1. IEM hunter

    Etymotics MC3 vs Shure se215 vs Klipsch S4i (II) vs JAYS a-JAYS Four

    I'm looking for new IEM.   My music preferences are fairly eclectic, from early NYC Punk (Television, Voidiods, Pati Smith and Ramones) to early Jazz (Parker, Monk, et al).   I want something fairly durable—leading to a leaning towards flat cables—as I use my earphones daily for...
  2. mmackenzie93

    a-Jays Four replacement

    Hi everyone, i bought myself some a-Jays Four a while back and was quite impressed with them. They cost me £40 and I bought them after reading some good reviews, the thick cable and iPhone remote and mic.   They broke recently and unexplainably, the right ear has stopped working so I need to...
  3. maxpirsky

    Sennheiser CX300 ii vs Bose IE 2 vs JVC FX3 vs Jays a-jays

    Hi Everyone! I've been reading this forum for a while and found a lot of useful information about earphones around here, so I decided to register and approach you guys personally with a dilemma I'm having about buying a set of in-ear headphones.   Up until now, I've had numerous headphones...
  4. ttttpp

    Looking for sound-wise and stylish IEMs with mic for 4S

    Hi community, I'm new to this world, though I may not call myself a audiophile but I do enjoy listening to music I mainly listen to pop/RnB/rock and a bit of classical genre of music so I prefer bass over treble, particularly rumbling/boomy bass (sub-bass?) over punchy bass if u know what i...
  5. bouke

    Apple In-Ears vs a-JAYS Four (or other in this price range.)

    Hello all,   I have used the Apple In-Ears for years now, actually I used three pairs of them. Now my third pair broke I'm looking for replacements in this $70 - $100 price range.   I really like the sound of the Apple In-Ears, I listen to a lot of alternative, folk music and don't need...
  6. classified01

    V-Moda Remix Remote or A-jays Four?

    I'm looking for some IEM's that have an inline remote, that supports volume/next track/pause functions   I listen to electronic, hip-hop, rnb and rock. I'd like to have noticeable bass and provide good sound isolation   I've kinda narrowed it down to the v-moda remix remote or a-jay...
  7. Arvan

    a-JAYS FOUR mini review / first impressions

    I just started to wear glasses so i find all my other full size headphones uncomfortable :(   Well there is no need to put the sad face on since this just opens up for some new gear ^^   I wanted something that i could use with skype, xbox 360 and my samsung galaxy S.. The solution was...
  8. swlondon

    Where can I get bi/triple flange tips from?

    Hi there,    I have had a look on ebay but can't really find bi/triple flange silicone tips for my A-Jays Four's.   Anyone know of a seller/etailer/sponsor on here that sells them for most brands please?   Thank you.
  9. swlondon

    Ipod/Iphone remote control earphones thread.

    Hi there,   I thought I would try and start a thread that people can add to if they know of IEM's/earphones that feature an in-line remote for controlling ipods/iphones.   I'll start by adding:   A-Jays Fours. Jamo In40i.
  10. swlondon

    IEM's not securely fitting. Recommendation for tips?

    Hi guys,   I own the a-Jays Four IEM's.   They come with a range of different sized tips, however I just feel that none of them fit really snugly in my ears. I had some cheap in-ear Sony buds before which came free with my mobile phone and I remember them being more fitted and stuck...
  11. n1ck0

    In-Ear Monitors for iPhone/Mac & Computer

    Hi Guys,   Just joined the forum and it sounds like there are some good discussions on here so I hope you can help me out. I am looking to buy a set of in-ear monitors, mainly for use on my iPhone but also my MacBook Pro and sometimes at home on my PC. In the past I have been the owner of...
  12. rollbread

    3 IEM choose which one?

    After seeing some reviews I am now thinking one of these 3 earphones. 1) Klipsch S4 2) UE 600 3) a-Jays Four
  13. apere006

    Very durable, iPhone earphones

    I am looking for a relatively cheap iPhone compatible earphones with a mic. I will be using it for the gym, podcasts, and phones calls. I don't need great audio quality, just not terrible. I pretty rough with it and I use it everyday, so I need it to be very durable. I did research last time...
  14. Jfarrell665

    Klipsch S4 vs A-Jays Four (Help)

    :pHey guys, I'm looking for a little shopping advice and I figured this is the prefect place to ask. Before I ask you my question, I'll clarify what I'm looking. I've previously only owned $20 headphones and feel like it's time to take a step up. I mostly use headphones on road trips, mowing...
  15. jamesyeoh

    Comparison Request: Monster Beats Tour by Dr. Dre vs A-jays Four vs Ultimate Ears 500vi/400vi

    I'm looking for a good earphone with mic for my iphone 4 and since I like the designs of the tangled-free flat cables, I've short listed these 3 earphones: Monster Beats Tour by Dr. Dre, A-jays Four, and Ultimate Ears 500vi/400vi. Has anyone compared these 3 earphones before? I've seen one...
  16. iCrappy

    Recommendation of In-ear earpiece

    I decided to ditch my apple earpiece and save money to get a decent one. I just want them to be comfortable, good sound quality and at an affordable price. I am a bass lover and found flat wires really nice. I thinking of getting a-Jays three or four. I am new here, so, any recommendations?
  17. prelic

    Jays A-Jays Four vs M2 vs ...

    Hey all,   Long time lurker, new member/poster.   First, let me apologize if these kinds of recommendation threads are annoying/not allowed, I know how many you guys must get and how annoying it is when people don't just search.  I've tried searching, but since the iems aren't really...
  18. frog

    IEM for Iphone

    I have a pair of UE superfi 5 pros I use for general listening and when I got my iphone I bought a pair of UE metrofi 220vi's but have never been that impressed by them, I dont find them very comfortable, the sound quality is no where near the 5 pros(i new they wouldn't be) and there is loads of...
  19. mp3

    New a-Jays Four IPhone headset

    Just got a heads up on the new a-Jays headset.   Swedish Jays has reinforced its new range of a-JAYS headphones with a-JAYS Four iPhone. This custom headset has been designed specifically for the iPhone 4 and comes equipped with a simple control with three buttons with a secure grip on one...
  20. wINDy

    Which entry level-IEM?

    Hi there, I'm looking for an entry-level IEM in the market for about $50USD++ or more? I have been in the head-fi scene for quite some time last time, but disappeared for months. It seems that there is so many options out there for me to choose. I've played with a number of IEMs, and the...
  21. g1981c

    i need good headphones with monster bass to wear under a cycling helmet

    i ride a bike every day for about an hour at close to maximum effort for fitness.  i listen to progressive trance and industrial mostly when i ride - i need strong bass to keep me energized.   i was using DJ headphones until now and they are great, problem is others have convinced me to...
  22. slusalki9

    Jays A-Jays two or Jays A-Jays four?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my apple earbuds and I came upon a-jays, the TWOs and the FOURs. Disregarding the FOURs remote, lack of accesories and the price difference between the two, which of the headphones are a better choice when it comes to their sound. I must add that I'm not some...
  23. slusalki9

    Jays A-Jays two vs Jays A-Jays four

    I'm looking to upgrade from my apple earbuds and I came upon a-jays, the TWOs and the FOURs. Disregarding the FOURs remote, lack of accesories and the price difference between the two, which of the headphones are a better choice when it comes to their sound. I must add that I'm not some...
  24. Jays a-JAYS Four iPhone

    Jays a-JAYS Four iPhone

    Hot on the heels of the launch of the new iPhone 4, Swedish headphone manufacturer Jays releases a custom, high-quality stereo music headset, a-JAYS Four iPhone (*), based on its new model line a-JAYS. Swedish Jays AB (publ) has reinforced its new range of a-JAYS headphones with a-JAYS Four...