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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. LEGendARY
    I've a T 90 myself. I can no longer tolerate it's peaky treble anymore. I much prefer the LCD-2 2016 treble. 
  2. ddaktiv
    Got a link for that? Curios how it looks like
  3. TexasBuck
    Here is where I found the product and contacted Lohb.  There are a few pics:  http://www.head-fi.org/t/805211/head-cushion-strap-for-audeze-hifiman-fostex-th-x00-denon-dxk
  4. bigbung
    This is the one I bought
  5. ddaktiv
    Thanks everyone! Really appreciate the links. This'll be on my to do list next together w the earpads. :)
  6. Monsterzero
    Was there a version of LCD-2 released with non wood cups?
  7. mkarikom
    Yes, Adorama has an aluminum version.  Its the only LCD-2 'configuration' that only ever shipped with the 2016 driver revision.  In short, the ultimate LCD-2 :)
  8. Monsterzero

    Perhaps Im being naive,but why would this be considered to be "ultimate" in your opinion? Does it perform better acoustically?
  9. mkarikom
    I meant that the re-voiced LCD-2F sounds better than the original and that ALU looks sexier than wood :)
  10. Monsterzero

    ah ok,i actually prefer the wood version....theres a used aluminum version on Fleabay right now,just didnt know if it was legit or not.
    Thanks for the clarification.
  11. PinkyPowers
    Aluminium sexier than wood?


    That one's going to keep me up all night. Thanks.
  12. g4747
    I wasn't able to hear that bass difference between a late '15 model and an earlier one (fazored). Should be my ears though.
    What do you think about this graph?
    I removed the date as I would like your unbiased thoughts . [​IMG]

  13. Lohb

    That is the earlier Fazor one.
  14. Ampeezy
    Was not a fan of the sound of the earlier models...Got the 2016 revision when i sent mine in for repair. Now this is how music should be enjoyed, period.
  15. marcan
    I'm wondering what is the sound difference with the LCD2rev2 and the last revision. Probably a bit brighter which I didn't feel necessary for my rev2.
    In the bass department, where the fazor didn't have the favour, it sounds that the last revision is now uplifted but judging on the paper, I still don't see the flat line down to earth of the rev2. 
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