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Apple In-Ears vs a-JAYS Four (or other in this price range.)

  1. bouke
    Hello all,
    I have used the Apple In-Ears for years now, actually I used three pairs of them. Now my third pair broke I'm looking for replacements in this $70 - $100 price range.
    I really like the sound of the Apple In-Ears, I listen to a lot of alternative, folk music and don't need a lot of bass. Also I used the In-ears for my daily bike commute (2 hours each day), so I love the remote controls and a little noise cancelation. 
    The reason why I post to this form is, I have been looking for a week now for replacements and have read a lot of reviews. My question is primarily how do the a-JAYS Four compare to the Apple In-Ears? But if some of you have other recommendations I would love to hear those too!
  2. ss2625
    between the two, apple in ears.
    but tons of other choices surely :p
  3. whatcar1990
    Simply avoid both abd buy audio technica ckm500 for $66 which sound much better.
  4. bouke
    Thanks, what other choices do you recommend? 
  5. tinyman392
    MEElectronics A161p, HiFiMan RE0/RE-ZERO (if you can take not having a mic), Etymotic EtyKids 3/EtyKids 5/HF2/HF3/HF5 (HF5 doesn't have a mic, same goes for the EtyKids 5).  Those are probably as close to the ADDIEM signature as you're going to get.  MEE's A161 has very similar characteristics as the ADDIEM, but are still a different animal.  Improvements to the sound all around. 
  6. dweaver
    if you can get the HF3on sale they are a great alternative to the Apple In Ear, the RE0 will be another great non iphone control option but they are fragile from what I have read.
  7. bouke
    And what do you guys think of the Klipsch Image S4i, is it better then the ADDIEM?
  8. whatcar1990
    Klipsch better than addiem, but soundmagic e10m even better, but still cheaper.
    But i totally suggest ckm500 with mic from ebay.
  9. bouke
    There are really just too many choices. :p
    The Etymotic HF3 looks great (according to what I read)  but they are also a little more expensive, are they really this much better and should I just pay these extra bucks? They I also have been looking at the Denon AHC560R which also appear to be great.
    But everything is still a lot more then the < $50,- I always payed for the ADDIEM on ebay... Maybe I should just buy a new pair of those. :p
  10. dweaver
    I am going to go against the grain of head-fi a bit and suggest you do EXACTLY that. So long as your getting real ADDIEM's I don't think you will find anything in that price range that matches them. I got lucky when I bought my HF3 so was able to get them for $90 but if your getting your ADDIEM for around the $50 price range it would be hard to justify getting the HF3 for even the $90 price tag as they both have a similar signature.
  11. bouke
    Thanks for your reply, I will probably get a new pair of ADDIEM's, yes the real one's I've had the fake one's too and they look exactly the same (I don't know how they manage to do that) but they sound just awful. 
    $90 isn't much money for the HF3, but I couldn't find them for that price tag? 
  12. AstroTurf
    Don't forget to get some Comply Foam Whoomps for your Apple In Ear Monitors.

    By far one of the best and most affordable combos on the market.

  13. tinyman392
    They can make them the same because they buy/steal the housings from the OEM in China.    HF3 price tag wanders a lot..  They can be found anywhere from 100 dollars all the way up to 150.
  14. bouke
    Okay, one last question haha.
    I can also get the Klipsch Image S4i for $50,- are these really better then the Apple In Ear or just more bass?
  15. whatcar1990
    Klipsch is better, but $45 soundmagic e10 even better than s4i

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