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AP80 - Hidizs next portable Hi-Res music player

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by IryxBRO, Apr 24, 2018.
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  1. IryxBRO
    Are you sure that your LG is not applying extra noise filters? How would you judge which one of those two sources is more honest in terms of the original track noise level? Do they have the same SNR? Same output impedance?

    The thing is that it is not so easy... While comparing smartphone with DAP I would tend to trust DAP more cause it is designed to deliver the quality unaltered whereas smartphones don't have a suffucient element base for that and tend to mask out something. It is like beauty shots with your front camera. Or even back camera shots that makes more smooth skin caused by lack of resolution... Anyway, time would tell.
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  2. FSTOP
    How many DSD files do you have? From many different albums of different artists? I would suggest that the original recording, the remastering, and of course the age of the recording might be more noticeable than the file format per se (regardless of format or hi-res attribution). In my studio environment on high-end monitors, older recordings, bad mastering or transfers to digital formats are quite apparent in noise floor.
  3. scottm18
    The LG V30/V40 is not your typical phone--many people have used it to replace their DAP. I have it completely bitperfect using UAPP so no filters in use at all for either phone or AP80. The issue is very likely in DSD64 playback on the AP80, as reported elsewhere. I have a 400GB card on my phone but only a slightly filled 32GB card in the AP80. I'll add more files asap (standalone DSF and FLAC) and report back my findings.
  4. IryxBRO
  5. Luxed
    Hey everyone,
    Now that I see people receiving units it's time to stop reading (I've been reading for over 20 pages, so many emotions, so little patience, such good communication xD) and I can now ask the real question :
    I am currently using a Fiio X1 II but I'm getting tired about the slowness of the UI. Would you say the Ap80 would be a good upgrade?
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  6. IryxBRO
    No matter whether the smartphone is regular or LG... :) It is still a smartphone with only a fraction of architecure sufficient for good power arrangement, shielding and good sound quality. It might sound better than XXX smartphone but I would doubt that it comes even close to AP80 or any other "normal" DAP... I don't care how many people has jumped from DAPs to LG but the audio HW quality tests and numbers show that figures produced by smartphones might be interesting and not more than that. Furthermore, I am not saying that there is NO problem in DSD64 playback of AP80...I am saying that:
    1. I personally haven't noticed that
    2. I doubt that LG recreates the orginal SQ and noise floor in tracks better than AP80.

    I would also check on my unit again.
    BTW - people are getting their units with FW1.0 and I currently have FW0.9 cause Hidizs haven't provided me with the latest one yet. At least 1 major difference here.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  7. scottm18
    If anything a full Android phone is going to have MORE interference than a specialized DAC--but again this is only a $100 unit so I'm not expecting world-class performance or operation. However, it has to have a lower noise floor than I'm currently getting with DSD to be able to use it. Again, I will table this until I have a chance to check FLAC and others asap...

    I do have the 1.0 firmware version if that's the latest.
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
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  8. FSTOP
    I own and use the LG V20 (same dac) and also believe it to sound very good (the best i have personally heard) "for a smartphone" but i also expect a dedicated DAP to sound better for the reasons IryxBRO said.
    Not trying at all to argue with you, just trying to help us get to the bottom of the issue. Like I said, with really high-end equipment noise floor (in the RECORDING) is always more pronounced. I do not have my AP80 yet, and also do not have many DSD files to test, but the ones i have are from older albums (60s-80s) and any remastering, compression, and other digital transference can be very apparent. I can even hear punch-ins and mixing issues in my studio with many recordings.
    Looking forward to your testing other files/formats for A-B comparison! (Most of my recordings are just FLAC files from CD transfers--around 10K).
    Otherwise from the DSD issue, hope you are enjoying the AP80 ---any other observations so far?
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  9. phucvm8x
    I'm looking for a sound quality review between Hiby R3 vs Hidizs AP80 :)
  10. SPLWF
    Question, when pairing to my smart phone that supports Aptx. It only shows pairing as SBC. Did I do something wrong?

    Also, Anti-Aliasing Filter, same as a Digital Filter? I changed it but don't notice change like when I'm changing it on my V30+. Doesn't the AP80 have Digital Filters?
    Last edited: Dec 4, 2018
  11. Th3Drizzl3
    mine just showed up. first impression is right out of the box is meh. first off the pre installed screen protectors are installed way off center to the right (actually sticking off the glass on the right side i can just lift it right off) as well as both front and back have a bunch of stuff under them causing bubbles. normally i wouldnt care because they were sending along a spare set BUT i am missing those. the silicone case is in the box but no extra screen protectors to be found anywhere. i emptied everything out to check. bummer. also who ever installed the screen on my unit got a lot of the screen glue all around the border of the top of the screen its on the grey case and the front glass where the screen protector is mis aligned im guessing instead of cleaning it off to center the protector they just put this one on off center so it wasnt sitting on the glue. ill see if i can clean it off. seeing the grey in person i kinda wish i went black. it seems to power on okay but i cant play with it much at the moment because i had to leave for work.
  12. okinear
    Thought they would be included???
  13. Th3Drizzl3
    they were supposed to include a second set according to the tier two along with the case as far as i thought?? if not then they should not have installed these if they were going to do such a crap job about doing it. i could have done a better job any day of the week then they did. there are 5 pieces of something under the back protector and 4 under the front which are all making bubbles.
  14. hung031086
    Just received ap80 today, im quite surprised cus I didn’t receive any tracking number. I haven’t listened yet, just do a quick comparison with my m0. Its much bigger than I expected.





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  15. Luhar
    Just got mine too but have a major concern...

    Folks who has their ap80 in hand do me a favor and try something:

    Hold it in your palm and clutch it like you would dice > shake the device in your hand lightly like you would a pair of dice > do you feel something moving? Like a part that isn't screwed down in place or something?

    Mine is definitely shifting weight when I move it like that or even moving from my pocket to eye level

    Other than that, red looks sexy as hell. Probably going to ask for a replacement though @kenloveme because this seems defective

    Also the scroll wheel is totally loose if you wiggle it ever so slightly
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