1. recstar24

    The Hornet arrives...(pics 56k)

    Comes in a nice little box... Some of the contents - notice the nice little bag and the rubber feet to put on yourself if you decide to Finally Ray has included instructions - hopefully this will save from wasted bandwidth of questions composed of "how do you turn on the amp?"...
  2. oicdn

    *UPDATE* REVIEW: 21 "Mainstream" portable amps. GoVibe MAGNUM added.

    The formatting of this thread is: The impressions of each amp. Then the rankings on a cumulative level, although SQ based, it's not the sole reasoning, as you can find that out from most every review out there. With portables, I believe practicality plays a HUGE HUGE role. After the rankings...
  3. bluepowder

    RSA Hornet users, please chime in

    I recently found my long lost hornet in one of my moving boxes and I'm overjoyed that I still have it. However, I don't have the charger that came with it, so I have 3 questions that I hope you could answer. (1) I have a power supply with the following specs, input:120 VAC 60Hz 15W, output...
  4. IceOgre

    Ray Samuels Hornet Charge indicator

    Can someone tell me if the hornet amplifier has a charge indicator? I don't see any light come on when I plug it in. How do I know if it is charging? Any help you can provide would be appreciated. Thanks

    Been out of the loop for awhile, need recommendations on PHA... Presently own RSA

    Hi Folks,   Been out of the loop of Headphone systems for some time.   I own and use on a regular basics RSA Hornet and Blackbird 71A, previously owned Preditor Also use Red Wine Ipod as source Portable phones  Senn HD 25-1 II Home cans Senn 650   W/ RSA Raptor Head Phone cable Stefan...
  6. appar111

    good portable headphone amp under $200?

    Looking for a nice headphone amp, something pro sounding and looking that won't break the bank.  My first choice of stuff would be Ray Samuels Audio (Hornet, SR-71A), which I still may end up going with, but I figure if I get something under $200 I can have some scratch left for a new pair of...
  7. mrarroyo

    38 Portable Amps Review

    It has been about 9 months since Rob (Vorlon1) and I did a portable amp comparison. Since then I have had an idea of going back and adding additional amps. I hope that the additional listening time and perspective of all these months allows us to provide a better insight especially as we all...
  8. Sunburn

    What amp do you recommend for my setup?

    Hi everyone. I have finally ordered the famous Sennheiser HD 600 headphones. I need an amp recommendation to get the best out of them.   I will be using them with my desktop computer. Here is the short list of my existing audio equipment:   Asus Xonar DX sound card (doesn't have a headphone...
  9. kingcrimson69

    AKG K 271 MK II Do I need a portable heaphone amp?

    Hi there, I'm going to buy these headphones and I noticed they have a 55 ohm impedance. Will that sound good on my iPod Classic, or do I need a portable headphone amp (I am considering the Fiio E17)? Will the high impedance make them sound too quiet on my iPod, or will it be just fine?  ...
  10. Asr

    Three-way Review: HeadAmp AE-2 vs RSA Hornet M vs Rockhopper Mini³

    Intro More than 5 months ago, at the beginning of the summer, I had plans to do a multi-way review of the latest portable amps. 5 amps were going to be included. Amps I ended up tossing out and why: - C&C Box v2, because replaced this model with the Box+, and I didn't want to...
  11. Asr

    Review: HeadAmp AE-2

    Review: HeadAmp AE-2 portable headphone amplifier retail price at press time: $349 originally published: April 27, 2008 re-edited & updated: November 30, 2008 - download a printable 6-page PDF version of this review Intro Released back in 2005, the AE-1 was the...
  12. appar111

    excellent portable amp recommendation needed (~$350 budget)

    Been out of the head-fi game for quite a while, but sold a guitar of mine and have enough funds to afford a high quality portable amp for use w/ a pcdp and ipod for desktop and home use.   Looking at the Ray Samuels Audio P-51 Mustang or Hornet as my lead options.  Both are a little above my...
  13. Jason36

    Do I need Additional Amplification - is it worth it?

    Good morning,   I am in a bit of a quandry with regards to whether I would gain any major benefits from using a portable amplifier with my iPhone / iPad?   At the moment I have fairly easy to drive headphones (Grado SR80i's / Beyerdynamic T70p / Sennheiser IE6) all of which are used with...
  14. baloo123

    Amp for Edition 8's

    I am looking to get an amp for my iPhone and Ultrasone Edition 8's. I just saw V-Moda's new amp and it looks nice but it has terrible battery life. Any suggestions?   My Priority List: 1. Portability (if it's too big I won't carry it and won't use it.. doesn't have to be as small as the...
  15. milosz

    Amps that can drive the HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones

    I will list here all the amps I tried with my HiFiMan HE-6 planar headphones.  (I will update this over the next few days  until I have tried all the amps I can get my hands on )   These headphones want some power and so not every amp will drive them.     Dedicated Headphone Amps...
  16. Iron_Dreamer

    Compared: Headamp Pico, Ray Samuels Hornet, Apogee MiniDAC

    In order to sufficiently inaugurate my newly minted Headamp Pico, I figured what better than a battle with my primary standby of most of the last year, the Apogee MiniDAC? And to make things even better, a popular portable headphone amp, the Ray Samuels Hornet, has emerged from a generous...
  17. N0sferatu

    Ray Samuels Hornet vs Predator vs Other

    I'm doing some homework on which portable amp to check out.  Primary use from a portable standpoint is either my cell phone (Galaxy S2) or my laptop.  If I run it through the laptop I'd benefit from the USB on the Predator that's missing from the Hornet.  Is that worthy of a $100 difference...
  18. kamenal

    Upgrade path form ER 4P and Ortofone EQ7.

    Immensely enjoying both: Etys for travel and Orto for home. However the upgraditis is kiking in. Personally I prefer the Ortos for "jucier", more spacous sound. I listen to classical 90% of the time. Is the next step - customs? I would like to stay below $400 US. Thank you for your thoughts.  
  19. forsberg

    HD650 or D5000 with RSA Hornet?

    Mainly listen to 80% jazz, 20% mix of everything else except country and rnb.   What would be a better headphone for me?  D5000 or HD650?  I can get them for about the same price, and the phones will be driven by RSA Hornet.   Of all the threads I've read, the general consensus is that...
  20. mgurvits

    Portable Amp/DAC Recommendation for HD650's

    Hello everyone,   Diving headfirst into the world of hi-fi. Was looking for a new pair of headphones and after listening to 20 something pairs in 2 different stores I ended up buying a set of Sennheiser HD650's. They just sounded "right". Got them for a steal too, $365 brand new at J&R.  ...
  21. captian73

    why isn't my Ray Samuels Hornet charging?

    I've got a RSA honet mp that i want to sell as a combo with my HD650's, but for some reason the battery (accupower NiMH 300 mAh) isn' charging. I want to make sure everythings working perfectly before i sell. what am i doing wrong?
  22. Odrackyir

    Emmeline The Hornet vs. Trends PA-10 for AKG 701 & Grado sr225i

    Hi guys, I'm thinking about purchasing one of these two amps, that happen to be at the same price here in Spain. The Trends PA-10 is a tube desktop amp, and well... you all know what The Hornet is =P My cans at this point are AKG k701 and Grado sr225i. Which one of these amps would be better for...
  23. MatsudaMan

    sr-125 with Hornet?

    I'm looking to upgrade from pa2v2 and wondering if a Hornet would be a good option. I'm using Grado SR-125's and I'm looking for better resolution, tighter bass, and overall better transparency in an amplifier. My budget is up to 350. If not Hornet, what else might you recommend? BTW I'm used to...
  24. sc53

    Ray Samuels extravaganza

    I am a big fan of Ray's amps and over the past 5-6 yrs have owned the original Blackbird, the Hornet M, and the Tomahawk. Currently all I use is the Tomahawk because of its very small size--I use the newest tiny Nano and the older square Nano (the one that came out just before the newer video...
  25. Pindi

    Portable amp for use with iPhone 4 + Shure SE535s with custom sleeves and where to demo

    Hi,   I've been using Shure SE530s with custom sleeves for a while now and loved them and recently had them replaced with the 535s after the 530s broke.  I use an iPhone 4 now and have been satisfied with the audio quality as most of my music is lossless ripped from the original CDs. ...