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Apple In-Ears vs a-JAYS Four (or other in this price range.)

  1. SpringBiscuit
    Try final audio Adagio II and III, you will get blown by the sound they produced, they are quite underrated somehow, but this new series can really do a punch.
  2. ss2625
    with any etys i would recommend trying them on.
    some, like me, just cant get used to the deep insertion thing
  3. dweaver
    No the klipsch are not better in my opinion. The bass will be to heavy for what your used to, the mids will be muddy in comparison, treble will be sibilant, and they have a very small closed feel to them.
  4. ss2625
    ditto. bass is way too heavy
  5. hzant6681
    I would suggest u buy the Hifiman Re-zero not RE-0 you will not regret,Great balanced sound a little emphasis on mids but very detailed & textured mids,highs are there with the mids again very detailed yet very smooth & good extension,bass quantity is very low but the quality is unbelievable.It might take a little time for sound signature to settle down(50-60hrs)  unlike BA's,once it does, its gonna be hard to listen to any other IEM of lesser SQ .The latest batches have the best build quality.
    Believe me, i mainly used to listen to DnB,Progressive house,Trance &  i have a lot of Indie,alternative,rock,jazz & instrumental albums which i used to download them &  hear em once on my SoundMagic E30 & Gr06.Now that i have the Re-zeros i've stopped listening to bass heavy stuff & re-visiting my rock& indie collection :)
    Hope this helps :)

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