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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. abitdeef
    I’m from the US which supposedly had the units there over a week ago and I’ve heard nothing either. The shipping seems random and haphazard.

    Glad some peeps got them though.
  2. mono-type
    Nothing rattles on my unit. The knob on my red AP80 doesn't wiggle, either. Looks like Hidizs had sent you one of their red AP80's that didn't passed their quality assurance tests (as reported on an email from Hidizs some people received).

    Such a shame that this was overlooked on their QC. And they just used glue? Cutting corners on production costs unnecessarily, perhaps lol. Here's hoping that the red and black AP80's doesn't have the same issue.
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  3. oliwek2
    Did you notice that the OP asked if you can access the (full screen) volume adjustment WITHOUT TOUCHING THE KNOB first ? We understood that you can access this volume menu with the knob, and then adjusting on screen. The question is about accessing the UI first without knob.
  4. oliwek2
    What a pity, as they decided to change the knob during the campaign, IIRC.
  5. Mfrancisn
    We we’re talking about turning the wheel. To get to the UI, you’ll still need to press the knob. That’s the only button to wake the screen.
  6. scottm18
    What a pity, as they decided to change the knob during the campaign, IIRC.

    That's a big concern considering pulling it by the extended knob is really the only effective way to remove it from that very tight case fit! Not a good sign....
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  7. mono-type
  8. Zachik
    Same here - from the US and so far... crickets!
    No package, no e-mail, no SMS, no clue when (or if) it would show up.
    I am in no rush, to be honest, just want to know it would eventually show up!
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  9. Th3Drizzl3
    im in florida and i actually got the unit and then later that day got the email with tracking number
  10. okinear
    With LDAC support...
  11. abitdeef
    Well that’s why it would be nice to have a tracking #. Say for some unknown reason it doesn’t show up. You wouldn’t know when or where it was shipped from and where it was lost- or even if it was shipped.

    Then you’d have to take it up with Hidizs, and well good luck lol on that.

    I mean I’m pretty sure we WILL get ours, hopefully soon... But my express shipping was definitely a waste of cash in my case.
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  12. mono-type
    It's definitely unlikely to have LDAC support ATM, since right now the AP80's that are sent to backers and (most likely) the ones that are sold in AliEx are on firmware version 1.0, in which there's still no LDAC support.

    So, the chances of your AP80 being shipped in express shipping right now is very slim? That's disappointing. :frowning2:
    Last edited: Dec 5, 2018
  13. Winterheim
    With regards to bluetooth:

    1. If you connect a bluetooth earphone to the AP80 that supports AptX, you see an A beside the bluetooth logo.
    2. If you stream audio to the AP80 from a smartphone, it will default to SBC, even if your smartphone supports AptX or LDAC. There's no way to override even if Developer Options are open.

    The device feels sturdy onhand. But that knob wiggles in its mount when to hit it with your thumb. It's not as "fixed" in its axle like you would feel in most amplifier knobs. So seeing someone post a photo of the knob falling off gets me worried. There's no way to screw that back on tight without opening the device itself and screwing it back on to the axle piece.

    I can definitely confirm this. Even when paired to a Sony 1000XM2, it only triggers AptX. Bluetooth settings have a toggle for "High Quality" so you get an "A" beside the bluetooth icon up top but that's as far as it goes with controlling what codec you can use.
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  14. Oletros
    What the heck? There is no way to stream from a smartphone even Apt-X?
  15. SPLWF
    Funny thing is after i got my AP80, the very next day I got an email stating my AP80 was shipped. Go figure.
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