1. UltraBird

    Battle of the sub $100 headphones with iPhone controls

    Hi everyone,   I always like to keep a pair of sub-$100 in-ears for use on the go, straight from my iPhone. I like to keep the price low since they inevitably get trashed over a year or so of daily use, and I need an in-line mic and playback controls. After browsing around, I think I’ve...
  2. glove4


  3. ljokerl

    Mini Review: Thoughts on Apple EarPods as compared to the old "iBuds"

    Thoughts on Apple EarPods   Who would have thought that the one interesting piece of Apple tech to come out of 2012 would be a new set of "iBuds"? Certainly not me, but here they are, already on sale for $29 in all of their glossy white glory. Genuinely curious, I borrowed a pair of EarPods...
  4. astroboy907

    Best huge bass IEMs for under $50?

    Joined the forums just to ask this question-    I am looking for a pair of new earbuds, after mine broke (again),  and decided not to let me solder them back together. So my question, what pair of buds can I get, with huge, thumping bass (Too bad headphones can't sound like my 10" sub)? ...
  5. AstroTurf

    ebay Find... From the Chocolate & Peanut Butter Folks... Enjoy.

    Ety and Apple combined headset (IEM of course). Enjoy, Jim  
  6. bouke

    Apple In-Ears vs a-JAYS Four (or other in this price range.)

    Hello all,   I have used the Apple In-Ears for years now, actually I used three pairs of them. Now my third pair broke I'm looking for replacements in this $70 - $100 price range.   I really like the sound of the Apple In-Ears, I listen to a lot of alternative, folk music and don't need...
  7. montell

    Apple IEM - most underrated IEMs on the market

    I recently downgraded from IE8 to Apple IEms and what can I say other then the fact that I am pleasantly surprised by them. Two gripes I had with the IE8 was that 1) they dont isolate at all and 2) their bass is way way too overwhelming. When listening to tunes in public I was just hearing the...
  8. themachina

    Advice needed: <$150 IEMs, between Ety ER6i and TS02

    Hey all!   First, this is an awesome forum, super helpful!   So my ER-6i's finally bit the dust after many faithful years.  Overall, liked them, though they were a bit light on the bass for me.   Just picked up a pair of TS02, after reading about them here.  Initial impressions is...
  9. benedictros

    Need advice on best IEM for under $80 for jazz and blues

    Ive read a bunch of posts from recent to those dating to 2008. although i found great information, i found nothing that is rather recent and fits my specific needs. So here i am:   Background: - Just came from a pair of Sennheiser cx300 which i enjoyed (not fully satisfied with clarity...
  10. c0mfortably_numb

    Going Ampless for a while, Need IEM (not too isolating) , neutral sound Indie/Alt Rock

    I'm going to be running ampless for a while, source will be a Nano 6g... I'm looking for an IEM that does not have a ton of isolation, I like to hear a bit of what goes on around me. I have pretty small ear canals, but my experience with IEM's is pretty limited at best.   Most of my music...
  11. flash52595

    Your thoughts on the Apple In Ear's

    I'm just curious as to what you guys think of the Apple In Ear's. Personally I think their great they offer competely balanced and detailed sound with their dual drivers. I was really surprised when they said that they had dual drivers for such a cheap price, as compared to other dual driver...
  12. Windsor

    Apple In-Ear Headphones appreciation thread.

    I've had the Apple In-Ear Headphones (the current version with the dual driver) for at least two years now, and I recommend them as a moderately-priced headphone that plays music really well. Whilst they won't reveal the sonic details of recordings with as much precision as more expensive...
  13. Diguero

    Apple In Ear or Diddy Beats??

    I lost my CLX40 pioneer and now I only have two options to buy:  - Diddy Beats  - Apple In Ear I like "SQ", with deep & controlled bass You which suggest and why? Thanks in advance Diguero 
  14. mattlmx

    Etymotic hf2 vs Klipsch Image S4i vs Apple In-Ear Heaphones w/ Remote vs V Moda Remix Remote

    I apologise in advance for my lack of knowledge on all matters audial, and I understand you guys probably get way too many of these threads, but I'd appreciate any help.   I'm looking for a pair of in-ear 'phones below £100 ($160), with iPhone compatible remote and mic functions. Good sound...
  15. jazzyb1

    Need to know ASAP - Ultimate Ears MetroFi 170 vi VS Apple In ears

    which one do you think i should go for, not looking to spend too much and found both of these for cheap. I like the functionality of the apple in ears and having 2 drivers sound good, lol. im going to be using this with an iphone 3gs, which one do you think performs better overall, also what are...
  16. br41n

    Recommendation for iPhone

    hello,    After using the Apple in-ear headphones for like 2 years i've decided to switch to something better and started reading around..   Found a lot of recommendations but most of them for headphones without a mic and that's a thing i would really need on mine.  So, what would you...
  17. Artmuzz

    Apple in-ear Headphones - Not Impressed

    Hi, Yesterday I finally bought the new Apple in-ear Headphones from my local Argos store for £53 after reading good reviews about the phones and the fact it has a mic and remote control. However, I am very disappointed with them as find them tinny with no punchy bass. I have tried all the...
  18. MuppetMorgue

    Help out a Noob

    Hey,   I've been pretty interested in joining the community for a while and there's no time like the present eh?   I've purchased a few decent headphones but I'm interested in making this a pretty big thing in the next few years Sooooooooo I just wanted to ask around If you guys...
  19. PFox78

    Sony hybrids to trade for ADDIEMs

    Hi all,   New member here, but thanks to you guys, I found out that Sony hybrid tips work perfectly with the Apple dual drive in-ear headphones (ADDIEMs).   Anyway, I bought two sets and discovered that size small is perfect for me, SO, I have two pairs each of Super Small, Medium and...
  20. Apple In-Ear - Headphones (ear-bud)

    Apple In-Ear - Headphones (ear-bud)

    Great sound quality and bass response / Includes three different sized caps to ensure the earphones fit comfortably and securely / For all iPods