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Audeze LCD-2 Impressions Thread

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  1. MuppetFace
    It depends on the company. Head-Direct transferred the warranty to me when I bought the Jade electrostatic headphones from another head-fier. Seems like Audez'e might be cool like that, being another small company who knows our community.
  2. grokit
    I'm pretty sure I read that Audeze will transfer the one-year warranty on the LCD-2 one time.
  3. MacedonianHero Contributor


    Right out of the Audeze website:
    "7. Transfer of Warranty
    The LCD-2 comes with a limited warranty for a period of 1 year from the initial date of purchase.  This Limited Warranty is fully transferable provided the current owner furnishes clear proof of ownership transfer."
  4. K_19


    Thanks!  Looks like I will be fully covered.
    Got one on my way now, can't wait to hear it.  [​IMG] 
  5. MacedonianHero Contributor
    No worries...they are spectacular headphones for sure. I'm listening to Eric Capton's new album (Clapton) and it is about as good as it gets. [​IMG]
  6. K_19
    Tracking my package right now and apparently it's already passed the customs and reached the post office in Mississauga (right by Toronto)... I don't think it's going to ship out today though (I'm certain all the drivers are out by now) and next two days are of course weekends...
    You know that urge some of us get to raid the post office?  Rising.  [​IMG][​IMG]   To know that it's just going to sit there for two days when you can just go over there in 20 minutes and pick it up (of which of course to my knowledge, you can't)... ugh. 
  7. Equus
    Horribly timing man.  I'm a compulsive package tracker, even if I'm not really in great anticipation of getting the actual item, there's some weird joy I get from getting stuff.  It's like xmas or something.  If I actually really want to get the item in my grubby hands, it just gets even worse, and I know how interminable the weekend and no deliveries can be.
    Course it doesn't quite beat when I got something shipped by UPS once, and it arrived at the local depot two days earlier than anticipated...then UPS just let it sit there since the expected delivery was in the future.
    Hope you get your LCD-2's soon!  Mine are packed up for the Seattle meet.  Last night it was sad looking at the empty space where my Stacker II and LCD-2 usually is.  Heh.
  8. K_19
    Haha thanks.  It's not like I'm in crazy anticipation for it for anything either... well, I am highly anticipating it of course, but it's not like I have no other good headphones at the moment or anything either (love my HD800's also).  It's just the fact that it'll sit there and I'm powerless to do anything about it when in theory, it's probably not that complicated to just have me pick it up... so the fact that I'm only being bound by Canada Post rules and regulations is kind of annoying.  [​IMG]   Oh well.
  9. Equus
    Totally understand.  It's all the more frustrating because it's just plain dumb.  [​IMG]
    Definitely let us know what you think when you get them.  I'm interested in how they sound out with your Stello.  It's one of the DACs I have considered picking up at some time.
  10. yossi126
    I think I may have ended up my journey of headphones with the LCD-2, can't describe in words how excited I am about that (my wallet too).
  11. tisb0b
    Darn it, even when watching anime, I'm finding it difficult to go back to my pro900's which I thought were detailed and sounded natural before but the LCD-2's are clearly just on another level. 
  12. Currawong Contributor
    The Stax Mafia will kill me for this, but I think I'm going to have to sell my two pairs of Lambdas now.  With the old, but good T1S amp, they just don't have what the LCD-2s do.  I shall, however, challenge them with an Omega 2 and KGSSHV eventually.
  13. oqvist
    As long as I play the ignorant card on the soundstage and imaging I still can´t find the LCD-2 doing something wrong with 95 % of my music. I never find anything that annoys me or prevents me from enjoying the music. They are never soft and veiled nor aggressive and harsh. I seldom find them particularly dark anymore either. It´s doing the balance act in the middle beatifully on the right source. In my case the oppo bpdp83se and DAC19
  14. K_19
    It seems like my LCD-2 is ready to be picked up at the post office... it's been one of those days where I simply can't concentrate at work because I'm brimming with anticipation of listening to the LCD-2's.  [​IMG][​IMG]
    Will definitely do a extensive shootout with the HD800 although I do like the HD800 enough to keep it either way.
  15. Col12

    Will be very interested in your HD800 vs LCD2 views!

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