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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. mkarikom
    When necessary, I apply EQ with iZotope Ozone 7 as an AU plugin.  Audirvana allows you to apply multiple AU plugins and even tweak the mix position during playback.  Don't be afraid to EQ the LCD-2, it will do what its told :)
  2. Lohb

    This ... > https://www.izotope.com/en/products/mixing-mastering/ozone/features/#dynamicEQ ?
    OK, can see at a glance its technical ability over A+ parametric EQ
  3. sludgeogre
    From what I understand, that would be the LCD-X :p
  4. Monsterzero
  5. bavinck
    This. I have an lcdxc, it is definitely as you describe the weight of the lcd2 with more detail and presence in the treble.
  6. Lohb

    Is that the 2016 revision ? As I read they took the treble down a notch on the XC.
  7. Koolpep

    I have a review unit of the ifi Pro iCan at home at the moment. This thing pairs so well with the LCD-2 I had goosebumps on many of my favorite tracks the whole night. It is amazing. The iCan has a 3D switch to create a bit more soundstage - I a, sure the ifi threads explain more how they are doing it (purely in the analog domain) but it does introduce more treble energy into the music. That might be exactly what you are looking for.

    This amp, has 3 modes as well, the tube mode, solid state mode and a hybrid mode. It can put out 14 watts on high gain and I have never heard my LCD-2 that good as the Pro iCan in tube mode. My hifiman 560 sounded better in solid state mode, but this amp really made all my headphones sound like they perform on a different level. It is indeed crazy good. Need to now compare it to my liquid carbon.

    The cool thing is that it put me off to pursue some more expensive headphones as I could see so much potential in The cans I already have.... Beautiful.

    So coming back to the treble, maybe you have access to someone's iDSD that has a more basic implementation of the 3D switch - it lights up the treble in a good way, subtle but noticeable. Could be all your lcds need. The iDSD has a simple 3D on/off and the iCan SE has I think two levels and the Pro iCan has 3 levels.

  8. Lohb
    That sounds pretty excellent that you can flip between tube/hybrid and SS. Perhaps a heads up in the amps for Audeze will be helpful as well.
  9. bavinck
    No, but there is a channel imbalance and I need to get them fixed so I may get the upgrade.
  10. Koolpep
  11. Monsterzero
    Im looking to buy a LCD2.2 non fazor,prefer Bamboo....

    If anyone is selling please message me
  12. TexasBuck

    I picked up a 2016 model in the last few days.  I am also extremely happy with it so far.  I also have the T1, but haven't considered selling them yet.
    I'm only about 4 hours in but the LCD-2F is much less dark than I was expecting.  I find the sound very balanced.  The bass goes deep but seems fairly neutral but still full.  There is plenty of treble sparkle and on my limited listening, have found them to be every bit as detailed as the T1.  (Maybe even more so)  The imaging is just fantastic.  Very pleased right now.  My expectations were obviously built on the pre-fazor discussions.  The only issue I'm having is comfort.  After about 40-60 minutes, the top of my head begins to hurt, where the band rests  I have a leather headband strap ordered that will hopefully fix that issue. 
  13. sludgeogre
    I have to tilt the headphones slightly more forward on the top of my head than I do with other headphones. I find if I wear the LCD-2 on the apex of my head that it hurts after 40-60 minutes for sure. Try playing around with the positioning and you might find the magic spot as I have. Once I found that spot I can now wear the LCD-2 for hours with no problem. It certainly is a very different design.
  14. bigbung
    If you are talking about the lohb strap like headband mod then it will definitely make a difference, it made my LCD 2 feel like they are floating on the head and I am so glad I got it. I found that there are several ways of attaching it to the yokes each with a different feel to it, but all with good results of reducing pressure on the head.
  15. TexasBuck
    Great to hear this.  That is the one I ordered.
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