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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. silverfishla
    About Replay Gain...I think it only works if the RG has been analyzed and set in the Metadata of your song files. There’s a standardized value that it matches by using a program like on J River. You can do all the songs in your database that will match and be somewhat on the same level. At least that’s how it’s worked for me.
  2. djricekcn
    Played around with my friend a bit:

    Pedometer is very unreliable one step counted as 5 so don't even bother using it if you were thinking about using it for your excercise. Not sure if an update can fix this since it's most likely hardware thing(?)

    Radio, at least from using Seeds, XBA-Z5, EX14AP, Something that came with one of the Galaxy Headphones, something that came with one of the Nexus, IER-M9, and as a LOL TH-900 with a mini adapter, they all had huge static / sometimes clear but break out / or no reception at all. So i can't really say anything much about it but doesn't seem to have real-life usage in regards of it.
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  3. Zachik
    Hopefully Hidisz would add support for podcasts / audiobooks as explicitly promised before!
    I doubt I would have backed-up this campaign otherwise...
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  4. okinear
    Might be my English... I got lost in your explanation :blush:

    Which fields are taken into account for the hierarchy and for sorting folders/files?
    Artist only? Artist and Album? Others too?
  5. FSTOP
    yeah, i wanted and voted for the blue AP80 too, but more people wanted red! Woulda been nice looking, but sound-wise its a good pairing too. I've tried the DMG with the high gain and low gain. It does take a bit more volume on the low gain, but in high gain mode the sound seems a lot harsher to me (treble more glaring), so low gain sounds better to me. Still testing...
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  6. FSTOP
    Still having problems loading music to my card. Tried reformatting the card inside AP80 (via usb connected to desktop) Tried NTFS and exFAT (no option shown for FAT32, on Win10).
    Is there any way to format card in the AP80 (format with the device itself)? Cant find a way, which is usually what i prefer to do with devices, especially my cameras.
    The card or AP80 seem to be constantly going on/off, rebooting AP80 while trying to download files to card, giving errors and stopping download.
  7. FSTOP
    Anyone else who ordered the grey AP80? mine looks more silver than the gray pictured. It looks more like the stainless steel version, so not sure if i got the grey one or not, doesnt seem heavy enough to be SS though.
  8. Th3Drizzl3
    same here. i thought it would be more like a gunmetal type color from the pics posted not this bright silver. its def not stainless. and i also voted blue. but if i knew it would have been this light of a silver i would have got the black. kind of disappointed with the color. and still of course no response to the missing screen protectors from mine.
  9. warrenpokerface
    Have you tried to format the card in ext4. The hiby os is based on Linux. I should be able to read ext4 natively
  10. okinear
    From mono-type about FAT32, page 114.
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  11. xLoud
    What is the current shipping status? I am thinking to buy one.
  12. Oletros
    The more I read about the AP80 the less I like it
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  13. Winterheim
    I had the same impression. Gunmetal gray in the images was darker and I also have other aluminum equipment in gunmetal gray. The "grey" of AP80 looks closer to silver.
  14. Vimtoman
    Hiby USB transfer has always been unreliable.
    I would suggest reformatting your card and transfer files directly to your sd card.
  15. mono-type
    Maybe you could try formatting it in FAT32 via guiformat, not on Windows' own formatter. Try the method I posted several pages ago, as quoted by @okinear above?

    Buy from AliExpress instead, not from Hidizs' own store, if you want less hassle. From how the things are going, they're probably busy shipping out all the remaining backers' rewards.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2018
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