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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. acroyear
    So the "A" at the top of the screen on daps DOES meant aptx? I've suspected all along this was the case. My Cayin N5iiS doesn't officially support Aptx, but when I use my Aptx cans via Bluetooth, there's an "A" right there on the Cayin's screen. They didn't pay for Aptx licensing, but it obviously has it judging by sound quality and that "A" Sorry to be off topic.
  2. MisterMudd
    Yeah. That case is not good and I put mine in the junk drawer. Trouble pushing the headphone jack in properly seated.
  3. FSTOP
    Got my AP80 yesterday, in a yellow Amazon shipping bag (box inside with DAP and case in separate boxes). Received shipping notice overnight before (saw it same day as delivery) from Hidizs.
    Impressions so far are good. Even smaller in person, functions are a bit hard to control on the tiny touch screen for me, but doable.
    Still working on my custom sound profiles with EQ and M8ball, but sound is easily changeable, clear and somewhat musical while still mostly neutral.
    Haven't had a lot of time to listen, spending hours trying to upload music to my 400gb card. Did have a few hiccups doing that (usb into AP80 from Win10 desktop drag-and-drop folders), not sure if device was timing out or what.
    Only tried FLAC files so far. Will update as i have more time with it...
    Hope others receive soon, and enjoy it.

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  4. scottm18
    Did have a few hiccups doing that (usb into AP80 from Win10 desktop drag-and-drop folders), not sure if device was timing out or what.

    Yep I did I also with my Windows 10 machine...it would time out to the point where it finally BLUE-SCREENED while doing the transfer and now won't boot! Hmm....
  5. okinear
    Was simply referring to aliexpress advertisement following your link :wink:
  6. FSTOP
    oh, no! hope you get it fixed and it works again. I had to reboot AP80 a few times too, still have not got a lot of the folders downloaded, some are showing up, others not. Which is strange as all of my FLAC files were ripped exactly the same with same parameters (using dBpoweramp software), and of course having to Update Database several times.
  7. FSTOP
    Do you mean the AP80 wont boot, or your desktop computer?
  8. crezo
    That's my main IEMs I'll be using with the ap80 as well, great set :wink: wish there was a blue option to the device as it would have been a perfect match!
  9. scottm18
    The computer (laptop). It blue-screened while trying to copy files to the AP80s memory card for some reason...and now it won't come back on.
  10. AudioBear
    A simple reboot should undo anything that messed up your laptop when communicating with the AP80. Maybe something happened to your laptop that has nothing to do with the AP80 -- just a coincidence that you were connected to the AP80 at the time. Have you tried diagnosing the laptop via Windows 10 options like safe mode, recovery mode etc?
  11. abitdeef

    No because the the US ones are here and have been here and with express I should have had it by now.

    They probably have a bulk shipping thing going on here to save cash. Truthfully with what I’ve been reading I’m not excited anymore. I’m either going to have a M0 or an AP80 for sale cheap soon.

    I was going to sell the M0 because I figured it would be easier to use. But the knob is solid and it plays DSD fine. I’m only primarily going to use it for my vehicle and active wear.
  12. djricekcn
    People who say it's hard to remove ap80 from the leather, just push down in the screen towards the belt clip and push up to the opening . May need to push a bit at the bottom left and right at the small opening but only s nudge should do
  13. Zachik
    Exactly! I just want to be able to see whether shipped or not, and be able to contact Hidisz if shipped but never arrive...

    Well, ever since people started getting notices, whether before or after the actual DAP, I have been sipping through dozens of offers for: exotic Asian, exotic Russians, body parts enlargement (guess would be useful to make good use of previous offers), etc. in my spam folder (just in case). Nothing. Nada.
    Fingers crossed something, e-mail or package, would finally show up :wink:
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  14. AndySocial
    Here are some quick impressions of my initial use of the AP80. I loaded a 128GB Samsung U3-rated microSD card (exFAT formatted from the factory) with my music via the card reader on my computer, and then inserted it. No automatic database update by default, but you can enable it.

    Database Mode
    Seems to work much as previous non-touch Hiby OS versions. The Genre menu remains a useless wasteland, since it has no hierarchy beyond Genre, then ALL songs in that genre. Artist still seems to be the Song Artist field, and not the Album Artist field. This makes compilation albums impossible to play without delving into the folder view. The database updates about as fast as the AP60II, maybe slightly faster. I'll have to do a side-by-side test of the same file load to be sure, but the AP60II takes about 5 minutes to parse my usual set of tunes (about 7000 mixed FLAC and MP3), and the AP80 takes not much less time. Definitely faster than a Clip Zip, but you'll definitely want to update the database only when you don't need the player any time soon. On the plus side, unlike the AP60II, you can turn off automatic database updates (AP60II claims to do this, but it updates anyway when you unplug it).


    Just as with every other Hiby-based player, external playlists are not easily integrated into the database mode. Since this is how all MP3 players worked until the bottom dropped out of the market in recent years, this is annoying. The Hiby R3 introduced the ability to "load playlist" from the /playlist_data directory, although you first had to create one playlist on the player before the OS would recognize the directory (can't create it yourself). I don't have an R3, but based on the discussions in its thread, it seems that I should be able to put standard M3U playlists in that directory, hit "load playlist" and have them actually work in the database mode. I loaded my 150+ playlists using this method. It took over 2.5 minutes. Since M3U files work just fine in Folder view, why would you use the database? Two reasons: the list of playlists in the database shows how many songs are in each list; and, if you use the folder view, you get the full file path shown in the "now playing" view, while the database just shows the song title - much easier to read since you don't have to wait for a:\music\Prince\Purple Rain\01 - Let's Go Crazy.mp3 to scroll, you just see Let's Go Crazy.


    Replay gain is finally a setting in Hiby OS. It's hiding in the playback settings menu, which is found inside the Player function, and not in the root menu as in older non-touch Hiby versions. I haven't tried any songs that I know have wildly varying replaygain values, so I'm not sure how well it works, but it has three settings: off, album, and song. This matches the standard ReplayGain settings from the Sansa line of last decade. Yay, finally getting features that were standard in 2005!

    Podcast/Audiobook Support
    Still nothing. No bookmarking, automatic or manual. No speed/pitch control. No recognition that Podcast or Audiobook is anything other than a genre of music.

    Resume Breakpoint
    In the player, there is an option (off by default) to resume the place you were listening, or restart the song you were listening to, or not resume anything. This feature doesn't work like any previous DAP I've used, including the Hidizs AP60II. The AP80 does not jump back into the player when it starts - it starts at the menu. So, if you want to resume the track, you turn on the device, wait for it to boot, open the player option, then click the PLAY button to resume. This seems like a strange thing to do, and I'd really like to skip those extra steps. The same behavior is seen if you use the FM radio. Turning off the AP80 while the radio is playing does not mean the radio will be active when you turn it on. You'll start back at the menu, silently.

    General interface issues
    The touch targets in the interface are not well-calibrated or are too small. Typing anything on the T9-style keyboard is a massive frustration. The system will time out and move to the next character before you can get the right one, and then the backspace button doesn't respond reliably, etc. This is a problem throughout the interface - anything smaller than the main icons on the menu is likely to be hard to hit reliably.

    The lists don't wrap around. If you are looking for ZZ Top, be prepared to scroll a while. Fortunately, the scroll is pretty decently fast, and responds well to the "fast flick" that has become common in this age of touch interfaces.

    Tweaking the touch targets, getting podcast support, and making resume actually resume would turn this into a decent player into a really great one, for my purposes. Your mileage may vary. Someone should really look at the old Rio Karma and just copy it wholesale.
    Last edited: Dec 8, 2018
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  15. hongky
    This is very disappointing
    Hope it can be fixed with firmware update
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