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Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by milosz, Dec 23, 2010.
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  1. neogeosnk
    No the original Rag did not drive them well. I tried it at the Schiitr store, and it was gasping for air.
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  2. SilverEars
    Ok, now I see why you asked. What is your reference for well driven?
  3. dmdm
    Nice photo, the area looks beautiful.
  4. Happy Camper
    I hope you beta buyers get lucky some day. Every other month another piece of Schitt hits the street. The newbs rave its the best ever until some serious trials expose the hype.
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  5. Articnoise
    Simaudio Moon 600i is sounding really nice with my mod HE6. A bit of hiss with the HE1000se though.


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  6. llamaluv
    I asked Lavricables to make me a custom one to match my Grand 20 Silver headphone cables. Turnaround time was good even though it was a custom order. I had also asked Vinh at Danacable, and after a few exchanges when he got a sense of what was involved, said they could accommodate the request as well.

    So I think many cable makers can do it if asked, and it totally makes sense to use the same type of cable for the adapter as the headphone cable that's going to be connected to it.
  7. Happy Camper
    IMO, that amp is the best I've heard the HE6 on.
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  8. Articnoise
    I have been looking for a second hand Simaudio Moon 700i for nearly 18 month. I didn’t found one, at price I was willing to spend, so I gave up and got its smaller brother instead. I have only had the 600i for a few days, but can safely say that it is the best amp I have heard my HE6 and HE1000se on.
  9. Happy Camper
    The soundstage is fixed around you like a great pair of speakers and you hear every sound on the recording. The ease of dynamics and sweet mids are amazing. Having the volume control in the amp protects the headphones from accident. Were I to have the money, it would be in my rig.
  10. Rayzilla
    Anyone try the Decware Mini Torii with the HE-6 and other headphones or speakers too?
  11. Junkwisch
    Hey guys

    I have no knowledge with headphone et cetera. I'm thinking of buying Audio GD R2R11, i dont expect this thing to run the he6 with great ease but it should be sufficient enough to get decent result?

    Btw, i will simply be connecting Laptop > R2R11 > he 6

  12. MadSounds
    not a viable option IMO, It will play at lowish volumes but will really be lacking definition and presence, kind of deflated. If your planning your upgrade path you will need a better amp for he-6. The cheapest amp i properly liked was the ~750$ Cavalli liquid platinum. The liquid carbon was the cheapest that i would call viable, and the mass drop model with dac is 380$ plus shipping. That would be my recommendation for trying to drive he-6 on a limited budget, if you want to try it and invest in better amp later. Mind you I'm a big Audio-gd fan and I love my nos11.

    If your hoping to just buy a he-6 and dac/amp in this price range and be done with it I think that's a bad idea. There are many great headphones around 600-1000$ that will sound better then he-6 without a great amp. the value really only comes in when you drop 750$+++ on an amp, properly driven they can match up with the best, but you pay for that with extremely limited versatility.

    yes of course there are some great deals on vintage power amps, but even in america this takes some shopping and i don't know what you might find in southeast Asia.

    I would also call out the Questyle 600i as a very good all-in-one for the he-6, on paper its only rated at like 1 watt but it drives very well. goes to show spec sheets dont tell you everything.
    Last edited: May 22, 2019
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  13. Junkwisch

    Do you mean cavalli liquid carbon? I couldnt find the platinum on massdrop
  14. rlawli
    Try Monoprice.com or Amazon for the LP. For another headphone amp that can be found in that price range, I'd also consider a used Auralic Taurus MKII. The best performance in that range, however, will generally come from a vintage speaker amp/receiver <= 85 watts @ 8 Ohms but they tend to be heavy & bulky. A great vintage receiver is the Marantz 2285; they used to be cheap, no longer the case but you might get lucky.
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  15. SilverEars
    I will look into auditioning these, but track record with simaudio moon is underwelming and overpriced per performance. 430 was mediocre.
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