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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Ampeezy
    Safe to assume rough = unpleasant, mayhaps grating, uneven, or perhaps obviously unnatural in some fashion? Well i have not experienced this with my Fazor Lcd-2. The original Fazor which i had before really had elevated treble in my opinion but even then i did not think it was rough, but rather a bit unbalanced. To each their own, you obviously do not like the lcd series, and i believe on that we can agree. Its as simple as that.
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  2. thefitz
    ...and now we see the struggles of using subjective terminology to describe objective measurements....
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  3. marcan
    I did hear that the first LCD2 fazor model was peaky but my LCD2 rev 2 is just smooth. The transient being very fast, details are there without shrillness. But if you have a deficient DAC or amp it's another tell. While being smooth the LCD2 can be very revealing of anything before it.
    Also the lake of distortion at high level can be misleading on the listening level.
  4. sludgeogre
    Indeed, that super fast decay, combined with a slightly rolled off lower treble, is what makes even poorly mastered, shrill, distorted tracks easier to handle, as that horrible ringing from harsh tracks is not nearly as hard to handle if it decays quickly.
    Well said @marcan , I totally agree.
  5. exsomnis
    I think the problem is translating a roughness in the treble frequency response graph into real life listening. It can't translate as roughness in listening because treble frequency sounds are typically rough by nature. Crashing cymbals are rough. 
    That said, the treble on the 2.2 is definitely not as refined as it can be but it's not a huge issue because it is definitely rolled off. As for the new LCD 2s, I will reserve comment until I get mine back.
  6. DivergeUnify
    Headphones rarely nail 3/3 areas. The LCD2 has great bass and mids. More even midst than the 650, and bass that,is much faster and deeper than the HD650
  7. marcan
    LCD2 has also a better treble extension than the 650. Actually the 650 is mid centric but does it have better mids... not sure.
  8. mkarikom
    O to the Z to the O to the N to the E
  9. Ampeezy
    Dont get the lingo lol
  10. PinkyPowers
    He suffered a stroke last fall. Forgive the poor fellow.
  11. mkarikom
    Close, but actually just trying to offer respite from the stodgy rhetoric of people ****ting on the LCD-2, which is the best headphone.
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  12. PinkyPowers

    Can't argue with that.
  13. Ampeezy
    ah, yes haha
  14. meringo
    My new LCD2 have arrived. I feel like an idiot not buying these sooner. The sound signature is what I've been chasing for some time.
  15. fiascogarcia
    It's always great to find that listening sweet spot, and often times it's a lucky find.  Getting others impressions on this site is very helpful information, but ultimately you just have to trust your own ears, given that we each have a unique preference for what sound we're looking for, and we all listen with different equipment that very likely adds its own flavor.  Congrats on finding your sound signature!
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