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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. sludgeogre
    Because the LCD-2 can handle all of the power the WA7 will throw at it in high gain mode, I'd say leave it in high gain for more headroom.
  2. fiascogarcia
    I may stand corrected, but I don't think high or low gain will make a difference in sound quality.  That is, if you volume match low and high gain, I believe you achieve the same voltage output on either one at that volume.  The greatest reason for adjusting gain would be to provide you the most flexibility and range in which you can use your volume control with the specific headphone you're using.
  3. Ampeezy
    Dude I'd recommend you get the Little Dot MkIII tube amp, along with 6N6P-IR power tubes, and NOS Mullard CV850 driver tubes...the sound is literally delicious. It is much smoother without any apparent loss of detail, with the micro details actually being more easily heard. The soundstage is also more intimate while retaining imaging and coherence. The midrange and bass see the most improvement, with vocals becoming much more nuanced and life-like. The bass is, as Barney would say, Legendary, sounding even more refined with just as much slam and most importantly, rumble. I think you would like it very much, and this setup doesn't break the bank at all [​IMG] 
    EDIT: This is how it compares to my Burson Soloist SL
  4. Lohb

    Similar price range as Project Ember 2.... Did you ever get some time with PE2 ?
  5. Ampeezy
    I have read about the project ember, and it really does seem to be another really good choice as well in that price range yes, apparently with more power but i havent actually heard it. The PE2 i have no idea about lol.
  6. Lohb

    PE2 = Project Ember 2. I only ask as it may be a nice add-on after the Chord Mojo to give an alternate presentation.
  7. DavidA
    I have the original Ember and it will drive the LCD-2 really well, depending on tubes it can have a better over all tone than Lyr2 but sound stage is usually better with the Lyr2 no matter which tubes are used.
  8. retskrad
    I have the LCD-2 rev.1 and I find it a bit bright. Do you guys have any EQ tips?
  9. CanadianMaestro

    Bump up the mid-bass or down the mid-treble.
  10. Brent Pittman
    how would these compare to the mdr 1a's
  11. mkarikom
    You might find the upper/mid bass a bit lighter in the lcd-2.
  12. DavidA
    The MDR-1A has a much more "U" or "V" shaped sound compared to the LCD-2.  The bass of the 1A is more present but a little sloppy while the bass of the LCD-2 is better defined and tight.  Mids a recessed on the 1A, just right and smooth on the LCD-2.  Highs on the 1A are pretty nice but can get harsh depending on the music, for the LCD-2 the highs are quite smooth and never get harsh.
    Properly driving the MDR-1A is fairly easy while properly driving the LCD-2 is a little more difficult.  These are 2 different headphones in different classes.
    Comfort is or could be a problem with the LCD-2 as it is much heavier that the 1A. 
  13. Monsterzero
    I am struggling with a new headphone purchase,and hoping someone can help here.
    LCD2.2 non fazor or Alpha Primes?!?
    I have read that the APs need an excellent seal for bass...I wear glasses...is this an issue?
    Which of the two is faster?
    Which of the two is better for rock/metal/reggae/acoustic?
    I have HE-500s and I dont want a redundant headphone....which of these two are more different from the HE-500s(other than APs being closed back)
    I keep thinking Ive made up my mind,and then I read something to make me reconsider my decision.
  14. exsomnis
    They seriously do not compare. The bass on the MDR 1A is so bloated and bloomy it's ridiculous. Mids/highs are zippy - I'll give them that. And they work fine out of a phone, without any amplification.
    The LCD 2.2 bass reaches down low with complete authority and amplified correctly (1-4 watts per channel amp) they produce a full bodied sound that is like listening to a proper hifi speaker setup. 
    The LCD 2.2s will be the most different from the HE-500s due to their authoritative bass, wholesome mids and comparatively de-emphasized treble. They do need good power to drive them well - not as bad as the HE-6 but around the same if not more than the HE-500. 1-4watts per channel at 60 ohms is the sweet spot.
    If they're not given enough power they sound politer and lack the full bodied sound that they're good for.
  15. bigbenrfan99
    I finally acquired an LCD-2 a few weeks ago.  It's a Fazor model with what I can only assume are the latest drivers, since a previous owner sent them in to Audeze for a driver imbalance in the beginning of March.  I'm happy to say that I have found my new favorite headphones, and I am in the process of selling my beloved T1.
    First, the bass pretty much blows anything else I've heard out of the water (including the HE-500).  The sound overall is so rich, weighty, and textured that I have no problem dealing with the weight of the headphones.  The only thing I would change is to add a little treble energy (I tend to like bright headphones).
    Are there any headphones out there (in a similar price range) that would be able to retain all of the amazing qualities in the bass and midrange of the LCD-2 while adding some treble energy?
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