1. HeatFan12

    The Full-Size Headphone Amp & Portable Source Thread!!! (Pics, Discussions, Impressions)!!

    Do you give your full size amp any portable source love???   I love external DACs, CDPs (Compact-Disc Players) and computer audio, but nowadays there are so many options in the portable market that connecting them to a full-size amp is a great option.  As well as sounding great!   Portable...
  2. Egaku

    Audio-gd FUN Version A with HD600's?

    Hey Head Fi,   I was wondering if anyone has had a good experience with the Audio-gd FUN (Version A) and the HD600's.   Thanks!
  3. burtontrail

    DJ Audio Interfaces vs. audiophile DACs

    Hi folks,   I was wondering why people spend so much money on their DAC for a headphone while DJs fill clubs with sound using audio interfaces. Generally, they seem to cost more, but there are audio interfaces for 600 bucks that give you 10 channels. So on the price, the DJ audio interfaces...
  4. blitzxgene

    Helping out a friend, needs an amp/dac to go with (possibly balanced) Senn hd650s

    As the title says, my friend is looking for a decent low cost amp/dac combo of some sort to pair with his hd650s. He's currently using my old Audio-GD Fun version B. What kind of system could he expect to upgrade to that would pair well with the 650s?
  5. hamperstamper

    Advice needed to get the most out of my Sennheiser HD600s

    I have tried to work this out for myself by searching the forums and reading extensively, but there is so much conflicting opinion out there, even about the equipment I already own.   Please could some experienced members advise me - what ONE upgrade would they make to my current setup, in...
  6. seekadds

    Studio monitor upgrade for bedroom music listening < $800

    Ok so I have come across a bit of extra scratch, and I have decided the weakest pieces of kit I have now are my DAC/Amp/Pre-amp and my speakers: Audio-GD FUN and M-Audio bx5a's, respectively. I have looked for DAC/Amp upgrades and came to the conclusion that I can't afford the Burson Conductor...
  7. Anax

    NFB-12 used for just an AMP, connected to sound card. Im slow :/

       Sorry but I am pretty much new to the world of headphones.  Recently I purchased DT990's and HE-400's.  I looked around at basic amps to get me buy before deciding what direction I wanted to go and I noticed the overly bloated price these days of premade O2's (My older older one crapped out...
  8. WiR3D

    [LIST][OPINION] Amp recommendations for Fostex/Denon Headphones.

    This is gonna be  bit of a rant here but I feel it needs to be done. If your easily offended leave now or just skip the rant section.   NB Trying for yourself is not always possible, although its the most desirable situation. This is aimed to guide people along what lines they must think...
  9. audiofil

    Review : AUDINST HUD-MX1 DAC/amp - a promising newcomer (compared to Audio-gd FUN, AMB Gamma2)

    This is a new comer in the market, but with a lot going on for it: Audinst HUD-MX1. I took a plunge into the unknown with this one, but has proven to be a very good choice. Here are a few features: - Wolfson WM8740 DAC, top of the range chip - Tenor 7022L USB receiver chip (excellent...
  10. Kev369

    Best Budget DAC For Studio Monitors

    Hey guys,   I've been doing a lot of reading and I'm struggling to find the right solution. My setup at the moment consists of an Edirol UA25 which uses balanced outs to an SM Pro M-Patch 2 to some KRK Rokit 8's. I'm looking at hopefully bypassing the Edirol and M-Patch and having a more...
  11. firgoe

    [ASk] Matrix Mini-i vs audinist mx1 vs FUN vs ICON HD

    I am looking for a dac/amp for my 64ohm FA 002W.   I am considering one among these selections mini-i, mx1, fun and icon HD would be a considerable improvement from my uDac2. But i am in trouble to select between those amps. All of them have good reviews. My priority for this purchase is...
  12. LeN-e

    Please talk me out of this (k701 + Audio-gd FUN)

    Hellow headhifisters.   3 days ago I hadn't heard of DAC and didn't know that you even could need a pre-amp if you already have a decent amplifier for speaker / monitor systems. So please bare with me here.   Is it pure insanity to go from HD555 (with my Denon AVR-2307) to k 701 +...
  13. WaveRider69

    Which headphones have the most BASS?

    I just got my Ultrasone HFI-580s and I'm not impressed.   I previously had the Beyer DT990s and I was equally not impressed.   I have the Ultrasone PRO 900s on the way and if those don't impress me, what will?   I am an Avid EQ freak and have pushed the lower frequencies in...
  14. rinthe

    AKG k701 with Audio-GD C2

    I'm going to get the k701 with the audio-gd c2 amp. And I my source will be from a motherboard because I can't afford another DAC. Is this a bad idea?   also whats the best place to buy an audio-gd c2?
  15. grimzz R

    Noob Needs Setup Advice

    I want to get into this ''Hi-Fi'' deal but i do not know much about the equipment i need.  I do not have a legitimate budget but i do not want to pay too much more then what i should to get to this so called ''Hi-Fi'' level.  My favorite genre is rock and my second favorite genre is Hip-Hop.  I...
  16. spandexspartan

    Need an Amp/DAC for AKG K701 - Yulong, Audio-gd, or Matrix?

    I know this subject has probably already been discussed to death, but I'm considering getting the AKG K701 and I want to find a suitable amp/dac combo first.  Fairly new here and I've been searching through the archives but I'm hoping someone can indulge me with some advice.     The...
  17. Yitaro

    Just pulled the trigger for HD650.

    Ordered through Headroom and will be shipping Monday.  Did a lot of research and finally, setting on HD650. This is my first "head-fi" purchase and looking forward to hearing what's all the fuss.  Been listen to 2 channels. My question is this, what amp is a good match for the HD650.  My...
  18. N0sferatu

    Sennheiser HD 600 or HD 650 or OTHER as 2nd pair of headphones...

    My top pair I use right now are the Denon AH-D7000.  They're great for just about all music (including classical) but I sometimes see myself using the HD595's I have every so often to play some classical pieces.  So the simple question is for classical music (no jazz I don't listen to that)...
  19. vince321

    Audio-GD C2.1 and Grado RS2i...........Match Made In Heaven Or Keep Looking?

    Hello All,   I have done a number of searches to find some information on this amp and how it works with Grado Headphones.  However, the search function on this forum is difficult and after hours of reading various posts and being unable to find an answer, I thought it would be best to get...
  20. Bandeira

    DAC+AMP for $400

    Hello Dear Headfiers,    Planning to buy myself a new headphone amp+dac soon... I wonder if you could help me on the choices of Amp+Dac (together or in separate packages). Budget is about $400   At them moment my home setup is AlienDAC + Starving Student    Headphones in use...
  21. ssartsman

    Just ordered an Audio-gd FUN Earth for my Denon HD2000 headphones

    Hello head-fi'ers. I just joined the forum after a while of lurking.  Based on what I read from past posts I decided to order an Audio-gd FUN amp with the EARTH opamp option to drive my Denon HD2000's.  This will be my first headphone amp dac setup, so I'm looking forward to being amazed.  I...
  22. elektrosteve

    Audio-GD FUN Version A or B for beyerdynamic T1

    Hello,   I will buy the T1 in the next time and I´m searching for an amp/dac for not more than 400$/300€.   Now I´m not sure if the Version B of the FUN (with DIR9001 and WM8741) would be adequate for the T1. Or should I go with the A Version?   Btw I dont gonna use the USB Out.  ...
  23. sphinxvc

    Problems with Audio-GD (QC, etc.)

    It's shoddy!     About two months ago I requested a quote for an Audio-GD FUN B version with the following options: WM8741 DAC chip, DIR9001 chip & TE7022 USB chip.  I received the quote (added some OPA modules) and then sent off another email to confirm the final cost.  After I received the...
  24. Kreisleriana

    Final decision: Yulong D100 or Audio-gd Fun?

    I use Denon 7000 and listen to Classical music. I found these two amp/DACs to be worthy of comparison, and I am not sure which one to choose. Any help would be appreciated! Thank you in advance.
  25. sling5s

    As an AMP: which has greater power and dynamics: Audio GD Fun or Yulong D100?

    I believe from what I read that the Yulong D100 is a more detailed Dac than Audio GD Fun.  The Dac in Fun is less detailed but more smooth and warm in comparison. But which has a better Amp?  Yulong is Class A but seems to lack the power.  From what I heard, the Audio GD might have great power...