1. shorty920

    Recommend Me a Headphone with a good Mic for about... $50

    My mom likes to sing songs on her iphone and record herself. She's using the earbuds with mic that came with the iphone 5, but she wants something over the ear and better. The budget I've set a budget of about $50, but if it's really worth the extra money to upgrade, we can go over. We like...
  2. JDoeA

    100 dollar range earphone with detailed precise sound reproduction?

    Hello community,   I am looking for a earphone priced around 100 dollars that has detailed, precise sound reproduction, do you have any suggestions?   I listen to classical music and soft music; I rarely listen to music that has strong bass so I don't have any requirement for it.  ...
  3. ChristmaSFnatic

    Klipsch E-mail About the Difference Between S4i and S4i Reference IEMs

    So less than 24 hours ago, I asked "Is the Reference S4i the same as regular S4i with just cable/color upgrade?" Just got a reply, saying "Yes, those are the only differences." There you go, I read some here wondering if there are SQ difference between the two. So hope it helps. That said...
  4. Dawkinz

    JVC FX3X vs. Klipsch s4i?

    Hi everyone,   So, in October I purchased a pair of lovely JVC HA-FX3X's from Future Shop after a recommendation from Dsnuts. Although the burn-in time was quite long I was really impressed with these bad boys; not much to complain about, especially for the price. Sadly, I had to part with...
  5. mindstormer

    Best IEM for under $100?

    Hi, I'm having trouble finding the best IEM I can get for under $100. I know this question is very broad and I need to be more specific, but to be honest, I don't have any knowledge/experience with good IEM. My previous IEM was a Sennheiser CX 500 and at the time of purchase ~4 years ago, it...
  6. mindstormer

    Quick! Klipsch Reference Series S4i Premium In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones w/ Microphone for $40, good deal?

    Klipsch Reference Series S4i Premium In-Ear Noise-Isolating Headphones w/ Microphone for $40 deal.Can I get a better deal? How is this earphone and is it the best I can get for under $100? Even if not, is it the best deal I can find at the moment? I desperately need an earphone as soon as...
  7. sanchezzz

    Best earphones for 80 dollars?

    I am looking for headphones with good solid bass but also have a clear sound quality ive been looking at the ne700ms but unfortunately i can not find anywhere that sells them, so my question is what earphones are similar to them.I have an 80 dollar budget.
  8. eyalcat

    IEM with 3 buttons controler for Android devices

    Hi,   Is there such a thing except the Klipsch image S4ii? Will be used mainly to rock music, budget....it depends on the quality (if it worth the money).   1 button remote IEMs are not in my interest.   Thanks.
  9. Skoomd

    Audio Noob, help me pick a pair of headphones!

    So this Christmas I am getting an iPod so I can bring my music with me, but I would really like to enjoy it to the max! I have a budget of 150$ and want some noise cancelling in ear monitors. I noticed the Klipsh S4i's on amazon for a great price, and the review seem fairly good so those are...
  10. Blast1309

    Need some recommendations for earphones

    Hi, this is my first post ever.   I want to buy an in-ear headphone but I'm confused like which one would be the best for me.   (I listen to instrument, dance, pop, ballad, etc, all kind of music except rock. But mainly I'd like to listen to 60s~90s and songs that focus on the singer's...
  11. JustinGolden

    Looking for In-ear-monitor $100 or under

    I currently have Klipsch s4 headphones, and think I am ready to upgrade in my music world to something a bit better, although I love them. I really like bass, but I also like clarity, and don't want so much bass that the audio sounds distorted, if you know what I mean. Isolation is also...
  12. Stormbringer

    IEMs for iPhone [alternative for Etymotic HF2/HF3]

    ===== February 2014 EDIT (same question) =====   Original post was in November 2012 (when I thought I lost my IEMs). Now, in February 2014, I surely lost my Etymotic HF2's. The cables were on two parts torn already, but I enjoyed the Etymotics for 4 years. So I need something new.   However...
  13. lilfilboi123

    Klipsch s4i or s4i (ii)?

    HI, i am new to this forum and have been wondering about a question. I originally decided on buying the updated s4i (ii) model for its better flat line cable design for 100 bucks, but I've found a really good price for the older s4i model ($65) and was wondering if the price difference was...
  14. intr3pid

    klipsch s4i vs sony xba-1 vs beats tour

    I'm looking for some new in ear headphones for under 100 dollars. The above listed are the ones that have risen to the top in my searching so far (I have also considered monster turbines and Phiatons so those are up for discussion as well). Right now I am leaning toward the klipsch just by what...
  15. dt3k

    Best sub $200 IEMs for Rock Music?

    I'm new here, I've searched the threads and can't find much info.  Most of it talks bout techno, Dubstep, and hip-hop.  What is your opinion of the best sub $200 dollar IEMs for Rock music?  I listen to a lot of Rock/Metal/Progressive for long periods of time at work.  I'm finally looking for...
  16. leeberry

    Need help deciding on IEM's

    Hi everyone,   First off, I am new to the forums so excuse my noobiness.  My research into purchasing some decent IEM's has inevitable lead me to these forums.  I know that there is an incredible amount of information on IEM's and I have been sifting through the countless threads but I...
  17. field09

    Klipsch image s4i II?

    Just wondering if there are any durability changes from the image s4i first generation? How is its overall compared to the image s4i rugged. I might buy one, but don't want it to collapse in a year.:cool:
  18. Bloodstriker

    Comparison: Klipsch Reference S4i vs Sennheiser CX800i

    I've been trying to find a comparison of the Klipsch Reference S4i and the Sennheiser CX800i. I couldn't find anything so I thought I would buy them both and decide which one suits my tastes. A bit of background about me first. I'm fairly new to the headphone and IEM world. Fhe only semi...
  19. TheFragileOne

    Not Sure What Earphones to Get

    Hey everyone! I'm not sure what type of headphones to buy. I currently use JVC HA-FX67 as my earbuds and Logitech Z623's as computer speakers. I also have a pair of Woodees IESW200B's in my drawer. Should I use those instead of the JVC's? I'm not good at telling which is better. It seems that...
  20. Defender0fAloha

    Ordered Klipsch x10 came broken wanted an S4I upgrade also had Shure Se215 need Bassy durable any suggestions????

    I go to gym alot and life weights loved my s4i but wanted an upgrade 100 dollars max used is fine thank youu!! :)
  21. Dolan Duck

    Any reccomendations for me??

    Hi all, I am looking at purchasing either one of the following:  Kilpsch Image S4i/Reference S4i  Shure SE215 Jays t-jays three Phonak Audéo Perfect Bass 012 Bose IE2 Audio-Technica ATH-CKM77 Velodyne vPulse Fischer Audio Consonance V-Sonic GR06 thinksound ms01 Creative...
  22. borgqueenx

    My little monster copper review

    Man, these baby's got some really good audio.   You can find enough pictures on the net already. I have actually 2 pairs of these. one is for sale and is without control talk. Because after having the first pair 3 days i decided to upgrade to the control talk version because i love the...
  23. cos3

    Just another IEM headphone recommendation thread - subway listening...

    Hello Head-Fi,   Long time lurker here who finally decided to register.  I recently picked up a Iphone and did away with my Ipod Classic.  So here I am – looking for a pair of headphones with a few requirements.   I’m a home-theater enthusiast.   When I listen to music I have a pair of...
  24. Jlm86

    Klipsch S4i w/ Iphone 4S....microphone volume....?

    I bought my daughter a Klipsch S4i to use with her Iphone 4S...   She says the microphone location is pretty far down, and that the other person cannot hear that clearly.   Q. Is there a microphone boost on Iphone and/or Klipsch product?   She is in different city than me so i don't have...
  25. rostic83

    Considering Klipsch X7i

    Hello everyone.   i need some help choosing a new pair of in ear headphones.   ill start by saying that i am using S4i for more than a year and i have to admit the Bass on these is amazing but they do lack clarity in the high's   I also have Phonak Audeo 132 and they sound really...