1. IryxBRO

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    It seems that this thread already has lots of interesting infromation, some repeating questions and would develop further. Therefore, I have decided to create FAQ and index to find valuable infromation quicker. This FAQ+Index would be placed right at the top of the first thread post for easy...
  2. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Sonata DH1000 DAC & Amp - first impressions & review

    It’s always been interesting to observe how new companies evolve and increase their presence on the market over time. We’ve noticed Hidizs since their first product release that had a huge success — AP100 Hi-Res player which became and still stays our favorite choice… Preceding with 2 years...
  3. AP200 Review

    AP200 Review

    AP200 review I got a chance to be a beta tester for the new AP200 coming out. Throughout the time when Hidizs initially reached out I also got to test their AP90. I have not tried their AP100 but have heard great things about it. Over the last few months I have gotten the opportunity to try and...
  4. IryxBRO

    Hidizs AP200 — new high fidelity music player from Hidizs. First look

    Two years ago I have first encountered Hidizs AP100 — portable high fidelity music player that outperformed many of its rivals despite a significantly lower cost. That model impressed me so much with its balanced sound that I've continued to use it up till now... And today, I am glad to present...
  5. reeza

    My first IEMs recommendation and related IEM questions

    Hello everybody! Let me just start off with apologies to this post as it may be a longish and written by a newbie and also really has (4) questions. Please don’t feel you need to answer everything, and thank you in advance. 1) I’m looking to get my first set of IEMs to pair with (my future)...
  6. crabdog

    New Hidizs AP200 double DAC Android-based smart music player

    Unbeatable Features Android 5.1 system Dual DACs for a silky smooth sound Both Wifi and Bluetooth connectivity Type-C connector for max 500Mb/s transmit speed Support most high-resolution audio formats, at up to 384kHz/32Bit Much better sound quality than smart phone 8GB internal memory for...