1. LDBaha

    [FS] Fiio A5

    I am selling my portable combo Fiio A5 and Hidizs AP80. I would love to sell them together if possible. Original packaging and accesories all included. Both are in great condition. Price includes shipping.
  2. Hidizs MS1-Rainbow

    Hidizs MS1-Rainbow

  3. OldDude04

    SOLD - Hidizs AP80 Red

    SOLD Up for sale is my mint condition Hidizs AP80. Comes with all original accessories and packaging. The cables have never been used. I'm looking for $85, that includes shipping and Paypal fees (CONUS only). Not looking for any trades, thanks for looking.
  4. RandomDave

    USB-C dongles outputting 2.6VDC ? What?

    Hi, i noticed my 2 USB-C dongles (VE Odyssey, Hidizs Sonata) output around 2.6VDC on one of their pins, but this voltage goes away when the 3.5mm is inserted all the way. I noticed first with my HD58X when i inserted the 3.5mm jack, a massive pop in the headphones. I don't like any weird...
  5. zato23

    FS:Balanced Portable DAC/AMP TempoTec Sonata iDSD Plus (EU)

    I am selling the TempoTec Sonata iDSD Plus portable DAC/AMP in mint condition I didnt used it more than 5 hours totally The TempoTec Sonata iDSD Plus is rebranded Hidizs DH1000 it is Dual Balanced Amplifier New Price is 75 euros shipped to EU
  6. HIDIZS AP80 DAP Player

    HIDIZS AP80 DAP Player

    LISTEN WITH CLARITY Crystal-Clear Sound Engineered to provide outstanding Hi-Res audio performance and to capture the depth and breadth of each note, the AP80 features an Ess flagship ES9218P DAC chip, delivers an SNR of up to 126dB and THD+N down to -113dB for you to experience the subtleties...
  7. Hidizs Mermaid MS1

    Hidizs Mermaid MS1

    Hidizs has prepared two new models of in-ear monitors under a common name and some features shared between the two. Main code name is «Mermaid» with the additional labels «MS4» and «MS1». Mermaid MS4 is more advanced hybrid model based on three BA drivers by Knowles and one dynamic driver while...
  8. Hidizs Mermaid MS4

    Hidizs Mermaid MS4

    Hidizs has prepared two new models of in-ear monitors under a common name and some features shared between the two. Main code name is «Mermaid» with the additional labels «MS4» and «MS1». Mermaid MS4 is more advanced hybrid model based on three BA drivers by Knowles and one dynamic driver while...
  9. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Mermaid MS4 (3BA+1DD) & MS1 (1DD) - new approach to IEMs and compatibility

    Hidizs is currently preparing a pair of IEMs under common name and some shared features between the two. Both would be called "Mermaid" with the additional model indicators "MS4" and "MS1". Mermaid MS4 would be the most advanced one, hybrid, based on three BA drivers by Knowles + 1 dynamic...
  10. Dizzle77

    [SOLD] Hidizs AP80 w/ leather case + armband BRAND NEW UNUSED

    Selling a brand new Hidizs AP80. This was ordered during the Kickstarter campaign, but shortly after the campaign ended I decided I no longer needed this particular DAP for portable use. I have only just received this unit. I have switched it ON just to ensure it is fully functional. Comes...
  11. HIDIZS Tempotec Serenade iDSD

    HIDIZS Tempotec Serenade iDSD

    They made it almost impossible to copy info directly from their site, so this is the short version, from Aliexpress :) Brand Name: TEMPOTEC DSD (Direct Stream Digital): Yes Package: YES Type:USB DAC& Amplifier Body Material: Metal Input Type: USB&PHONE PCM: Yes Model Number: Serenade iDSD...
  12. rantng

    SOLD - FS - Hidizs AP200 32GB Blue

    Hidizs AP200 32gb Aluminum Blue. Great condition with all original accessories (USB-C cable, USB to micro USB cable w/USB-C adapter, case & screen protectors) in original box. Price includes shipping (CONUS only).
  13. IryxBRO

    Tempotec Serenade iDSD — desktop DAC&AMP

    Another interesting invention for us — TEMPOTEC Corporation that specializes on developing and manufacturing PC audio cards and recently focusing and shifting to home audio appliance field. Despite the fact that TEMPOTEC has more than two decades of history, we don’t see its products on the...
  14. xPakrikx

    Hidizs DH1000

    Hi i am selling one week old Hidizs DH1000 and also 6 months AP200 64GB rosewood + 64GB SD reason: i do not listen to music so often anymore and AP200 is too heavy for me, about sound AP200: very good but i am not that patient with firmware. DH1000 sound fantastic but i dont have use for it...
  15. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Seeds - new impressive IEMs

    New product from Hidizs! Concerning the recent amount of different product reviews for this brand is seems that Hidizs is becoming one of the leaders in HiFi industry. Product portfolio grows and covers DAPs for the different budgets, external DAC&AMPs and headphones. This time, instead of...
  16. Hiby / Hidizs Seeds

    Hiby / Hidizs Seeds

    High Resolution Dynamic IEMs 2.5mm/3.5mm Dynamic IEMs With Aluminium Alloy Body, Let Your Seeds Of Music Fever Grow. Dual Voice Coils + Dual Voice Chambers Dual voice coils increase field strength and isometry to planar-class levels while the dual voice chambers and vents shape musical...
  17. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Sonata HD DAC cable - new tiny and mighty DAC&AMP

    Hidizs continues to conquer HiRes audio world by launching new products one after another. Recently, I have reviewed their AP200 flagship DAP, followed by entry-level AP60II HiRes player and finally - one of the best DAC&AMP available on the market - Sonata DH1000. Today the topic is about...
  18. Hidizs Sonata HD DAC Cable

    Hidizs Sonata HD DAC Cable

    SNR 114 dB Dynamic range 114 dB Digital Interface Micro USB Type-C Simulation Interface 3.5 mm headphone Jack, microphone supported System Support Windows/MacOSX/Android Output Power 2x60mW @ 32Ω PCM 16/24 bit, 44.1/48/88.2/96/176.4/192 KHz Output Current 50mA Accessories Type C to USB A...
  19. turo91

    [Price drop]FS DAP Hidizs AP200 alloy 8 GB Blue

    Fs DAP Hidizs AP200 Allory version with internal 8 GB (expandible with micro sd) in blue. 10/10 condition with original box and accessories Price 150 euro + 10 euro shipping with UPS in europe, 15 euro international
  20. IryxBRO

    AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

    It seems that this thread already has lots of interesting infromation, some repeating questions and would develop further. Therefore, I have decided to create FAQ and index to find valuable infromation quicker. This FAQ+Index would be placed right at the top of the first thread post for easy...
  21. Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata )

    Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata )

    Review of the Hidizs DH1000 ( Sonata ) ( for those curious about the meaning of the name ) A little unboxing to get ya excited... (Hidizs always makes such good looking devices ) ( AP200 on the left ) The Review I have not written a review in a few months. Mostly because I...
  22. IryxBRO

    Hidizs Sonata DH1000 DAC & Amp - first impressions & review

    It’s always been interesting to observe how new companies evolve and increase their presence on the market over time. We’ve noticed Hidizs since their first product release that had a huge success — AP100 Hi-Res player which became and still stays our favorite choice… Preceding with 2 years...
  23. Hidizs AP60II

    Hidizs AP60II

    Hidizs AP60II After the success of AP60 first generation, Hidizs decided to launch the newest HiFi music player of the Hidizs family, the new AP60 II. The Hidizs AP60II has some major advantages over the first model and here is a list of these new features. New aluminum alloy body and 2.5D...
  24. IryxBRO

    Hidizs AP60II - youngest in HiRes family but worth every cent

    Hidizs AP100 — one of the best market deals presented a couple of years ago and still holding the leading position in class of portable HiRes players/DACs. The one we have started our portable audio journey with. Followed by the new flagship Hidizs AP200 couple of years later — Android OS based...
  25. Hidizs Hk

    Hidizs AP60 II Music Player Review Invitation__The Official Thread

    With the great success of AP60 I, Hidizs are launching the newest HiFi music player AP60 II. AP60 II will take advantages of AP60 I, and also it is added with many new features. ① New aluminium alloy body and 2.5D glass panel ② New Hiby Link smartphone intelligent control ③ New easy-to-use...