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100+ Head-Fier

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    Hi Fi, Home Cinema
    Headphone Inventory:

    Sennheiser HD250 linear II (several pairs)
    Sennheiser HD580
    Bose QC35
    Stax Lambda Normal bias
    Stax Gamma Normal bias

    Come and gone:
    Stax SR007MK1
    Stax Gamma Pro
    Stax Lambda Pro
    Stax 404
    Stax Lambda Sig
    Stax Lambda Nova Sig
    Stax Normal bias Sigma
    Stax Sigma Pro
    Stax Sigma 404 (DIY version)
    Stax Normal bias SRX III
    Stax SRX III Pro (DIY version made with Gamma Pro drivers by myself)
    Stax Normal bias SR5
    Stax SR5 Pro (DIY version made with Gamma Pro drivers by myself)
    Stax Alpha Excellent
    Stax 4070
    Yamaha YH100 (with my own damping mods)
    AKG K1000
    Sennheiser HE60/HEV70
    Sennheiser HD580
    Sennheiser HD600
    Sennheiser HD650
    Sennheiser HD565
    Sennheiser HD560II
    Sennheiser HD25-I
    Etymotic ER4P/S
    Ziricote Thunderpants with SR007 pads made by Smeggy
    Hifiman HE500
    Beyerdynamic DT250 250 ohm
    Sennhesier HD540II

    Tried before but not owned:

    Hifiman HE6
    Yamaha YH-1
    Yamaha YHD1
    Yamaha YHD2
    Yamaha HP50
    Aiwa HP500
    Koss ESP-950
    Beyer DT880
    Beyer DT990 old version
    AKG K701
    Sennheiser Amperior
    Sennheiser HD800
    Headphone Amp Inventory:
    Currently use various speaker amps with and without resistors.
    Source Inventory:
    Turntable: LP12 (pre cirkus, Hercules), Ittok, Troika cartridge (or Denon DL304).
    OR Technics SL1700MK2 with modifications.
    CD: Rega Apollo
    Laptop + Beresford Caiman DAC
    Cable Inventory:
    Other Audio Equipment:
    SJS Electroacoustics Arcadia Valve Preamp Model 1,
    Art Audio Quintet valve power amp and Border Patrol Power supply.
    Yaqin MS-12B valve preamp with valve phono.
    HEAD TX4 moving coil step up transformer.
    NAD 208 THX MOSFET power amp.
    Quad 606 MK2 power amp
    Quad 99 preamp
    Moth preamp
    Behringer DCX2496 active crossover.
    Proac Response 3.5 speakers.
    Magnepan Magneplanar 3.3R speakers.
    Magnepan Magneplanar 2.7QR speakers.
    Twin REL STORM subwoofers
    Creek 4040 S3 integrated speaker amp
    Ion Obelsik 3 integrated speaker amp.
    Music Preferences:
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