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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. Ampeezy
    I had the rev2, which i sold before getting the Fazor model. Dont take my word for it since its been a while since i heard the rev2, but i would say that the highs are clearer on the new Fazor models without being sibilant at all (2016 revision); the highs on the earlier Fazor models were a bit much imo. The bass on the new revision is also better and a lot more extended, not lacking in any obvious way. It rumbles beautifully when needed. 
  2. Monsterzero
    Looking to pick-up my first pair of LCD-2s and im kinda torn as to which version 2.0/2.1/2.2/2.2f/2.3f is the one to get.
    Ive read many saying that 2.2 pre-fazor is excellent,read that fazor brings down the bass,and they lose their "magic darkness"
    And then read that the 2016 version of fazor is best yet....

    I already have HE-500 for treble and dont want a redundant headphone,but at the same time I dont think the original uber dark version would appeal to me either.

  3. Koolpep

    I have a 2014 Fazor model and I am debating if I should get a driver update to the 2016 version. However, having heard the LCD-2 recently on a ifi Pro iCan - I am not so sure if I want any change, they just sound so good on that amp, it's a beautiful pairing.
  4. Monsterzero

    so what is the diff between 2.2 pre and 2016 fazor...Im assuming more highs,is the bass equal to 2.2 pre?Anything else?
  5. Koolpep

    Didn't hear them yet but apparently they are a bit closer to the pre-fazor sound signature but with more treble thrown in.... So more pronounced bottom end (I like that), lovely mids and a tad of treble sparkle - should make them pretty amazing.
    But again, this is only what I read about the small evolutionary changes Audeze has done. I don't know if that's really the case. I have not heard the 2016 version. But I might try this week to find someone or our local distributor if they have one from this year in stock yet.
    EDIT: Audeze confirmed to me that they did indeed change the drivers - so that is not a question, just what it means in sound signature is not confirmed (by me). Maybe I shall take one for the team?
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  6. ravid350

    I'm in the same boat too. I have the option of buying a 2.2 pre-fazor used or a 2016 silent upgrade new from one of Adorama bundled deals which eventually cost about the same as the used (after selling the bundled DAP/AMP).
    More impressions on the latest 2016 version will be helpful to me in choosing the right one.
  7. jodgey4
    I would personally go for the new one, the only potential downgrade from the sounds of it is a less intimate soundstage/image, and maybe a bit more top end sparkle in trade for more openness and detail.
  8. Lohb

    2.3F from impressions so far !
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  9. marcan
    On the paper the rev2 is still flatter in the low end  Less than before but still.
    According to Audeze the bass diminution in not caused by the fazor but rather by other change in the driver (impedance, sensitivity, ...) but they didnt' tell me exactly the reason.
  10. thefitz
    I have an HE-500 and an LCD-2.2 on the way, I look very forward to hearing the differences.
    I also have an EL-8 open that everyone ****s on, and I quite like it. If it's really as terrible as everyone says, I'm in for a real treat.
  11. sludgeogre
    Don't worry, people love to s**t on the LCD-2 revisions that they see as inferior. There are many people that love the EL-8 as well. I look forward to hearing your comparison between the two.
  12. thefitz

    Indeed - on the EL-8 thread, it was implied that the people that like the EL-8 are noobs and once they "know better", they don't like them. Elitism at its finest.
  13. meringo
    I just ordered the new shedua finish LCD-2. Does anyone know if this new model is strictly aesthetic change? I kind of ordered blindly, without doing much research. I've just wanted an Audeze for some time and caught a deal. 
  14. sludgeogre
    The same thing happens with Schiit gear. There are a couple of guys that won't even pay attention to people that own Schiit gear as they believe they have heard the true, enlightened sound of whatever DAC they own and because Schiit is even a little bit subjective in their production they must be idiots. Elitism indeed.
    I don't know why people feel the need to categorize people based on the gear they own, it's like music preferences don't even exist to some of these guys, probably because they only listen to the same 10 albums over and over again, trying to hear what Diana Krall's voice does as the humidity in their room changes.
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  15. sludgeogre
    All of the wood options are purely aesthetic. The wood does not contact the inside of the cup at any point. It is purely on the outside of the headphone as an aesthetic piece.
    This question comes up all the time.
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