responses between firmware? I almost think people deliberately avoid this, because it'll prove they're crazy.
    I'm relatively new to the hobby, and have hit it hard. It's given me a lot of joy, but it's also given me some of the biggest head-scratching, facepalming moments in recent memory.
  8. Alchemist007

    I thought they charged like $800 for that (out of warranty)?
  9. sludgeogre
    It's 250 for new drivers out of warranty.
  10. Alchemist007

    Oh, so if I wanted, I could have my 2011 version updated for only $250?
  11. sludgeogre
    Yep, pretty sure that is the case. You have to pay shipping as well.
  12. Alchemist007
    Emailed Audeze and confirmed it. Not sure who said $800 but it was a while ago. Good to know it's a lot less!
  13. mwhals
    I am debating between these and the LCD-3. I like country, classic rock, modern pop and pop from the 80's. I also like Alison Krauss.

    I have a Questyle QP1R as my source along with the computer and stereo.

    The JH Angie is the only item I currently have of which to listen to music.

    Any thoughts on which is a good match?
  14. DivergeUnify
    they didnt stop until the new year. Unless otherwise specified, this is his individual graph
  15. PinkyPowers

    The LCD-2 has a lot in common with Angie, and sounds especially luscious on classic rock. I'm listening to Led Zeppelin right now, and once again the Audeze is making love to my ears with its sweet, sweet tonality.
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